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10 of The Coolest Red and Pink Pixie Cuts

Style your hair in a short, offbeat theme with the pink pixie or for more bolder one red pixie cut. These are easy to maintain fashion trend and are the go to looks for one who lives by their rules. Leave complicated hairstyles behind, run your fingers through your hair and fit in your statement style. Enhance the look of your bold and beautiful haircut by picking the unique shades mentioned here.


How to Do Dye Your Pixie Cut

How to Do Dye Pixie Cut

As simple as it looks, one clearly knows it isn’t! To pick from the wide range of colors often looks like a herculean task. But your short pixie cut could easily fit in a number of colors depending upon the tone of your skin.

Look at the pink and red pixie styles below and check for your favorite pick. Blend in your looks with these different colors and look like beauty like none other!


Watch The Following Video to Know about The Process of How to Dye Pink Pixie Cut


Funky Pink Pixie Cut Styles

These pink pixie cuts are lovely, chic yet so classy that will give you a funky look.

1. Elegant Pink Pixie Cut

Elegant Pink Pixie Cut for women

This chic look with a bubblegum pink hair color stands out to give you an extraordinary stylish finish. This color goes right with your sleek straight hair and a side razor cut to give you the perfect edge. The shade of pink mixed with a dash of purple is sure to make you look ultra-trendy.

The purple on just the bangs is a well-thought idea to give you a two in one different and a very uncommon pink pixie cut.


2. The Ultimate Mix

hot pink pixie cut for women

The pixie cut on pink hair smothered with cuts of dark blue hair patches makes for its own bold statement. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is a very unique mix and blend of hair shades. This cut is sure to grab a lot of attention while you walk past owning the look of glamor.

While keeping in mind, just the right shades of pink and blue and this pixie haircut will make you look bold and a new trendsetter in town.


3. Flawless Peach Pink Pixie Cut

pixie cut with peach pink hair

For hair that’s a little wavy and long towards the end, this shade of pink would be just the right one. The pink pixie haircut makes for a very beautiful and blend-in natural look while making your blonde features more evident. The hair is arranged in a peachy pastel pink shades giving the haircut a more defined appearance.


4. Bold Pink and Red Mix

pink pixie cut for girls

If your hair is super straight and has sleek long strands, then this pink pixie hairstyle is just for you! The shade is stronger and reddish on the roots and gradually comes down towards the edges becoming lighter.

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5. Layered Pixie

layered pink pixie cut

This pixie cut on pink hair stands somewhat in between both, the hues of red and pink. So, here is one route that you could opt for if you are not quite sure for which shade to opt for. Separate your hair into layers and apply this color on your pixie cut. Be the cool new geek woman in town!


Vibrant Red Pixie Cut Styles

Following are the trendy pixie cut red hairstyle ideas for bold women to rock this season.

6. The Sass Red

red pixie haircut for women

This red pixie haircut adds volume to your hair and makes you look glamorous. It is an undeniable fact that red always stands out. Define your short pixie cut with this red and look like a diva.

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7. Short Brunette Swag Shift

pixie cut for red hair

A color that is here to enhance your features! The red pixie haircut defines your eyes and gives your face a symmetry like none other. This color is applied in such a manner that it enhances each layer of your hair. Give yourself a treat of this fancy look.


8. Wine Red Pixie Haircut

wine red pixie cur

The appearance of this red is enough to make one look stunning and bold. This wine red shade will fit in so well with your pixie cut that it will make you look like you were born with it. Rejuvenate your guts with this ‘full of life’ color.


9. Sunset Red Orange Shade

girl with red pixie cut

The bright red with a tinge of orange gives an edge over all the other red pixie cuts. The layers in these shades are carefully delineated to make you look like the strong girl. Give the vibe of ‘don’t mess with me’ with this shade of red with the tangy touch of orange. Let your hair do the talking for you!


10. Dark Red Hair

red pixie cut for women

If you are the person with a very bright and fair complexion, then this shade is just the right one for you. Dye your hair in this color and make an exemplary pixie cut with red hair look out of it. The picture is enough to say how naturally enticing this color is. Go get it done for yourself!

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There are a number of colors to choose from but with the help of the right knowledge of skin tone and haircut, one can easily pick the right shade for themselves. Hope you liked the 10 red and pink pixie haircuts we listed for you. Rock your red pixie hair cut or the bold pink pixie hairstyle with all the sass. Look your best while making a statement for yourself.