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22 Rainy Day Hairstyles to Keep You Looking Fabulous

Rain can be a total catastrophe for your hair and makeup. And while you could solve the problem with water-proof makeup, no matter what you do, those neatly curled, straightened, or blown-out tresses are going to end up in a wet mess of so-called hair. An ideal rainy day hairstyle will keep your hair ready to face the rain in style.

So with the clouds everywhere and humidity hitting its peak, it’s best to either embrace all that frizz with style or to neatly tuck away your locks in an appropriate hairdo.

Rainy day hairstyles don’t need to be boring. The following ones can brighten up a wet gloomy day when done right.

Gorgeous Rainy Day Hairstyles You’ll Love

Whether talking about neatly sculpted buns, intricate braids, ponytails, or sexy wet looks, you’ve got plenty of hairstyles to try during the rainy weather. Just keep scrolling!

1. High Bun with Bangs

updo with bangs for rainy day

A casual high bun is the ultimate high-class rainy day hairstyle for all the banged beauties out there.

Try an unevenly chopped fringe instead of a usual blunt one for a change and put it on full display by wrapping the remaining hair in a knotted bun.

2. Sporty Ponytail

high ponytail with headband for rainy day

Don’t let the gloomy weather affect your mood by donning a chic high ponytail, especially in the case of short to medium tresses.

Complete the look with a fabric headband for a sporty appeal while keeping all that hair away from the face.

3. Textured Choppy Bob

rainy day hairstyle for short hair

Make use of your naturally textured tresses to look on point during the worst rainstorms.

Opt for a chin-length French bob full of choppy blunt layers with side bangs and leave the rest to those wavy/curly strands. The messier it gets, the better it looks!

4. Classic Side Braid

braid hairstyle for rainy day

Ladies blessed with long tresses can minimize the frizz by entwining them in a simple yet elegant side braid. Opt for a side-swept pouf on top instead of a regular side or middle parting to avoid a boring look.

Take a step further by experimenting with an intricate fishtail braid.

5. Vibrant Crinkle Locs

rainy day hairstyle for women

Keeping your hair on the loose during rainy days isn’t a smart choice unless you’ve got some super sexy dreadlocks.

The trick lies in braiding those damp chunks and unraveling them once dry to get a funky crinkled pattern. Set your look on fire by incorporating extensions matching the outfit.

6. Straight Sleek Bob

hairstyle for rainy day

Women with silky straight tresses can bring their smooth locks under the spotlight as such type tends to frizz the least when looked after carefully.

Experiment with a shoulder-grazing bob with or without bangs and don’t forget your umbrella or else it’ll be all chaos!

7. High Curly Pony

rainy day hairstyle for long hair

Ponytails are the easiest rainy day hairstyles you can ever master. Regardless of your hair length and texture, pile up all those strands in a high pony at the back and that’s it.

You can also go for medium-height or low ponies for a different look every day.

8. Deva Cut Curls

rainy day hairstyle for black women

Black beauties can breathe some life into their boring curls with a Deva haircut to look gorgeous no matter what the weather.

The key lies in cutting each individual coil when dry to make it fall exactly where intended into a rounded silhouette. That angled fringe and red hair dye is a must-try too!

9. Messed-Up Wavy Hair

bob with bangs for rainy day

Wavy-haired gals are at advantage during stormy days as their tresses turn into the sexiest mess all by themselves.

Refresh your look with a classic long bob and bangs and allow each strand to bend and curl in whatever direction for an attractive no-care vibe.  

10. Pineapple Puff

natural hair updo for rainy day

Messy untamed wet tresses might not be everyone’s choice. Make sure all that natural fluff stays away from your face and eyes by experimenting with a stylish pineapple updo.

Pile up all the strands high up at the back with a bandana. Allow some tendrils to fall over at the front or don’t!

11. Unicorn Bowl Cut

rainy day hairstyle with short colored hair

Stand out from the crowd with a long bowl cut featuring side-swept bangs at the front that elongate towards the back along the sides.

Spice it up with a platinum blonde base and streaks of frosted lilac, deep lavender, and pastel pink for a unicorn-like appeal.

12. Casual Ponytail

rainy day hairstyle with ponytail

Why complicate when a simple hairstyle does the job? Try a basic ponytail when rushing out in a hurry or feeling lazy upon seeing that sudden downpour.

Slick down all those flyaways using hairspray and a toothbrush or leave them as such for a natural look. Your call!

13. Low Chignon

rainy day hairstyle with low bun

A sleek low-lying bun won’t disappoint no matter what! Carve out a simple center parting and wrap all the hair into a knot just above the nape of your neck.

Pull out two chunks on both sides to frame the face or leave it as such.

14. Rainbow Box Braids

Bring the rainbow to your rainy days with these super vibrant box braids and you won’t regret it.

Incorporate the brightest hues while braiding down your tresses to end up with a magical ombre effect that’s sure to drop many jaws. Don’t skip that matching eye makeup!

15. Quirky Space Buns

space buns hairstyle for rainy day

Another quirky rainy day hairstyle that’s a must-have this season! Give off subtle Minnie Mouse vibes by going for two high ponytails and wrapping them around into cute little buns.

Take things up a notch by carving out a zigzag middle parting and you’ll love it!

16. Dainty Dutch Braid

long french braid hairstyle for rainy day

Look like a real-life Rapunzel dancing around in the rain with a chic Dutch braid. Use extensions to achieve a chunky knit going as long as you want.

Pull out some tendrils at the front to accompany that gorgeous face and call it a day!  

17. Half-Up, Half-Down

half up hairstyle for rainy day

Half-Up half-down hairstyles are best for ladies who wish to keep their mane on the loose without getting it all into their eyes and face.

Play around with side braids or go for a top knot bun instead. This black-to-blonde balayage bob is yet another thing to add to your must-have list!

18. Carefree Ballerina Bun

casual updo hairstyle for rainy day

Here’s a tousled version of the otherwise sleek ballerina bun. Pile up all the hair high up at the back with or without using a hair donut bun maker.

Tug the strands loose to avoid a flat look allowing a couple of tendrils to fly all around the face.

19. Slicked-Back Wet Look

rainy day hairstyle for Asian women

Try the wet look as your next rainy day hairstyle to achieve a contemporary look without the fear of ending up with a messed-up mane.

Apply plenty of gel to the hair when wet and brush it all back with or without a parting sparing a strand or two to frame the face.

20. Pretty Halo Braid

rainy day hairstyle with crown braid

Speaking of tucking the hair neatly away, what can be better than a royal-looking halo braid?

Start entwining the strands moving all around the head or create two braids and wrap them along the hairline instead. Loosen up the chunks for a bubbly appeal. Simply stunning!

21. The Top Knot

rainy day hairstyle with topknot

Make use of that greasy scalp during an oily hair day to rock a statement-making top knot bun.

Bow down to gather the hair exactly on top of the head and secure it in place with pins. You’ll look sexy even when soaked up in all that rainwater!

22. Easy Claw Clip Updo

claw clip hairstyle for rainy day

The claw clip updo is without a doubt one of the simplest rainy day hairstyles to keep in mind when going out.

Twist all the hair and raise it against the base of the head before placing your clip. Also, try creating an eight-shaped loop for a more intricate-looking updo.

All these rainy day hairstyles are true lifesavers during the stormiest days. You can’t fight the weather, but surely can avoid an annoying frizzy mane by wrapping it up in any of the above-mentioned hairdos. Leaving your hair loose to turn into a sexy wet mess is still your choice!