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Top 30 Flawless Short Curly Hairstyles for Round Faces

Short curly haircuts are generally not good for round faces unless they are very short and add height to the face instead of width. Anything that adds width to the sides will make the face look rounder and wider.

However, there are some curly hairstyles for short hair that look great on women with round faces. These styles can be worn at Hollywood parties, at the beach, or even at the office. Why not try one today?

Best Short Curly Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

If you’re not lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, then you might need to take steps to artificially add curls or waves. Most people will use a curling wand, but there are other methods. It is possible to rag-roll your hair by tightly tying pieces of fabric into your hair. You can also use heated rollers.

Here are some curly hairstyles for women with round faces:

1. Curly Bob with Bangs

short curly bob with bangs for round face women

In the list of short curly hairstyles for round faces, a timeless bob with bangs definitely comes first.

Stick to chin length or go a little longer to avoid adding up to the width of your face. Cropped bangs are ideal to conceal a wide forehead bringing forth those gorgeous eyes.

2. Natural Pixie

short blonde curls for black women with round face

Very short haircuts aren’t recommended for chubby disc-like faces but ladies with a lean facial outline can definitely try an edgy pixie.

Opt for a long top that tapers gradually towards the back and sides to elongate the face. Finish off with a blonde all-over hair color for a sun-kissed look.

3. Classic Parisian Cut

short curly lilac hair for round face women

Balance out your rounded jawline with a blunt-cut French girl bob. Ask for a straight ear-length chop, plenty of layers, and perfectly-leveled bangs to add some sharpness to the face while allowing those cheekbones to stand out even more.

Go lavender without second thoughts to take things up a notch.

4. Quirky Space Buns 

short curly space buns for round face women

The only way to elongate your otherwise wide face is by adding height on top of the head. And space buns come in handy in this regard.

Whether you’re going out with friends or having an oily hair day, create two ponytails, wrap them around into buns, and off you go!  

5. Side-Swept Vintage Curls

short red curly bob for women with round face

Experiment with vintage-style curls to look like Marylin Monroe and you won’t regret it.

The trick lies in pinning the curls when hot and brushing them up at the roots towards the face and your nape in sections. Top off with plenty of hairspray. Going copper won’t do any harm too.

6. Relaxed Feminine Comb-Over

short curly undercut for round face women

Maintain a professional appeal by opting for a feminine curly comb-over hairstyle. Keep the top long enough to reach the ears when swept sideward with neatly clipped sides. All these factors will work together to slim down the face.

Throw in some highlights to complete your glow-up.

7. Center-Parted Kinks

short middle part curly hairstyle for women with round face

It is pretty amazing how a basic middle parting creates the illusion of length while breaking down the roundedness of a circular face.

Give crimped tight curls a shot, if not natural, and allow them to dangle all around the face for a boho-chic vibe. Highlights are optional.

8. Short Curly Faux Hawk

short curly hair with highlights for round face women

This relaxed faux hawk makes undoubtedly one of the best short curly hairstyles for round faced-ladies who wish to chop off all their tresses.

The heightened top and buzzed sides help the face look less round and more oval. And who wouldn’t love those highlighted bangs at the front?

9. Coiled Elfin Hair + Undercut

short afro hair for round face

There are several ways to sport pixie/elfin cuts with naturally coiled locks. Curly beauties can opt for plenty of layers, a uni-length crop, or a basic long top with trimmed sides instead just as depicted here.

An undercut can prove to be liberating with all the mess gathered at the top.

10. Emerald Green Bixie

short curly green hair for women with round face

Thinking of a pixie? Or a bob? How about a stylish pixie-bob/bixie? This latest haircut is a mix of the former two featuring a short chop that’s edgy yet softly rounded to hug your angelic round face.

Express your wild side with a vibrant emerald green hair dye and see eyes pop!

11. Updo with Face-Framing Curls

short blonde curly bob for round face women

Steal the show at formal events with an elegant loose updo. Assemble the curls at the back in a French twist or a low-lying chignon bun and pull out plenty of tendrils at the front to frame the eyes.

An off-centered parting is perfect to add some asymmetry to the face.

12. Silver Vixen Bob

short grey curly hair for women with round face

Ladies over 50 can turn themselves into a sexy silver vixen by embracing their grays along with their naturally curly hair texture.

Opt for a dove gray base shade with silver highlights on top to create the perfect light and dark interplay. Layering your bob will make a huge difference too.

