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50 Short Red Hairstyles to Show Off Your Fire

Short red hairstyles are your starting point if you want to stand out without going too extreme vis a vis your color and ‘do. Short hair is an eye-catcher, whether you go with a dynamic style or a classic cropped coif.

Red hair is a stunner, too—it’s rare, and so everyone wants it. Say what you will about gingers, but they always stand out in a crowd. Besides, there are so many shades of red, ranging from rich natural tones to bright, vivid hues, that you can easily find a shade that complements your eye color, skin tone, and personal style.

Copper red like a shiny new penny, cherry red, auburn, strawberry-blonde—there’s a rainbow’s worth of red hues out there, and just as many short styles to do the color justice.


Popular Short Red Hairstyle Ideas

In a sea of candy-coated locks, it might seem like short red hairstyles are now boring and obsolete, but that’s not so. Because everyone’s attention is so hyper-focused on shades of pink, purple, and turquoise, the more “traditional” colors seem to stand out that much more. They’re unexpected because the unexpected is currently more expected, if that makes any sense.

A vibrant red coif reveals more individuality than in recent years. The hue has always been a bold choice, but now it’s a statement-maker.

1. Short Red Hair with Bangs

For straight hair, have your stylist cut it into this edgy bob with razor-cut ends. Dark red hair color on a dark black base is the finishing touch for a fierce style.


2. Very Short Red Hair

very short red hair

Sharon Osbourne once rocked this exact hairdo, maybe with a bit more teasing. If you just want a normal level of texture, use styling mousse to shape the piecey red locks how you want them.


3. Short Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

short red hair with blonde highlights

Instagram/Le Gall Hair

Long pixies with shape like a mohawk are one of the edgiest haircuts you can choose. Mix light red with blonde highlights and come hair to the side, securing the spiky height with hairspray.


4. Short Orange Red Hair

orange red hair

A straight shoulder-length haircut with long piecey bangs and blunt-cut ends is given a fresh update with bright color. The roots are a deep red that slowly fade to orange.


5. Short Black and Red Hair

short black and red hair

Another way to wear bright red hair color is as a fiery addition to black hair. On brown skin, this shade is particularly flattering. Wear hair straight for neat, rocker vibes.


6. Long Pixie Cut

short red asymmetrical hair

Stand out from the crowd by rocking a timeless long pixie haircut defined by short sides and back with a long top and side-swept fringe. Finish off by dying the hair in a fiery red shade that requires a root touch-up every few weeks.


7. Punk Fauxhawk

short red hair with fade

Express your wild personality by shaving the sides with strips of trimmed hair along the long ruffled layers on the top. Color the hair in the brightest shade of red available. Fair-skinned ladies can particularly opt for this look to create a jaw-dropping hairstyle.  


8. A Hint of Orange

short red orange hair

Set the stage on fire with this look. Go for a shoulder-length bob with a deep side parting and dye it in a poppy red hue with chunky streaks of light orange shining through the hair. Keep the hair well-conditioned in order to achieve that beautiful gloss.


9. Vibrant Coils

short red afro hair

African-American women can also flaunt their curly coils while taking part in the short red hair trend. Clip the sides while keeping the top a bit longer. Color the entire head in a deep rusty red shade with a hand tousle being enough to style the curls.


10. Layered Bob

short thick red hair

Ladies with thin hair can opt for a layered bob cut dangling above the shoulders to add some volume to their heads. Color the roots in a vivid orange-red shade that lightens into a deep red hue while reaching the ends creating a barely-there ombre effect.


11. Highlighted Fringe

short red hair with yellow highlights

Instagram/Carmen Devilla

Those who are confident enough to sport a boy cut can consider this two-toned style as their next look. The sides are clipped neatly keeping all the attention on the long top. Dye the side-swept fringe in a vivid yellow shade to contrast with the remaining flame-red mane.  


12. Edgy A-Line Lob

short red hair

Show off your fire with this edgy short red hairstyle. Ask the hairstylist for a sharp A-line lob with the longest front strands framing the face. Opt for a coppery red hair shade completing the look. The emerging dark roots add up to the style.


13. Curls on Fire

short curls with red balayage

Dance around with these bouncy curls to turn around some heads. A deva haircut frames the curls beautifully around the face with the dark roots transitioning into a ruby red hue before turning fiery orange at the tips creating a gorgeous three-toned hairstyle.


14. Simple and Stylish

short red layers

Outgrown your pixie haircut? Don’t worry as you can achieve a new look in a flick without visiting the saloon. Dye the hair in an orange-red tinge creating a simple yet stylish hairstyle that won’t go unnoticed.


15. Bixie Cut

short red pixie

Instagram/Molly Copley

A bixie haircut combines the fullness of a pixie with the versatility of a bob creating a beautiful hair look. This one features a deep burgundy red mane with the fluffy front covering the forehead and sides of the face resulting in a cute girly appeal.


16. Short Burgundy Red Hair

short burgundy red hair

Looking for a color that’s less bright and harsh? Try this rich shade of burgundy with deep purple undertones. Rock it on your naturally curly hair and pair with your favorite headband.


17. Short Dark Red Hair

short dark red hair

This dark shade of red actually borders along purple. It looks amazing on short straight hair that’s parted in the center. Wear it down and sleek for sophisticated style at work.


18. Short Red Balayage Hair

When you’re heading out to a special event, red balayage pops on a short black hairstyle. Using a curling wand to get a thick wave for optimal height.


