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35 Tempting Edgy Short Haircuts for Women [2024]

Having a dramatically short crop is a big decision and not one that you can come back easily from if you don’t like it. The good news is that there is a plethora of fab and funky edgy styles available so you can choose with ease and be certain that your decision will make your tresses the envy of everyone!

short edgy haircuts for women

While short hair is often easier to style day-to-day, it doesn’t mean that looking after your locks should be any less important than those who have long and flowing follicles.

There are however slight differences in how to care for shorter hair, so here is a rundown on the do’s and don’ts!


How To Look After Edgy Short Haircuts

  • Calm It With The Comb

Whilst brushing is great for stimulating the production of natural oils in the scalp, overbrushing is very bad for the hair. Luckily if you have short cropped hair then you will find it is less prone to tangle.

When possible, put down the brush and use your fingers to style and add volume at the roots. Your hair will thank you for it.

  • Beat The Heat

With a clever chop, you will likely find you are in less need of heated styling tools. There will be occasions when you sleep awkwardly and wake up with odd kinks and curls, but where possible, give your head a break from the heat. You may very likely achieve the same results by using appropriate styling products or teasing with your fingers.

  • Chop It!

With short hair, when it grows you know! This means that if you want to keep on top of your look then you need to keep on top of your hairdresser’s appointments. So, if you want to maintain your choppy locks then you may need to have a trim as often as every 3 weeks!

  • Keep It Clean

It may seem surprising but short hair actually requires more frequent washing than long, as it is inclined to become greasy. With a short ‘do being more prone to dirt, you are encouraged to wash your hair more often. Use conditioning treatments to stop the hair drying out and rinse your hair using water that is as cool as you can handle to enhance shine.

So, if you’re after flattering and flirty, the perfect pixie or short and sassy we’ve got them all covered.


Amazing Short Edgy Hairstyles for Women

If you are considering a short hairstyle but not sure what style will suit your hair type or face shape, then have a look through the following 35 on-trend short edgy haircuts for inspiration and speak to a good stylist who can provide top tips for your tresses.

1. Bright Red Bald Fade

short edgy red haircut with fade

Put some life back into your short hair with an edgy long pixie that boats thick waves and a super punk bald fade. The bright red color is great for energetic personalities, but a soft color would be gorgeous too!


2. Silver Layered Pixie

short silver edgy pixie

Show the world your silver fox side with a sultry silver pixie cut! The short layers ensure the top has the most length, which means you can play with texture by just scrunching in hair product.


3. Cornrow Braids and Natural Hair

short edgy hairstyle for black women

For women of color with afro-textured hair or very curly hair, you can edge it up by adding some cornrow braids to one side. Play with their direction by braiding in zig zags or waves. You can also consider adding a rich caramel color to hair.


4. Choppy Ombre Hair

short edgy shag haircut for women

This short haircut is packed with edge – from the blonde ombre to the choppy short layers at the crown that allow for cropped bangs! This cut is ideal for women with short straight hair. 


5. Buzz Cut

very short edgy haircut for women

Flirty but edgy is all anyone will be thinking when they see your gorgeous light pink buzz cut! It doesn’t get any more low maintenance than this short style! 


6. Angled Bob with Side Bangs

short edgy hair for older women

We’re feeling some 80s vibes with this angled bob! Again we see short layers taken to new heights with the help of hair teasing. Make your edgy short haircut the star of the show with a cute side bang and a hot hair color, like classic light blonde.


7. Colorful Half Bowl Cut

colorful short edgy haircuts

The vintage bowl cut gets an update with bright edgy colors and a blunt cut on just the front half of the hair. The haircut stays short by stopping at the neckline. For a polished look, opt for smooth straight locks.


8. Curly Updo with Magenta Highlights

short edgy hairstyle with highlights

We don’t think short hair has ever been more gorgeous than this curly updo featuring rich magenta highlighting. While magenta and pink are traditionally feminine colors, when paired with dark hair, short hair becomes instantly edgy.


9. Feathered Pixie

women's edgy haircut

If you’re a woman with light or pale skin tone, you can effortlessly flaunt a light blonde hair color. Try it on a cute short pixie haircut featuring feathered layers. The feathering technique will give hair built-in texture and take the weight off!


10. Choppy Bangs with Long Back

short edgy haircut for thin hair

If you aren’t opposed to an unusual and uneven short haircut, go with this edgy mix of pixie cut with long tendrils in back. The front features choppy bangs, and the dark purple color is a flattering shade for all skin tones.


11. Asymmetrical Cut

asymmetrical edgy hairstyle for short hair

If you’re looking for an edgy short haircut then an asymmetrical style can look trendy and very cool regardless of the length. This style has some serious attitude with its choppy layers and stacking at the back. Not to mention that cute graduated fringe. The long layer will also look very cool casually pinned back from the face.


12. Shaved Side

edgy short haircut with shaved side

This is a very trendy and decidedly fierce hairdo. With the dramatic side part, tousled icy colored hair and shaved side, the darker roots make for a great contrast. This look would be great either styled poker straight, in relaxed waxes or with big bold curls. This hairstyle shows that short crops don’t mean that hair cannot be versatile.

Brilliant Half-Shaved Head Hairstyles for Girls


13. Long Top Pixie

edgy pixie cut for short hair

A cute pixie cut is always an adorable look but sometimes a super short cut is not for everyone. If you’re looking a short edgy haircut but you would still prefer some length or are looking for a cut while growing out your short hair then consider a longer style across the crown of the head, a relaxed fringe and dynamic sideburns.


14. Punk Crop

short edgy haircut for women

Shaved sections are a clever and instant way to add some drama. This is a slick, unique and quirky way to offset the shaved temple against an otherwise simple and almost conservative crop. Try adding further subtle edgy notes with clever color choices such as this electric blue hue.


