1920s Hairstyles for Long Hair: 10 Styling Ideas

In the 1920s, hairstyles for long hair involved curls, ringlets, waves, and many decorations such as pearls, headbands, or feathers. These years represent a great transition for women in fashion thanks to their hairstyles, attitude, and behavior.

The 1920s era gives us the well-known flapper girls: young women who wore short dresses (for those times, a skirt that covered the knees was very short), excessive makeup, and exquisite hairdos.


Long Hairstyles Inspired from 1920s

If we go deeper into these 1920s long hairstyles, we’ll discover women’s necessity to build pitch-perfect trendy hairdos that have volume or coiffures with various hair decorations such as hair rolls or braids. If you want to catch a glimpse of these evergreen hairstyles, get your inspiration out of the examples below. 

1. Layered Wavy Hair

1920s long flapper girl hairstyle

A long flapper girl hairstyle also uses decorations such as headbands made of lace or sequin applications. Feathers were most of the time attached on one side, and the hair loosely curled


2. Brown Long Waves

1920s wavy long hairstyle

Brush your hair and use a thermal serum that provides heat protection to your strands. Use a thick wand and roll your strands on the curler, using small sections. Once you are done, brush the hair with a big tooth comb. Also, tease the roots to get more volume for your 1920s wavy long hairstyle. Use hair clips to define the waves, apply some spray, and let them set for a while. 


3. Blonde Waves and Curls

Use a red headband for your 1920s long curly hairstyle and, in the back of the head, build waves and curls that you will beautifully gather in a tucked-in covered bun. On top of the head, create some hair rolls and secure them with bobby pins.  


4. 1920s Hollywood Finger Waves

In the 1920s, long hairstyles with finger waves were trendy, and all women pulled them off each time they appeared in public, at mindblowing parties or events. These years are all about the glam, the perfectly shaped waves that are quite challenging when it comes to styling.


5. Wavy Long Tresses

In the 1920s, long curly hairstyles were a must, and if you want to recreate one of the coiffures that marked that period, we recommend you to start with something simple. You can use a triple iron to get the waves presented above or, if you don’t want to use heated devices, braid your hair overnight. Also, don’t forget about the jeweled headband. 


6. Buns and Rolls

This long updo hairstyle has several elements that you need to build. On one side, use small hair sections to make some rolls, while at the nape, you style a bun. To give the bun some volume, you can even use a sponge that will be entirely covered with hair, forming the shape. Add some bobby pins to set the whole updo and a fabulous headband.


7. 1920s Wedding Hairstyle

A wedding hairstyle like this gives the roots a lot of height, creating a gorgeous wave at the top. Tease the hair before you place the headband and in the back, build a big curly detailed bun. Also, don’t forget that red lips are a must!


8. Braided Bun

Even in the 1920s, long hairstyles with braids were highly fashionable, whether women used them only to decorate their hairdos or to create elaborate hairstyles. Decorations such as comb applications can be often used to get that elegant vibe. 


9. Intricate Curly Hairstyle

Use the top and the fringe to side sweep them into hair rolls. Curl the rest of the hair, and build a glamorous construct in the back. Use bobby pins to guide the shape and create more hair rolls to give the hairstyle a detailed look. 


10. Finger Waves with Rhinestone Jewelry

This hairstyle is not only about the finger waves that have to look glorious, but also about the mindblowing rhinestone decoration placed on top of the head. Even if you might think the application gets all the attention, the side waves give the hairstyle an elegant touch. 


Long hairstyles from the 1920s are not low maintenance, and they require some practice before you perfectly nail the finger waves and curls specific to this fashion trend. If you want the coiffure to be a real success, make sure you have clips, bobby pins, a wand, and some setting spray before you start.