19. Short Red Ombre Hair

short red ombre hair

Bright red is the color no one will expect as an ombre, especially when its base is light blue. Continue to bring out your fun side with teased hair and large waves at the ends.


20. Burgundy Pixie for Older Women

short red hair for over 50

Do you have light or medium skin? Burgundy may be a dark color but it’s the perfect shade to complement your complexion and looks great as a long pixie with plenty of texture.


21. Red Color for Kinky Curly Hair

short messy red hairstyle

First, count yourself lucky if you have kinky curly hair, the envy of all women. Second, ask your stylist for this rich bright red that will make your curls look their best.


22. Sleek Dark Red Hair

red bob

Before you use a flat iron or blow dryer to get this super sleek style on your short hair, make sure to use a heat protectant. Your dark red hair color will look twice as shiny and glam.


23. Medium Red on Pixie with Fade

If your style is all about being edgy, go short like a pixie but keep the sides to a fade. The long top is where red hair color will really pop and you can even use product to spike it up.


24. Red Dreadlocks on Short Hair

As dreadlocks are becoming a more acceptable hairstyle for women these days, you should take advantage of it and fashion them up even more with red hair color. As a half updo, the style is still sweet.


25. Orange Red Straight Hair

short thick red hair

Layered straight hair is the ultimate style when it comes to chic vibes. Add a pop of color by mixing orange and red. On pale skin tones, it’s very Fifth Element meets professional working woman.


26. Bright Red Mohawk

For your already kickin’ mohawk hairdo, a touch of bright red is just the color to edge it up even more. Spike up the top and shave in line details to the fade for finish.


27. Asymmetrical Red Hairdo

short angled red hair

An angled bob keeps your style classy and work-professional while the deep red is an unexpected punch of color. Keep locks sleek and smooth for this look.


28. Natural Mohawk

Short Natural Mohawk Red Hairstyle

Need a new protective style or a fresh look? There’s a bevy of short red hairstyles for natural hair, and they are nothing less than divine. This naturally curly take on the mohawk features shaved sides, a gorgeous shape, and—it looks like—some braids on the side.


29. Edgy Like Beckham

red short hair for women

There’s something very Victoria Beckham-esque about this coiffure. If not for the hair color and the piercing, this is almost a dead ringer for the former Spice Girl. It’s an edgy cut with sharp, deliberately uneven layers and side swept bangs. The color’s rich but not heavy.

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30. Uneven Pixie

Short Pixie Red color Hairstyle

It’s odd, but both red and black hair lends itself well to uneven crops and choppy cuts. Maybe because both shades are extreme, they complement extreme cuts. Don’t worry. A jagged pixie is artful enough that no one’s going to think you just got carried away with the scissors.


31. Natural Russet Curls

Short curly Red Hairstyle for black women

The russet red of these curls is glorious. Her hair looks like a late summer sunset. This is also an example of the importance of choosing a short red hairstyle in a shade that flatters your skin tone. Her combination is perfection—her hair brings out the cinnamon undertones in her skin.


32. Choppy Lop

cute girl favorite Short Red Hairstyle

Evenness isn’t an issue when you’re rocking a redhead lifestyle. Tousles are a perfectly acceptable ‘do for a ginger, whether the color’s all natural or faux. The lop here is a bit shorter than a bob with many layers. They add texture, dimension, and bedhead appeal.


33. Women Copper Spikes

Copper Spike Short Red Hairstyle for girl

Comb your fingers through your short new ‘do, spray the spikes to hold them in place, and you’re good to go. Ask your stylist for a purposely messy, slightly asymmetrical cut like this one if you’re in a punk rock frame of mind.

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34. Pageboy Hairstyle

The pageboy hairstyle doesn’t get a lot of play, partly because it isn’t always fashionable, but it works as a short red hairstyle. A natural carroty red like this does something to the cut—but so do the waves and the longer, blunt-cut bangs. It’s not as flat and one-dimensional as a traditional pageboy.


35. Red Hair, Don’t Care

women's short red hair

Tousles really do work as a coif for carrot tops—or variations thereof because there’s nothing orange about this deep shade of red. You may have to get your hair thinned, and layering is a must to pull off this style.


36. A Brighter Shade of Red

Short Red pink mixed color Hair

This red is so bright, it’s nearly pink, but oh, does it ever work. Her curls are a bit loose and longer, so they throw off different shades—peep close, and you’ll spot ruby red, cherry, a hint of fuchsia, and even some orange.


37. Bardot Bob

Short Bob Red Hairstyle for young girl

Not all short red hairstyles are super short. A bob still qualifies. With its loose curls and waves, this bob is evocative of Bridget Bardot’s bedhead hair. The vibrant color is honestly breathtaking. Is anybody else sort of in love with the freckles, too?

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38. Face-Framing Layers

This red short hairstyle is probably the chicest of all. It features a pixie bob with face-framing layers and side-swept bangs at the front. Choose a light reddish copper hue as the base and add golden copper blonde highlights adding a subtle glow to the face.


39. Burgundy Beauty

Stay on the darker side by dying the hair in a deep burgundy red shade with the light coppery streaks shining through the darker ones. Bring together the look by getting a layered bob haircut and middle-parted bangs creating a magical allure that won’t be overlooked.


40. Short and Saucy

A textured pixie cut is a perfect hairstyle to combine with a red hair color. Get as many layers as possible and dye them in a deep brick red hue with a touch of orange. Spike up the top creating a subtle fauxhawk silhouette. 













It takes a bold, confident woman to step out with a short red hairstyle—but you’re bold and confident, aren’t you? Prove that redheads have more fun. How short are you going to go?