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10 Examples of Ugly Man Bun to Avoid at Any Cost

Hairstyles are a good way of getting a refreshing look, but we can’t say the same about ugly man buns. Getting this hairstyle for yourself means asking for havoc.


Ugliest Man Bun Styles to Deny

Ugly man buns are not a myth but a vivid reality that can blind anyone who casts a look upon them. Women will run away from you, and little children will cry like never before if they see you with an ugly bun. Below, there are 10 examples of man buns that are ugly and you should never give a try:

1. Rough Man Bun with Fade

ugly man bun with low fade

A rough man bun is a big NO-NO in today’s world. You might think it’s cool, but you need to ask yourself if this ugly hairstyle suits anyone at all. The answer is going to be a No. Especially, adding a low fade to it makes it look even ridiculous.


2. Mini Bun with Cornrows

ugly man bun with cornrows

Before going out and allowing people to make fun of your mixture-of-ugly man bun hairstyle with braids, go to a salon and ask the barber to chop off all your hair. Mini bun combined with men cornrows is not a nice hairstyle and that too when there is also a mid skin fade to it.


3. Topknot with Disconnected Undercut

ugly man bun styles for men

Growing your top hair long to tie them into a topknot should not even be an option. And, if you are thinking of trimming your side and back hair, stop right there. This is a horrendous men’s bun hairstyle which makes you look absolutely stupid.


4. Braided Bun

ugly braided man bun

If you have long braids you may find those braids are too heavy or thick to comfortably hold a bun shape. On top of that, the bun may look too bulky or messy. As a result, it will look unflattering and destroy your overall neat and tidy look.


5. Half Up Half Down

ugly half up man bun

This hairstyle is often perceived as being more feminine and can make a man look too girly or ugly. Additionally, half up half down is also not very flattering on many male face shapes and can make the face look longer than it actually is.


6. Messy Man Bun

ugly man bun design

Combining an unkempt man bun with a designed fade on the sides and back can give you an unattractive appearance. It can give the impression that the man does not take care of himself and is not making any effort to look his best.


7. Two Bun

ugly two man buns

Instagram / lesdette

This double bun hairstyle with short sides is a big no for men as this can give a man a very childish look. However, you may think that you look stylish with two buns. But, in reality it will make you very silly and ugly.


8. Dyed Man Bun

dyed ugly man bun

Instagram / bulbaqueer

The dyed double bun can make a man look unnatural and out of place, especially if the buns are of eye catchy disturbing colors. This hairstyle can also draw attention away from the man’s facial features and instead draw attention to the hairstyle itself.


9. Two Braided Man Bun

braided ugly man bun

Don’t even think of dying your hair into weird colors and then moving on to braiding them into a man bun and undercut. Instead of making you look cool, it contributes to making you look a jerk with funny hair. If you are indeed thinking of doing so, it is time to stop dead in your tracks.


10. Samurai Topknot

best ugly man bun styles

This hairstyle isn’t even close to being a good one. Securing your hair into a half-tied ponytail undercut isn’t a good idea, at least not when you have to go out of your room. Adding a subtle trim won’t do any good to this ugly man bun haircut either. Don’t go for this even if your best friend asks you to.


Why Do People Hate Man Buns?

People don’t like Man Buns because they don’t fit any specific aesthetic.

Man Buns are too feminine to look good on most average men, but men who want a more androgynous look have better haircuts to choose from.

Longer hair can look great on a guy, but Man Buns are the worst of both worlds and offer few benefits.

While Jared Leto can pull off the look, it takes a handsome and masculine man who can wear any hairstyle with confidence to have a Man Bun.


Do Man Buns Really Make People Go Bald?

Do Man Buns Really Make People Go Bald?

Despite widespread rumors, Man Buns do not often make people go bald. However, if people pull their hair into very tight buns, they can cause traction alopecia.

With traction alopecia, tight hair causes less blood and oxygen to flow to the scalp, making hair thinner over time until hair will not grow at all.

Traction alopecia occurs most frequently with misuse of cornrow braids, but it can happen in any updo where people leave hair pulled too tight for too long.

Typical Man Buns are not tight enough to cause traction alopecia, but it is possible.

Another problem with Man Buns is that hair ties can damage the shaft surrounding a strand of hair. While this doesn’t cause people to go bald, it can damage hair and limit how long hair can grow.


Is a Man Bun Unprofessional?

A Man Bun is semi-unprofessional. If a work environment says that their dress code is “workplace casual” or “semi-formal,” a bun may be acceptable. If a work environment requires “professional dress only,” they may not allow Man Buns.

If you are unsure of the level of professional standard, the safest bet is to forego a Man Bun. The only way to know for sure is to check the dress code or ask a supervisor.


Hairstyles can either make your style statement or break it. Ugly man buns not only break it but shatter it to pieces to be precise. If you want a hairstyle that will enhance your personality and you encounter these man buns, you ought to run away as fast as you can. These man buns have the power to destroy your career and your life too. So, beware.