15. Choppy Crop


short edgy choppy crop hairstyle

This super sharp cut coupled with a tousled and slightly messy style is perfect for anyone with dainty features or a petite face. By adding a pomade or wax to the lengths of the hair, you can very easily achieve a choppy and dynamic look.


16. Everlasting Style

This skyscraping do is ideal for women of any age who likes to live life on the edge.

The bold super short sides and towering quiff looks perfect in a frosty platinum blonde color. Easy to maintain – this short edgy hairstyle is a timeless and classic crop.


17. Bold Color

colored short edgy haircut

Adding bold panels of color to short hair is a great way to mix things up. Especially if you have a style, like this, with a thick and dense fringe section. By feathering the hair and thinning it out, before adding splashes of bold color, you can keep the length without it looking too heavy.

Plus, the color options are endless, so you can make your short haircuts with edge look as demure or punk as you like.


18. Bed Head

This two-tone trim edgy short haircut is utterly exquisite. If you’re looking for the ultimate quirky short haircut, then look no further! By having the ends cut into a choppy pixie crop and using a wax or pomade to ruffle the ends, you can achieve a very easy and very strong and dramatic style.


19. Blunt Back

 Blunt short hairstyles

With a long-layered side fringe framing the face, this crop is all that more edgy and unique with the blunt and choppy sharp shaping around the nape of the neck. It adds a lovely sense of unusual structure and drama, and it enhances the volume at the crown.


20. Platinum Pixie Crop

platinum short pixie crop

Not everyone can pull off such a short and funky style – but those who can do it with aplomb! This crop takes women’s short edgy hairstyles to the max! By styling the top of the hair up by blow drying or using a styling product, you can add texture and have a very chic look in next to no time!


21. Faux Hawk Hottie

A full-on mohawk can be a big and bold move. If you are looking for something more mainstream but still want a short edgy haircut then a softer looking faux hawk could be the answer you’re looking for.


22. Pokey Pixie

spiky short hair for women

Perfect for dainty and small faces, the pixie cut is a perfect pick for fine hair in need of a boost. By keeping the top longer, you can blow dry it up for added volume, definition and drama.


23. Caramel Coloring

You don’t have to have crazy avant-garde coloring to achieve a short edgy haircut. This choppy crop is longer around the front and ears than at the back, with the clever choice of caramel coloring adding movement and volume at the roots and tips.


24. Versatile Vixen

This hairdo is almost a cross between a mohawk and a shaved-side hairstyle but what is appealing about it is its versatility. Despite there being very little hair remaining, you can still style to the side, create a dramatic fringe or go for a colossal quiff.


25. Cheeky Crop

short edgy crop haircut for women

This look is very feminine but with a modern and edgy air. A very low maintenance cut which is achieved by adding highly defined layers with a razor. The slight sweeping fringe and defined sideburns add to the over chic sense of simplicity.


26. Sleek and Sophisticated

With most short hairstyles with edgy end involving choppy and trendy layering, it is easy to forget that sleek and smooth also has it places too. This incredible style features a shaved side and rear along with a structured hairline.

It is set off by that ebony fringe that starts far back at the crown of the head and swoops to cover the face. This look can really only be successful with hyper-glossy hair in a bold color.


27. Young at Heart

Older women do not have to settle for old-fashioned styles. Go bold with an edgy bob or have fun with an asymmetrical fringe – the options available to you are very vast! But make sure you wear your hair with pride!

Short Hairstyles for Older Women


28. Flick

edgy short hairstyles for women

Creating clever and flirty flicks in hair does take a little bit of work but starting with a clever cut will help you massively. By blow drying the roots and backcombing for volume, you can create a billowing and energetic swooping waved fringe which is all out drama!


29. Side Bangs

Hip and edgy, this choppy crop with asymmetrical bangs is not only an easy look for anyone who wants a low maintenance style but perfect for those with very fine and sometimes lank hair who is after more shape and body.

Long Bob with Side Bangs Hairstyles


30. Fashion Forward

edgy short haircuts for women

These brushed forward bangs may not be for everyone, but they certainly are a statement. With this short edgy hairstyle for women, there is no hiding with it being such a unique and quirky look so be sure of your decision before taking the plunge.


31. Bespoke Beauty

Bespoke women's short haircut

If an asymmetrical bob is a little too mainstream for you then perhaps you would favor a hairstyle that abandons all the rules! This ‘do is utterly unconventional with its haphazard ends and bespoke coloring.


32. Two in One!

Two in One! short hairstyles

This is a great two-in-one women’s short haircut! The shaved side allows for a highly dramatic side parting of cascading and colorful curls. If you are looking for something more conventional then the hair can be parted in the center and worn to cover up the shaved side.

If you have an edgy underhand alter-ego, then this could be the perfect ‘do for you.


33. Blunt and Beautiful

Blunt and Beautiful women's short hairstyle

You don’t have to plump for this color palette if you want this cut – it looks super edgy either way! The blunt bangs frame the face beautifully and the short sharp crop can help frame a long face. Slight feathering around the cheeks softens the look a little but it still packs a punch!


34. Pretty in Pink

short edgy pink hairstyle

A mid-length bob is flattering for a variety of face shapes and a great choice for those who like to vary the daily style of their hair. With a very subtle asymmetrical cut and very fine layers, this look is set off by the relaxed curls and perfectly pretty pink palette. A perfectly dainty but still short edgy haircut for women.


35. Braided Bob

edgy short bob with braids

This is a dreamy and feminine look but with an edgy twist. By maintaining the length at the front, it adds versatility for styling, but the chopped layers and tapered back is perfect for that quirky twist.

This edgy short look is perfect worn poker straight or slightly shaggy for a more relaxed style.