12 Flattering Straight Bob Hairstyles for Women

A straight bob haircut can be a challenging one to style but there are many ways in which you can style it to fit any mood or suit any look you want to achieve. Carrying off a bob is a lot harder than having long tresses and that is because you need to keep in mind, your facial structure. The shape of your face and the outline your cheekbones give play a major role in determining the success of any haircut but most important for the straight cut bob.

Many women with straight hair bob often have fine hair. You need to be more careful in styling fine hair because one wrong move could make your hair look thinner than usual and lifeless. Adding more volume to your hair should be the primary aim if you have fine hair.


How to Style Straight Bob with Fine Hair

straight bob for fine hair

Maintaining sleek bobs with straight hair are all the rage this season and totally convenient if you naturally have fine hair. Straight hair shows highlights more prominently than curly hair and that is an advantage that you can use to any extent. For regular styling, you could stick to straightening your entire hair’s length without curling it at the bottom.

The sharp and straight look is definitely a lot trendier than incorporating a curl at the end. If you have medium layered hair then you can go for a slight outward curl for each layer while keeping the rest of your hair straight. If your hair is naturally straight then you can experiment with different lengths of bobs or lobs.

Use serums and products that help in making the hair look denser in volume and avoid going for gels and serums that give your hair a super sleek oily look. Another trend that is a rage off –late is to get multidimensional hair color done in such a way that only when a certain part of the bob is lifted into a ponytail or a mini bun, the color is seen. However, this trend is best left to be achieved through a professional.


Gorgeous Straight Bob Hairstyles

If you are reading this, chances are you are thinking of a straight bob or you already have one. And if that is the case, we’d like to bring to you some of the best hairstyles for a straight hair bob cut.

1.  Classic Bob

sleek straight bob for women

You can never go wrong with this haircut. Go for something as simple as mid-parted hair to flaunt this straight bob cut on a daily basis. Gwyneth Paltrow pulled off this hairstyle without an effort and that is all this hairstyle is about-being effortlessly charming.


2. Simple Asian Inspired Bob

straight bob hairstyles for women

This hairstyle is all about the classic bob and nothing more. No matter what your face structure is, the bob that falls around the face with bangs on the front give away to a neat and smooth look. Hair that is cut to the perfect length and falls strikingly even above your shoulders is what signifies this look.


3. Short Bob with Side Bangs

Short Bob with Side Bangs

Fringe bangs may not be everybody’s cup of tea but side bangs are. This beautiful straight bob is every woman’s go-to hairstyle when it comes to maintaining short locks. Use adequate styling serums that will help retain the texture of your hair and prevent your bob from being ruined by the wind. But then again, make sure the product doesn’t make your hair stick to one another.


4. Side Swept Bangs with Bob

straight bob with bangs

This one is a straight long bob that lets you wear a ponytail when the need arises without having to panic that your hair is too short to be tied up. Featuring hair that is left out on either side of the face with one being a little higher than the other. Long bob with side bangs doubles the attraction factor for this hairstyle. Additionally, you could secure your bangs over the centre of your head to create a puff in the front.


5. Coloured Asymmetric Straight Bob

Women with Asymmetric Straight Bob

Nothing says “diva” like the asymmetrical bob does. This look is distinctly more side swept to accommodate the prominent asymmetric hair length. This hair cut is best suited for colored hair as it adds more appeal to your face along with the hair. If you have a square or round face, it’s best to reconsider this asymmetric bob cut on straight hair.


6. The Helmet Bob

Imagine straight hair with multiple layers and all the layers colliding into one another mid-length of the straight cut bob to increase the volume of the hair. This is the helmet bob for you. It’s cute, flirty and perfect if you prefer that your bob ends parallel to your chin level.


7. Layered Bob

layered bob for straight hair

What can make a high low bob more attractive than a lot of sharp layers? This haircut gives more room to just go for easy half up half down hairstyle, not to mention how it beautifully falls right above the nape of your neck while the front portion falls below your chin. This straight cut bob is perfect for women who like to keep things a little out of order.


8. Razer Sharp Bob

Featuring a super long fringe starting from close to the crown of the head, this straight bob is ideally suitable for women with small faces and sharp features. The haircut is totally functional and is a lot shorter as it ends a little above the chin level.


9. Summer Pixie-Bob

Looking for something that keeps hair away from your shoulders and neck? Then this super close pixie cut straight hair bob is your answer. Featuring a soft fringe in the front but very little of your locks at the back of your hair, this haircut is simply badass! You can choose from a wide variety of undercuts too if you prefer.


10. Super Straight Bob

Straight Bob for black women

Particularly attractive on women with black hair, this blunt lob haircut boasts of precisely straight even ends and extremely straight locks.


11. Crown Braid Bob

straight crown bob for women

Start braiding from one end and let your braid end at the other side freely, looking like your own tiara. This straight bob hairstyle is particularly suitable for women with colored hair and highlights that are not the usual colors. Helps show off your color and add more beauty to your bob.


12.  Medium Bob with Bangs

straight bob hairstyles

Straight hair gives women an amazing chance to wear a classic bob on straight hair with middle parted bangs. Such a cut always looks very neat and makes a great impression. This the best style to wear to the interview or a first date. Nothing outrageous, just the classics.


Bob Vs Lob– The Debate

Bob Vs Lob

Women have been fighting for ages about which bob is the prettier one. The lob is when the hair length is a little longer, ending right above the shoulders whereas the bob is a shorter one that ends a little below the jaw-level or above.

Whether you want the lob or the bob is totally a matter of your own convenience. If you are someone who likes to keep their hair tied back and not falling on the face at times, a lob is a better option as the length allows you to secure your hair with a hair tie.

The bob, on the other hand, is great for women who want to show off their precious locks but don’t want it to look any longer. On the whole, both the lob and the bob are things that are the best decision based on what is more convenient. A lob allows you to experiment with hairstyles such as braids and buns on the hair whereas the bob hardly ever allows you to enjoy the same way.


If you are thinking of cutting your hair short, then going for a straight bob haircut is your answer. However, take a look at the available highlights and hair colors to decide on what you want your style to be like. Towards the end of the day, it’s all about what you want to look like.