13. Asymmetrical Short Bob

Asymmetrical Short Bob with curly hairstyle

An Asymmetrical Short Bob style looks really chic on women with round faces, especially when it is a vibrant and fiery color.

Asymmetrical short curly hairstyles work best with a diagonal parting to alter weight and length. Check short bob styles for black women.

14. Blonde Bombshell

Blonde with short curly hair

Blonde hairstyles look really fun and flirty on women with round faces. The curly hairstyle will help to show off your bright and vibrant personality.

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15. Cropped Style

women Cropped short curly hairstyle

Short cropped curly hairstyles create a really cute look if you have a round face. The curls help to look a bit of volume which can add extra height to elongate a round face.

16. Sweeping Fringe

young girl Fringe short curly haircut

Add weight and intensity to a short curly hairstyle by sweeping your fringe across from one side to the other. This style can also help to narrow the faces of women with round faces.

17. Chin-Length Bob

black women Chin-Length Bob short curly hairstyle

A short curly chin-length bob is a foolproof hairstyle because it suits almost all women, regardless of their hair type or face shape. This hairstyle can look professional or glamorous.

18. The Marilyn


This type of style is inspired by icon Marilyn Monroe. She was well-known for her short curly hairstyles. Bright blonde looks like this one are ultra glamorous.

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19. Retro Curls


Short curls and a long cropped length match together to create a beautiful retro-glam style. A perm can help to give your short hairstyle a much tighter curl.

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20. Loose Spiral Curled Bob

short Spiral Curled Bob hairstyle you like

Spiral curls are gorgeous and bouncy. They frame a round face really well. If you are not lucky enough to have these gorgeous curls naturally, then you can use a curling wand and hairspray to create them.

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21. Tight Curly Crop

short Tight Curly Crop hairstyle

A tightly curled crop is an ideal short curly hairstyle for women with petite features and a round face. A perm can help to give you tighter curls if this is not your natural style. The curls on top add height to the hairstyle which helps to elongate the face.

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22. Asymmetrical Chop

short curly hairstyles for round face women

Couple your perfectly symmetrical round face with a not-so-symmetrical short curly haircut to stand out from the crowd.

Keep one side significantly shorter than the other, ask for angled bangs, or opt for both! Short layers, especially the top ones, add up to the height of a round face.

23. Angled Face Frame

The slanted face frame is what sets this short curly hairstyle for round faces apart from others.

Although your god-gifted coils can be chopped up into a pixie, bob, or bixie with stacked layers at the back, the front chunks are snipped at an angle on both sides to put forth your best features.

24. Soft Layers, Side Fringe

Breathe life into your shapeless curls with soft layers that extend below the chin to drag down the face making it seem a bit longer than usual.

Experiment with a swooped side fringe to hide the apples of your cheeks and a part of the forehead too. Easy-breezy!

25. Messed-Up Blonde Locks

Messy is the new sexy and this easy-going French bob is here to prove it. Allow your rounded angles and soft outlines to stand out with choppy layers that fall just below the ears.

A deep side parting again helps create the pretense of a slim face.

26. Uni-Length Curly Fluff

short curly hairstyles for women with round face

This model has an oval face, not round, but this cut could work for a round face as the hair isn’t too wide on the sides and the length of the hair comes past the chin pulling the eyes down.

This style is perfect to outgrow a pixie or go short stepwise.

27. The Deva Haircut

The Deva haircut is a relatively new hair-cutting technique where each strand is snipped individually when dry to fall around the face exactly where intended.

The result is a polished round mane with or without bangs. A V-shaped middle parting will, however, produce the illusion of a long facial outline.

28. Super Short Wolf Cut

A wolf haircut can be long, medium, or even super short. It features short choppy layers on the crown region that elongate towards the back.

This shaggy mullet-like hairstyle is a must-try for those who want to take away the bulk while up-lifting their features.

29. Trendy Lob

A shoulder-grazing lob is the most low-risk short curly hairstyle for round faces you can ever get. It lies midway between the short and long extremes with layers that elongate the face while covering those chubby cheeks.

Break down your facial symmetry with a simple deep side parting and voila!

30. The Curly Wet Look

round face women with short curly hair

Wet hair looks are still going strong. Create a unique one with your chopped-up natural curls because why not?

The key lies in applying plenty of gel to wet tresses and scrunching them up with your hands. Finish off with a sleek middle parting and swooped-down edges.

Short curly hairstyles look amazing on women with round face shapes. If your face shape is not round, we have lots of lists for other face shapes.