5 Examples of Ugly Man Bun to Avoid at Any Cost

Hairstyles are a good way of getting a refreshing look, but we can’t say the same about ugly man buns. Getting this hairstyle for yourself means asking for havoc.


Ugliest Man Bun Styles to Deny

Ugly man buns are not a myth but a vivid reality that can blind anyone who casts a look upon them. Women will run away from you, and little children will cry like never before if they see you with an ugly bun. Below, there are 5 examples of man buns that are ugly and you should never give a try:

1. Rough Man Bun with Fade

ugly man bun with low fade

A rough man bun is a big NO-NO in today’s world. You might think it’s cool, but you need to ask yourself if this ugly hairstyle suits anyone at all. The answer is going to be a No. Especially, adding a low fade to it makes it look even ridiculous.


2. Mini Bun with Cornrows

ugly man bun with cornrows

Before going out and allowing people to make fun of your mixture-of-ugly man bun hairstyle with braids, go to a salon and ask the barber to chop off all your hair. Mini bun combined with men cornrows is not a nice hairstyle and that too when there is also a mid skin fade to it.


3. Topknot with Disconnected Undercut

ugly man bun styles for men

Growing your top hair long to tie them into a topknot should not even be an option. And, if you are thinking of trimming your side and back hair, stop right there. This is a horrendous men’s bun hairstyle which makes you look absolutely stupid.


4. Two Braided Man Bun

braided ugly man bun

Don’t even think of dying your hair into weird colors and then moving on to braiding them into a man bun and undercut. Instead of making you look cool, it contributes to making you look a jerk with funny hair. If you are indeed thinking of doing so, it is time to stop dead in your tracks.


5. Samurai Topknot

best ugly man bun styles

This hairstyle isn’t even close to being a good one. Securing your hair into a half-tied ponytail undercut isn’t a good idea, at least not when you have to go out of your room. Adding a subtle trim won’t do any good to this ugly man bun haircut either. Don’t go for this even if your best friend asks you to.


Hairstyles can either make your style statement or break it. Ugly man buns not only break it but shatter it to pieces to be precise. If you want a hairstyle that will enhance your personality and you encounter these man buns, you ought to run away as fast as you can. These man buns have the power to destroy your career and your life too. So, beware.

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