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30 Best Short Hairstyles for Women Over 70

Many women over 70 find themselves choosing short haircuts. They’re easier to manage, encourage healthy locks (especially if the hair is thinning), and there are a variety to choose from to flatter every face shape. If you’re feeling stuck on styling options for your hair, just check out the many ways you can look amazing with short hair!

Ideal Short Hairstyles for Older Women

When it comes to short haircuts and hairstyles for women over 70, choose one of the below trendy styles!

1. Short Bob

short bob haircut for woman over 70

Cut your hair to the jawline and leave product alone, encouraging soft curls to curve in toward the face on their own. Short curly bangs ensure all attention is on your eyes.

2. Choppy Hair

short choppy hairstyles for over 70

This short choppy pixie is a less voluminous version of Theresa Caputo’s famous hairstyle. Bangs are short and slightly curled while tendrils on the outside of the face are to chin-length.

3. Short Curly Hairstyle

short curly hairstyle for woman over 70

For older women with naturally curly hair, it’s nice to just let it air dry after washing and conditioning it. Leave sides long to cover ears but bangs short for face-framing.

4. Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair

short fine hairstyle for over 70

If you’re over 70 with short hair, your hair may have thinned out like most older women. A side-parted pixie is perfectly neat and chic with hair cut to one to two inches in length all over. Comb everything smooth and seal with hairspray for all-day style.

5. Women Over 70 with Glasses

short hairstyle for over 70 with glasses

Another way to style your short hair is by combing hair straight back from the bangs so there’s no center part. Fill the bangs with a large curl that stops just above your glasses.

6. Short Perm Hair

short perm hair for woman over 70

If you’re a woman over 70 and your hair has lost its texture, there’s a quick way to add some that will last a couple of months: a perm! Perms add soft or tight curls and on short hair, they’ll frame a face beautifully.

7. Short Hair Look With Thick Hair

short thick hairstyles for over 70

Not into curls or waves on your short hairstyle? This chic style features straight locks smoothed of any fly-aways. A center part adds symmetry for a quick look that’ll do wonders.

8. Short Hairstyle for Fine Hair

short blonde hairstyle for woman over 70

Has your hair thinned out as you’ve gotten older? Your stylist will know the best way to make hair appear thicker is by cutting it short to add a textured shape instantly. Try a soft shade as blonde as well to brighten the lookup.

9. Pixie Haircut for Woman Over 70

pixie haircut for woman over 70

While younger women tend to wear their pixie haircuts straight and piecey, hair on women over 70 will look its best with curls all over the head and short thin bangs.

10. Short Highlighted Hairstyle for Women Over 70

short messy hairstyle for woman over 70

Even if you’re over 70, you definitely can go for colorful hair. As if the long messy hairstyle wasn’t cute enough for your older self, purple highlights look beautiful on white hair and pop even more with a purple lip.

11. Ombre

 shot dyed hair for woman over 70

Many women have either gone completely white by the time they’re in their 70s or the majority is white. Either way, an ombre addition of unexpected color like turquoise will look awesome.

12. Very Short Hair for Oval Face

very short haircut for woman over 70

The long top and short sides look is popular for older women over 70 with oval faces. This chic style on light and medium skin tones is stunning with ginger red hair color.

13. Red and Orange + Straight Bob

 shot hair with bangs for over 70

When you want a more dramatic hairstyle, you need to try straight bob with blunt-cut bangs. A mix of dark red and orange hair color will surely liven up your look and your personality.

14. Purple Curly Short Hair

bob hair for over 70

Curls are stunning on women over 70 with short hair, but with light purple hair color added to grey or white hair, they’ll really stand out. Pair hair at the side and clip one side back with a pin to dress up the look.

15. Black and White

 shot gray hairstyle for woman over 70

Struggling to style your short fine hair? You’ve got a couple of options: have a stylist cut in short layers or go for a perm to get tie curls that will eventually soften out to this look.

16. Short Mullet

 shot haircut for woman over 70

While many mullet hairstyles are typically longer, this one features short hair on a woman over 70 with all the body and short layers up top forming a V at the hairline. It’s truly a wash-and-go hairstyle.

17. Short Hairstyle with Headband

 shot headband hairstyle for over 70

Just because you’re getting older, that doesn’t mean you need to give up hair accessories. Comb your short hair back and slip on a headband for a quick, effortless style.

18. Layered Curls

short fluffy hairstyle for women over 70

If your hair is somewhat fluffy with natural curls, a short haircut will show them off beautifully. Ask your stylist for short layers and part hair off center to create a natural-looking lift of volume.

19. Thin Gray Hair

short hairstyle for women over 70 with thin hair

Just because you’re over 70, that doesn’t mean you can’t still rock colored hair. This thin short haircut features layers that create volume and shape, and flaunts a beautiful light brown color that makes white hair look stylish.

20. Short Bangs

short haircut for women over 70

Is your hair naturally straight? When you go for the big chop, ask your stylist to cut in short bangs. They help older women look younger, look very edgy when cut short, and don’t require any extra styling.

21. Short Afro Hair

black woman over 70 with short afro hair

Black women over 70 who embrace bold hair colors are encouraged to try a light blonde short haircut. This afro-textured cut is super short and the color beautifully stands out against dark skin.

22. Short White Pixie

short pixie cut for women over 70

A pixie is another stylish short haircut option for women over 70. It’s cut in a way that gives playful texture that is easy to style with your fingers. See how fabulous it looks with white hair?

23. Wavy Short Hair

short wavy hairstyle for women over 70 with glasses

Do you have to wear glasses some or all of the time now? Short hair can look adorable with specs. Work a little mousse into your wavy hair and brush it away from your face. You can also part it off center to play with different dimensions.

24. Short Blonde Bob

short blonde bob with bangs for women over 70

If there’s any hairstyle that creates a youthful look for an older woman, it’s a bob. Between the short wispy layers, the curtain bangs, and the warm blonde color, this is a winning short haircut!

25. Bob with Long Bangs

woman over 70 with short bob

If you prefer a little less structure in your haircut, a bob with mostly the same length all over is for you. This one is adorable styled with long bangs, but keep them piecey and not thick, so the style doesn’t overwhelm your face.

26. Side Bangs

short layered haircut for women over 70

Another way to style layers in a short haircut is by first parting the hair, then cutting in a way that will flatter your face. This very light blonde bob comes with soft side bangs and flaunts flipped out layers.

27. Straight Bob

short straight bob for women over 70

For a more sophisticated and chic hairstyle, nix waves and curls and keep your locks straight. In a sleek chin-length bob, with or without bangs parted in the middle, women over 70 can look 10 years younger!

28. Off Center Part

short hairstyle for Asian women over 70

Love low maintenance hairstyles? A bob that comes to just above your neck leaves plenty of length to dress up, but is just fine styled with an off center part and worn natural.

29. Short and Red

short red hairstyle for women over 70

Medium and light skin tones carry bold colors like red really well. Don’t be afraid to get fierce with this color just because you’re over 70 – try it on a short layered bob or pixie.

30. Curly Black Bob

short curly bob for black women over 70

Older Black women who have thick curly hair this gorgeous are practically expected to style it up cute! Put the spring back in those spirals by going with a short bob. You can even add a headband to sweep the hair back from your face for a different style.

So, which of these short hairstyles for women over 70 will you choose? Try one or try them all – that’s the only way to find out which one will work best!