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Medium Skin Fade: 10 Hairstyles That Are Spot On

Mid skin fades have been in the trends for quite some time now, whether it is celebrities or models walking the runway, these have taken over the hairstyle world! And for this very reason, we have in store for you today top 10 medium skin fade hairstyles to opt for this season. Whether you have straight, thick, thin or curly hair, here’s an assortment of the best mid fades for guys!


How to Do Mid Fade

How to Do Mid Fade

In order to achieve the classic mid fade haircut, we have been bragging about you will need to follow these steps:

  • Begin on the sides, and then move towards the back in a similar manner.
  • You will need to keep the lower side parts slightly shorter, try using a lower number guard around the ears.
  • For the back, you might need an additional mirror or some extra help. Cut the desired length and you are done. Blend and make use of different styles with the mass of the hair on the top.

Once you go through these steps you will get yourself a perfect mid fade with which you can experiment with using the hairstyles mentioned below. So what’s the wait, tag along to try out cool hairstyle ideas using the mid fade.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Do Mid Fade Haircut 


Skin Fade vs Bald Fade

skin fade vs bald fade

When talking about mid skin fade and bald fade, you will often see the two terms used interchangeably. And that is exactly how it is, the two words are the exact same things and they are used interchangeably, but to a dresser mean the same thing. A mid/bald fade is a perfect balance between the low and the high fades.

The mid fade falls under the category of the taper cuts those lands below the temples just above the ears. This bald/medium skin fade allows a number of styles to be applied to it using styling products. The fact that bald has an associated negative connotation to it hence mid fade tends to be used most often by the customers.


Latest Mid Skin Fade Hairstyles

We have compiled a list of 10 amazing medium skin fade haircuts that hardly any man can deny! Have a look.

1. Mid Skin Fade Undercut

Textured Spiky Medium Skin Fade Haircut

Making it to the top of our list is the spiky mid-fade. Add a little zing to your medium skin fade with this short spiky haircut. Perfect for thick hair and at the same time gives off a cool style statement. In order to maintain this style, you will need to apply a few styling products. Run your gel laden fingers in the top mass to give it extra texture and volume.


2. Mid Taper Fade with Spiky Top

Mid Taper Skin Fade with Spiky Top

Get the right balance between the top and the low fade with this taper skin fade hairstyle. The spikes at the top add a little uniqueness to the style. It is especially perfect for sleek hair types, plus does not require much maintenance.

So if you are up for a cool, classy look, this might be your best catch on the list requiring minimum effort. This is a must recommend for all the guys looking for a short length in the hair but at the same time want some height.


3. Long Comb Over with Mid Fade

Long Comb Over with Mid Skin Fade

Much in fashion these days, this comb over accompanying mid skin fade is a hot favorite amongst boys. The style is classy and sleek but requires high maintenance. The use of wax or gel is required to keep the comb-over in place and to add texture to it.

In order to achieve this style start by blow drying the hair backward, and then slicking them back with the help of a comb. Once done run gel through the locks to put the style in place.


4. Quiff 

medium skin fade haircut with quiff

Have the mass in the center and a short length on the sides with this cool hairstyle on the list. This mid skin fade haircut is perfect for medium length hair and perfect for guys looking for a super cool look.

However, the hairstyle requires styling at your part with some gel or wax and perhaps frequent visits to the barber too. This style is versatile in the sense that it allows you to fashion the quiff the way you want, high low or medium length, it’s for anyone and everyone.


5. Mid Drop Fade

Guy with Mid Skin Fade Haircut

This trendy variation to the classic fade is our personal favorite on the list. The fade gently falls behind the ear hence the name drop fade. A pompadour or an undercut will look absolutely great with this drop fade hairstyle. Plus wouldn’t require much maintenance at your part! So try on this style this season and rock the look your way.


6. Low Skin Fade with Line Up

Another unique entry on the list is the medium skin fade with a lineup. Line ups are cool and add a little originality to the style. You can have our own custom made one, or simply follow some celebrities from the sports world to get one.

The lineup broadens the natural part of the hair enhancing the ponytail look for a unique vibe. This hairstyle is suited to all hair types and all face cuts, therefore, offers a wide range of styles to choose from.


7. Medium Fade with Pompadour

mid skin fade with pompadour

Another popular style on the list is the pompadour. Quite similar to a mohawk, the pompadour offers a greater number of styling options to it. You get to style the top mass the way you like therefore you will require a number of styling products to do that. But the end result is worth it so you better give it a try.


8. Hard Part Hair

This medium skin fade hairstyle will require some ultra precision by your barber. Doing a fade with a razor is definitely a talent but the outcome is to live for. The mid razor fade can be enjoyed with the hairstyle that is usually messed bed head look.

Add a little texture to the hair by applying wax and running your fingers through the hair. So go choose a professional hairdresser in order to achieve this style and rock it with the bed hair look.


9. Tapered Crew Cut

Textured Crew Cut with Mid Skin Fade

A crew cut never gets old! This short, military-style haircut can be accentuated by means of amalgamating it with a mid skin fade on the sides. It’s ideal for men wanting short prim hair without much maintenance.

Plus you can style it too in a number of ways using some good pomade or wax. A medium to strong hold pomade will do for a textured shiny look. For a natural feel, try using a low shine matte product.


10. Two Braids

Mid Skin Fade with Braided Sides

When you have seen every other style on the list, why miss out on the, oh so cool one? If you are willing to try a rogue look this long hairstyle with skin mid fade is the perfect style for you!

The man braids on the style coupled with the mid fade give you the unique vibe you have been looking for. We do recommend using styling gel for the look to make sure everything stays in place!


All in all, when looking for a bald fade, you will find yourself with a style giving you short sides, but long middle and top that is a ‘mid skin fade”! And it can be styled by the ways mentioned earlier.