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10 Best Short Razor Cuts for Women

Hair can be cut with a razor for a variety of reasons. Using this tool creates movement, adds texture to thin hair, and makes thick hair look and feel less heavy. When it comes to short cuts, shaping them with a razor is a no brainer.

Short Razor Cuts

Below are 10 gorgeous short styles created with a razor to help inspire your next cut.

1. Razored Bob

short razored bob

This short razored bob highlights the difference between the electric blue and silvery-white color. Even if you aren’t working with two different colors, this hairstyle has a light and airy feeling.

2. Razored Pixie Cut

razored pixie cut

Create a gorgeous shape with a razored pixie cut. These layers have been thinned to give this pixie its rounded appearance. Short layers at the top of the head add height and give a greater illusion of volume.

3. Feathered Long Bob

short layered razor cut

For a feathered look, try a short layered razor cut like this one. With this style, the layers can also be worn straight down or even curled under, depending on your mood.

4. Short Razor Cut for Black Hair

Short razor cut for black women

Think of how differently this hairstyle would look if the locks simply fell flat. We love this short razor cut for black women because of the beautiful texture behind the ears and the thick and slightly asymmetrical fringe over the forehead.

5. Razored Bob for Fine Hair

short razor cut for fine hair

A razored bob for women with fine hair is perfect for creating dimension that would otherwise be lacking. Focus the razor on the hair surrounding the face to add texture and fill out the hollows of the cheekbones.

6. Straight and Smooth Pixie

very short razor cut

Even though this hair is straight, it benefits greatly from a very short razor cut. Keep a small piece of hair in front of the ears longer than the rest to help shape and frame the face. A neat side part makes this look polished and sweet.

7. Razored Bob for Round Face

short razor cut for round face

To make a short razor cut for round face truly work, hair should be short so that your face appears long. Give hair a cool chop around the cheekbones to highlight this portion of the face so it seems wider and your chin seems longer.

8. Short Messy Style

messy razor cut hairstyle

This funky messy razor cut hair has a youthful vibe. Instead of a part, hair should spring out of a center point on the top of the head. Thanks to the cut, it will have tons of movement that is simply irresistible.

9. Razor Pixie with Bangs

razor cut for short hair

Give your pixie a fresh and modern feeling with the piecey layers created with a razor. The long, straight bangs perfectly compliment the round shape at the back of the head.

10. Edgy Colorful Pixie

razor cut for short haired women
For this look, a razor not only defines the bangs but also helps to create the spikes at the back of the head. Even if your hair isn’t vibrantly colored like it is on this ‘do, the shape of this cool pixie can work for you.

Razor cuts can be so functional for short hair. The options for optimizing energy and volume when using this handy tool are truly endless. Which look from the list was your favorite?