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25 Respectful Short Hairstyles for Over 70 With Glasses

If you’re a woman over 70 who wears glasses, we understand that it might be challenging to find a hairstyle that suits your face shape and specs. The perfect hairstyle doesn’t just fall into your hands without taking into account all the important factors, such as your face shape and hair type.

However, let us take the headache off your hands and reassure you there are plenty of beautiful short styles to help you look your best with your eyeglasses.

The Best Short Hairstyles for Women over 70

We’re taking the hard work out of your search for the best short hairstyles! Check out the 25 looks below suitable for women over 70 with glasses.

1. Layered Bob

short bob for over 70 with glasses

A bob is not only an easy length to maintain, but the light blonde is quite flattering on women over 70 with a medium or light skin tone. Ask for layers for easy movement and shape.

2. Thick and Wavy

short curly hairstyle for over 70 with glasses

Use a little hair mousse on your fingers to define natural wavy texture in your short thick hair. If your glasses are rounded, consider a longer bang to make them look super chic and modern.

3. Thin Hair

short hairstyle for black women over 70 with glasses

Black women over 70 who have thin hair with a little curl will look their best when they enhance what is already there. Add curl cream with your fingers and go for a side-parted short bob.

4. White Waves

short thin hair for over 70 with glasses

Ready to rock your grey hair? Thicken up your waves by going with hair that is neck-length. This will put the spring back in its step. You can also pin back the sides to dress it up.

5. Short Hair with a Bow

short messy hairstyle for over 70 with glasses

Love playing with hair accessories? You don’t have to lose your playful side just because you’re over 70! Style your slender specs with a fun bow to pin back one side of your short curly bob.

6. Permed Curls

short permed hair for over 70 with glasses

Many older women opt for a perm when trying to put curls or waves back in their hair. This is a great way to create a softer look. We love short layers with a soft side bang. Try them on an asymmetrical or chin-length bob.

7. Blonde Pixie

pixie hairstyle for over 70 with glasses

One of the most popular haircuts you’ll see around as women in their 70s love pixie. For a lighter skin tone, we recommend a light blonde hair color too. The shade will look great with clear glasses. A youthful pixie with choppy or soft wavy texture is low maintenance

8. Salt and Pepper Curls

salt and pepper short hair for over 70 with glasses

One great way to rock your salt and pepper hair color is by accentuating it. Add a bit more white or a bit more black to create a more uniform sectioning. On short curly hair, this technique can really flatter your glasses style.

9. Bob with Side Parted Bangs

bob hair for over 70 with glasses

If you’re over 70 and chubby, go for this look. To give your haircut a few more styling options and to make your glasses look super cute, opt for side-parted bangs on a short layered bob. You can wear them parted in the middle or sweep them all to one side. 

10. Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical short hairstyle for over 70 with glasses

Women over 70 who like hairstyles with a little more sass should consider the asymmetrical bob. Its unique shape suits many face shapes and can even be styled with a side bang.

11. Feathered Waves

short feathered hair for over 70 with glasses

Many women find their hair thinning as they get older. If that’s you, feathered layers on a pixie or bob will look great with glasses, as well as create built-in texture you can fluff up just by running your fingers through it. 

12. Fine Wavy Hair

short fine hairstyle for over 70 with glasses

The classic hairstyle for women over 70 is a perm. It works wonders for fine short hair, giving it that volume women miss when they get older. 

13. Purple Highlights

short colored hair for over 70 with glasses

Love playing with hair colors even in your older age? Try a pop of purple highlighting in a short layered bob with cropped bangs. You can even match your purple hair color to your glasses!

14. Curled Bangs

short hairstyle with bangs for over 70 with glasses

For a round face with a wider forehead, choose short bangs that you can curl at their ends to distract from it and flatter your specs. This type of fringe with a short haircut is a great look for older women.

15. Short Gray Hair

short grey hair for over 70 with glasses

If you’re over 70 and all you have the energy for is running a brush through your hair, choose a super short pixie. For a little more oomph, you can give it a blow-out. 

16. Thick Side Bangs

thick short hairstyle for over 70 with glasses

If you’re lucky enough to still have thick hair in your older age, let it shine through on a bob with side bangs. Getting the front half of your hair layered or razor cut will create a cool shape that leads the eye to your cute glasses. 

17. Short White Hair with Bangs

short white hair for over 70 with glasses

Do you have naturally straight or mostly straight white hair? There’s nothing bad about choosing a simple hairstyle, like a chin-length bob with bangs that barely graze your eyebrows. We love it with these circular glasses.

18. Short and Shaggy

short shaggy hair for over 70 with glasses

A shag haircut creates beautiful volume and accentuates what natural texture you may still have. If you have an oval face shape, try it to create height and make a nice balance with rectangular glasses.

19. Long Side Bangs

short hair with side bangs for over 70 with glasses

Who says you can’t look youthful when you’re over 70? Long side bangs with a bob are somewhat flirty and so chic when straightened. Make a partial side part for flattering face-framing with your glasses.

20. Short Waves on Oval Face

short hairstyle for oval faced women over 70 with glasses

An oval face with glasses needs a little width to balance out its shape. Try a short haircut with soft waves added in either with a blow dryer or hot rollers. 

21. Shaggy Pixie

short layered hair for over 70 with glasses

As an older woman, the way to work with thin hair is by asking for shaggy layers, like this pixie with long bangs features. Use your fingers to work in a curl cream. 

22. Head Scarf

short hairstyle for over 70 with glasses

Style has no age limit, so use hair accessories like scarves freely! This woman’s short haircut becomes much more colorful with the wrap added and can even be matched to your glasses.

23. Thin Hair with Side Bangs 

short dyed hair for over 70 with glasses

An angled short bob with side bangs is a fabulous choice for women over 70 with thin hair. The fringe also sits nicely over glasses. 

24. Light Hair with Dark Glasses

low maintenance short hairstyle for over 70 with glasses

Besides going super short, it doesn’t get any more low maintenance than this short white pixie. We love how the white contrasts with dark-colored glasses.

25. Chin-length Bob

short bob for over 70 with glasses

A long face shape can beautifully pull off a chin-length bob and it’s easy for women over 70 to style. Try a shorter bang you can finger style. 

By now, we’ve all learned that stylish hair doesn’t have to stop just because you’re over 70. Even if you wear glasses, there are a number of pretty ways to style short hair that you’ll love. Rest assured that any one of these will have you feeling like a new woman!