7 Pompadour Styles for Women to Try Without Any Doubt

Getting a pompadour for women is a great way to express uniqueness and boldness! A pompadour gives off strong and fierce vibes, that will make you look stunning and bring a sort of positive energy around you!

With celebrities like Rihanna rocking the pompadour style, it’s time you try one out yourself too! So, keep reading to find out more about the trendiest pompadour styles for women!


How to Style Pompadour for Long Hair

Pompadour with Long Hair for Women

If you’re wondering that pompadour hairstyles are only for women with short hair, then let me correct you right there! Women with long hair can also make pompadours! The tutorial below will teach you how to make a female pompadour if you have long hair:

  • You need to part your hair into three parts. The first part is the middle section of the front of your hair. Tie this part and then part the rest of your hair into three parts, one on each side, and the other one at the back.
  • Add some hairspray to the sides and then bring them back and put clips on them to make sure that they stay flat against your head’s surface. Repeat this on each side.
  • Next, open the mid-front section and then divide it into two parts, one at the front, and one at the back. Start back-combing the back part, and the proceed to back-comb the front part.
  • After that, use a comb and hairspray to set it so that the hair is raised and then tie the ends at the back.
  • With the hair that’s remaining at the back, you can bring it forward and hide it under the pompadour or you can style it however you want!


Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Do Pompadour Updo for Women


Trendiest Pompadour Styles for Women

Following are the 7 trendiest pompadour female styles that you will see trending this year.

1. Rihanna’s Blonde Haired Pompadour

pompadour for women

This women pompadour style will make you look like a queen! It’s incredibly stunning and looks great! To achieve this pompadour for females, you might need to get a special haircut. The dyed hair also adds to the glory of the pompadour!


2. Voluminous Pompadour for Long Hair

Voluminous Pompadour for Long Hair

This fabulous pompadour for females is a great way to style your hair for any upcoming formal event! It will make you stand out and look absolutely gorgeous. A pompadour is a great way to get a fancy hairstyle while keeping your hair out of your face!


3. Half-Shaved Head Pompadour

Women with Side-Shaved Pompadour

This pompadour hairstyle for women looks absolutely stunning! It’s a bold hairstyle that gives strong, independent vibes! If you have a chubby face, then you should definitely try getting this pompadour because it makes your face look less chubby. The shaved sides make a strong contrast with the pompadour, giving a bold and gorgeous look!


4. Short Thick Wavy Hair with Pompadour

Wavy Female Pompadour

Rihanna is no doubt the Queen of Pompadours! Rocking this amazing pompadour, she has given inspiration and a style for everyone to follow. This stunning pompadour, especially with the dyed hair, gives chic and classy vibes! If you’re looking for a new and unique hairstyle to try out, you should definitely give this wavy, side pompadour for women a try!


5. Protruding Pompadour

pompadour for black women

This protruding pompadour style for females is a great way to catch some attention! (In a good way, of course!) This women’s pompadour style gives a classy, bold look and it’s a great hairstyle for you if you’re interested in trying something new that would look stunning too!

For all the curly girls out there, pompadours look great on curly hair as well!


6. Pompadour Low Ponytail

pompadour ponytail for women

A pompadour ponytail makes you look great and it keeps your hair off your face too! This pompadour female style is a great way to style your hair for any event!


7. Curly Pompadour

Curly Pompadour for Women

This curly pompadour for women is a great way to style short curly hair that’s unruly! The pompadour looks amazing and is great for all types of events! This hairstyle is also pretty easy to make. All you need is the right haircut and some gel and hairspray, and you’re good to go!


FAQs on Female Pompadour Styles

Q. Can you try a pompadour style with a pixie haircut?

Ans: Yes, you can definitely try a pompadour style with a pixie haircut. The picture below shows one!


Q. Pompadour or quiff, which is more suitable for women?

Ans: Both types of styles suit women, but the pompadour style gives a more glamorous and feminine look, so a pompadour is more suitable for women!


The pompadour is a great way for women to style their hair and look flawless! There are many celebrities out there who have styled their pompadour in a very chic and fashionable way! Therefore, a pompadour female style is a great style to consider because it makes you look bold and stunning!