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7 Lively Brown Hair with Red Underneath Ideas

Hair coloring brought about a revolution to hair styling when it was first introduced. If you are a fan of brown hair but also want to try red, then brown hair on top and red color beneath can be an awesome option to try. Such unique hair coloring is the go-to option for most people when they want a change in style.


Brown Hair with Red Underneath

The red color is synonymous with a bold statement. It is out there to be shown, and at the same time exuberates class. When it is paired up with brown hair, it makes it a much more versatile option. Let us check out 7 different hairstyles of brown hair with red underneath.

1. Long and Straight

long brown hair with red underneath

The hairstyle gives a bold yet fashionable look which anyone can easily pull off with any outfit.

Ideal For: The hairstyle is ideal for a woman who prefers a simple hairstyle and an elegant look. It offers a diverse range of choices with hairstyles. You can experiment with different styles where the red is either seen prominently or subtly.

You can style it differently for formal as well as casual. The red highlights underneath the brown hair help you pull off any kind of look with elegance and confidence.

How to style:  It is a very simple style to pull off. You can use either style it for a formal event with a simple ponytail or a braid. You can put a messy bun style to show the red and brown color together.


2. Wavy Brown Hair with Stripes of Red

wavy brown hair with red underneath

The hairstyle gives women a look that is elegant and at the same time trendy.

Ideal For: It is ideal for a woman who wants business as well as casual hairstyle. The wavy brown hairstyle with red underneath gives a great first impression. A good hairstyle is key for a great impression. It can be a versatile all-season hairstyle.

The hair is suitable for both long and medium length hair. It requires proper maintenance and hair care to make it look good. The gold stripes make the hair an enhanced look.

How to style:  For a formal business look you can either leave it open or put up a ponytail. The curvy messy look makes for a great casual look.


3. Asymmetric Bob with Red Color

short bob with red underneath

This type of hairstyle will give you a more sophisticated look that brings out the defined face shape that you might have.

Ideal for: This hairstyle is ideal for a teenage or middle-aged woman. It gives an edgy modernistic look to the woman. It suits short and tall woman alike. Due to its short Length, it is much easier to maintain and pull off. The red color under the brown hair adds a new dimension to the movement of the hair.

How to style: Due to its short length and edgy styling, it doesn’t need much of after work.


4. Dark Brown Curly Hair with Red Ends

dark brown hair with red underneath

This is one of the lowest maintenance hairstyles for everyday working women. You can easily put a ponytail, tie a bun or braid it. You can rock it to a work day or a party night. The subtle hints of red give it a touch of edginess but are not on your face. This style of hair is easy to maintain and style.

Ideal for: The hairstyle will suit women who are of average height.

How to style: Just neatly comb it, put up a ponytail and walk in confidence.


5. Long Straightened Dark Brown Hair with Red Coloring

Long Straightened Dark Brown Hair with Red Coloring

The woman is sporting a long straightened dark brown hair with red coloring underneath. Long straight hair is something that most women wish for. This hairstyle is a clear winning combination of long straight dark brown hair and the racy red color added to it.

Ideal for: The hairstyle is ideal for women who have naturally straight hair of long length.

How to style: Use the best flat iron you have to achieve the long and silky hair. The Red color hair makes it edgy and stands out.


6. Dark Brown Hair with Subtle Hints of Red

dark straight brown hair with red underneath

Dark ebony brown and red are a killer color combination. The vibrancy that red brings to the darkness compliments the brown. Meanwhile, it is pretty easy to maintain it too. The right hair care routine and products will do the trick.

Ideal for: The hairstyle is more suitable for women who have an angular face structure.

How to style: Style your hair in such a way that the subtle hint of red hair highlights compliments the brown. You can experiment with this kind of hairstyle.


7. Waves Throughout

curly brown hair with red underneath

The best part about this wavy brown hair with red beneath is its simplicity. The hairstyle is uncomplicated and can be experimented with at the same time. The increasing density of the red color gives it an attractive aesthetic. The whole look really comes alive with the curls.

Ideal for: For people who have a round face shape or who are of medium length, the hairstyle would be a perfect match.

How to style: Use a curling iron in a safe heat to create perfect curls. A relaxed tousled curl look will suit it best.