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Top 10 Red Wine Hair Color Ideas That Scream WAO

Red wine hair color is the all new rage and it has been trending for a while now, which makes us think this is one such color that is an all-time style.

As opposed to just red hair color, wine red hair is a much deeper shade, one that has hues of purple, chocolate brown and copper. In short, it is exactly how wine red hair dye looks.

This fall perfect shade is one that makes anyone look gorgeous irrespective of how long or short their hair length is. Thinking of getting one? Let’s tell you all you need to know about this badass shade.

How to Dye Hair in Red Wine Color

How to Dye Hair in Red Wine Color

Dying your hair wine red can be a little challenging depending upon what the natural color of your hair is like. If your hair falls on the darker shade variety then you will have to bleach your hair to get perfect wine red hair.

The shade of wine red is something that is a beautiful blend of chocolate brown, purple and copper. Hence opting to get the color done by a professional will help achieve more visually appealing results than treating your hair at home.

However, if you want to get the color done at home then you could go for any home-based wine red hair dye kit and simply follow the instructions.

Make sure you only use color-treating products after you color your hair and wear protective gloves to ensure that the hair color does not stick to your hands. To avoid hair color staining on your skin, keep enough tissues and towels handy.

Use several clips and foil paper to separate each segment of your colored hair to avoid overlapping of colors.

For blonde hair, you will not require bleaching but for brunettes and dark-haired women, it is very important that you bleach your hair first. This helps the color stick to your hair much better.

Also, remember to get a highlighting kit to up the attraction quotient. The highlights are the most important aspect of finishing the wine red hair look.

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How to Style Wine Red Hair with Highlights

How to Style Red Wine Hair with Highlights

It is a well-known fact that colored hair must be styled very carefully. Your red wine hair with highlights too requires some careful planning which is a little different compared to your regular styling methods. This particular hair color is multidimensional because of the different shades it packs in one look.

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Hence, going for waves or curls is the best way to showcase your gorgeous new red wine hair. Avoid heating based style tools for the first two weeks after your hair color as your hair is very tender at this point. Once your hair adjusts to the surroundings and has had a few washes, it can withstand heat-based styling.

Until then, go for formulas and styling serums that do not require heat and once you apply them to your hair, simply scrunch them in your desired way and let dry.

If your hair is more straight and you want to add some curls to the texture, we suggest you loosely braid your hair after applying a heatless styling product and let it stay. You can remove your braid later on for a soft, wavy look.

The best part about styling red wine hair is that you don’t necessarily have to let your hair down to show off your locks. Go for messy braids and top buns to reveal different shades of the wine-red hair and your highlights.

Alternatively, you can go for several variations of halfway-up and halfway-down styles to emphasize your hair color.

Best Red Wine Hair Looks for Women

Here we have 10 of the best red wine hair color ideas for you to rock your hairstyles and that’ll surely turn heads for you!

1. Short Beach Waves and Bob

red wine hair with bob

Create soft beach waves while separating your hair into segments. This easy wine red hairstyle is particularly gorgeous on short bobs and highlights multi-dimensional colors.

2. Half Up Half Down Hair

red wine hair ideas for women

Nothing shows off brilliant red wine hair color like a half up half down hairstyle do. Do a simple twist and knot while creating curls at the bottom for this look.

3. Top Messy Bun

messy top bun for wine red hair

Go for a messy top bun while letting a few strands of your wine red hair on the sides which brings all the focus on your high volume bun.

4. Black and Red Wine Combo

women with wine red hair

Your favorite half up half down hairdo just got better. By intertwining segments to create a bow, this red wine hairdo is perfect for bridesmaids or prom.

5. Twin Braided Hairstyle

red wine braided hairstyle for women

Start from the crown area with a braid on each side. Your bright red wine hair color is visible through your Dutch braids while the other part are a darker shade.

6. Soft Waves on Layered Red Wine Hair

If you have long layered hair, simply grab a curling iron and create soft and waves at the end of your layers for a stunning red wine hair color look.

7. Messy Knotted Half Bun

half bun for wine red hair

Nothing can beat this messy knotted bun with a half up half down hairdo for a date in autumn.

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8. Side Parted Elegant Bottom Waves

Side partings are your friend if you want to show off your wine red hair and your accessories. Create soft bottom waves to add more drama to your look.

9. Waterfall Braid with Curls

women with red wine curly hair

Women with fine curly hair can try this gorgeous waterfall braid to show off their red wine hair. The curls add to the beauty of the red wine hair color.

10. Layered Beach Waves

red wine hair with beach waves

Want something simple, quick and easy? Work on soft waves like this on your long red wine hair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I color my burgundy hair to red wine color?

You can color any hair to this beautiful shade. However, make sure you leave at least 6 months gap between changing colors, irrespective of which shade you want to color your hair in.

Will red wine shade suit my skin tone?

While fair skin tone is likely to suit this hair color, bronze skin shades also look amazing when coupled with this hair color.

However, if you have a relatively darker skin shade, the wine red hair dye may not look as appealing as it is. Likewise, when you have a tanned look, this shade might not appear all that appealing.

There is a reason the red wine hair color is tagged as autumn worthy. Think of multidimensional hair shades amidst the snow. Appealing isn’t it? On the whole, the hair color looks undoubtedly amazing on fair complexions and certain shades of bronze skin.

Mulled wine or dark red wine? Which shade is the best?

The dark red wine is almost the same as the burgundy shade. But the mulled wine shade has hues or purple, chocolate brown and copper, giving your hair a multidimensional look.

While the dark red wine shade is pretty standard, the Mulled wine color is unique and eye-captivating, adding more attraction to your luscious locks.

Though towards the end of the day, the shade preference lies with you, in terms of what is more trending, we suggest you go for the mulled wine color. The styling options are a lot more enticing with the mulled wine shade.

How often can I wash my dyed hair?

Shades such as burgundy, reds, blue and purple are known to bleed pretty fast from the hair due to shampooing regularly. Wash your hair twice or thrice a week with a color protecting shampoo. This way your hair color has chances of staying for a lot longer.

Use styling products that are specifically created for colored hair right from serums and conditioners to weekly masks. If you treat your hair right, the color must stay on for a lot longer than when you go with your usual methods of styling and care.

Caring for colored hair also includes avoiding the sun as much as you can. This greatly damages your hair and is believed to be a contributing factor in causing dullness in your colored hair.

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The wine red hair color with highlights is a great option for anyone who wants to go for elegant yet sporty hair color. If there’s a color that screams adventurous and laid back all in one, it is this trending hair color. Be it curly hair or straight hair, this hair color shade looks breathtaking nonetheless.

Getting it done by a professional is a much better option, but you can always achieve similar results by using the right highlights at home. Just make sure you follow the aftercare tips provided for a long lasting color!