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15 Long Bob Balayage Hairstyles for Trendy Casual Looks

If we had to make a list of hairstyles that will look timeless and trending despite the era, then long bob balayage will be on the top of the list.


Long Bob Balayage

There are quite a few reasons why long bob balayage looks stunning. If you are a passionate and high-spirited woman, then don’t wait to give your long lustrous hair this look.

1. Long Blonde Balayage Bob

long blonde balayage bob

Dark red hair color flows into light blonde for a sweet ginger blend on a short straight bob. Give your style a blunt-cut for chic edge.


2. Long Balayage Bob with Undercut

long balayage bob with undercut

An undercut is the tough of edge you need to liven up a balayage bob. Here, dark brown turns into hot pink – the ultimate in pretty rock vibes.


3. Wavy Balayage Bob

long bob balayage hairstyle

Fill a short bob with luscious waves and a lush red balayage. Worn down or up, this is one style you’ll never get tired of.


4. Long Asymmetrical Bob Balayage

long bob with balayage highlights

Are you in love with long balayage but also want to try bob? Then, this lob balayage is perfect for several reasons. The natural look that the ombre adds to your look and the way you can be carefree about this style. All you have to do is let your roots grow.


5. Blunt Lob Blonde Balayage

long bob balayage for women

Go ahead and play around with the style, cut, texture, and color of your long bob balayage. This is the perfect look for every face shape, which is another great reason why you should give this style a try. Don’t make the mistake of giving this hairstyle a try at home. Trust professionals to give you this stylish look.


6. Lob with Balayage Highlights

Long Bob with Balayage Ends

Add life to your thin and dull hair with this exceptional look. Boost your bob haircut with highlights. This will add depth to your hair and enhance your look further. Make the most of shampoo and conditioner that boosts the volume of your hair.


7. Balayage on Long Bob for Thick Hair

Long Bob Balayage for Thick Hair 

Long bob balayage on a woman with thick hair looks equally stunning. The layers of tousled waves in this rich and enticing color are to die for. If your layer is styled at different lengths, then this style will look more fascinating.

Your stylist can thin out your hair a little bit before adding the touch of lowlights with a combination of few highlights in dark.


8. Caramel Balayage on Curly Bob

long bob balayage for curly hair

If you are not so sure about the intense look that sharp inverted long bob with balayage brings then this is the style for you. The blunt edge, rounded bob is extremely popular.

This curly and long angled bob haircut with caramel balayage will look complete. This look is not only extremely feminine but also sassy at the same time.


9. Peachy Copper Balayage Look

The best part about this haircut is the flattering length of the hair.  Then, comes the second best part about this lob balayage hair which is the charismatic and outstanding color in which the balayage is done. Who can ever say no to peachy copper shade?

Well, no one. This look will frame the front of your face while adding volume to the back. The length of the hair at the front is kept longer to make you look extra sensational.


10. Long Layered Bob

One look at this balayage on long bob hairstyle is enough for you to go crazy over it. The blend of the two most exciting colors creates an exotic look. The long layered hairstyle further magnifies the look. If you have waited too long for the perfect hairstyle then this is it for you.

Make the most of this look everywhere you go. The look is eye-catching at different levels.


11. Brunette Balayage Lob

Brunette Balayage on Lob

What can be more attractive than the combination of balayage and the perfectly cut hair in a long bob? We can answer that question for you. There is absolutely nothing that will make you look more gorgeous than this trending hairstyle.


12. Dark Brown Balayage with Wavy Bob

Dark Brown Balayage with Wavy Lob

Stunning! The blend of the rich colors creates this beautiful long bob balayage. Not to mention the layered bob haircut that adds texture, volume, and unimaginable style to the whole look.

Alluring Light and Dark Brown Hairstyles for Women


13. Lob with Straight Bangs

Straight bangs is the best choice for women with long bob hair. The simplicity of the orange balayage makes the lob look amazing. There is really nothing extra here. The soft style looks great on women of any age.


14. Messy Bob with Golden Blonde Balayage

messy lob with balayage hairstyles

This just-out-of-bed messy long bob with side bangs style is always a hit. It will fit any hair and face type. The style requires little maintenance, however, it is important not to overdo it. Otherwise, it will lose its special flavor.


15. Dark Copper Balayage on Blunt Lob

Blunt lob with copper balayage

Cropping the bangs just above the eye line makes for special bangs with bob hairstyle which always stands out. Keeping the long bob balayage neat is a little harder when they are cropped this way, but the result is so cute it makes it worth all the effort.


 Long Bob Balayage vs Long Bob Ombre

 Long Bob Balayage vs Long Bob Ombre

Balayage stands to paint or sweep. It is currently the most common style that women reach out to. It doesn’t need any touch-up or conventional highlights after its done. Balayage looks phenomenal in a straight, layered, blunt cut, and curly look.

In ombre, all of your hair is bleached at the bottom. The tips have a lighter shade than the roots. Balayage doesn’t have any clear fade line but in ombré one can clearly see the fade line separating the shades. Balayage looks way more natural than ombre.

Balayage vs. Ombre


This is the complete guide for each one of you ladies to look stunning in a long bob balayage hairstyle.