25 Blonde Hairstyles for Girls with Brown Eyes

Most of the world’s population has brown eyes. That’s why choosing the right blonde hairstyles for girls with brown eyes is easy. However, not everyone knows where to start, especially if they never had to deal with blonde shades before.

Brown-eyed girls usually have dark hair. The lightest natural hair color for girls with brown hair is dark blonde. Most of the blonde hair shades are suitable for women with brown eyes. However, there are some hues that suit them the best. It all depends on your skin tone and the natural hair color.

blonde hairstyle for women with brown eyes


Best Blonde Hairstyles for Girls With Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes and are thinking about a blonde hairstyle, you are on the right track. Blonde hair is a fail-safe choice. However, there are dozens of blonde shades available for women today. You need to choose the right one for your eyes, skin tone, and hair type. If you have light skin tone, you can go for such lighter blonde hues as strawberry or platinum.

Women with olive skin might want to take advantage of honey and golden blonde. In reality, there is no general rule. You should listen to whatever your fashion sense is telling you. Below are 25 blonde hairstyles that are perfect for teen girls with brown eyes.

1. Medium Blonde


Medium blonde hair color is hard to make a mistake with. If you have light skin and brown eyes, this option is a wonderful choice for you. You can even create a few darker highlights to diversify the appearance.


2. Ash Blonde


Girls with darker skin tones can appreciate the ash blonde hues. This blonde hairstyle looks wonderful with any eye color, be it blue or brown. But brown eyes give the overall image more intensity.


3. Dark Blonde


Dark blonde hair color is a good choice for girls with brown eyes since it looks very natural. The darker the blonde shade you choose, the easier it can be to deal with the dark roots. It takes some hassle out of hair maintenance.


4. Blonde Top Brown Underneath


Girls with brown eyes should have fun with all types of blonde hairstyles, including various dyeing techniques. Creating blonde highlights on brown hair as a wonderful way to change your image.

Blonde Hairstyles With Lowlights


5. Malibu Blonde


This soft and appealing hair color is perfect for women with olive skin and brown eyes. You have to be careful about maintaining the shade since it easily washes out from the dark locks. But it looks truly fantastic.