35 Incredible Bald Hairstyles for Women

Whether you want to experiment with a shorter hairstyle or you just want a new bad, bold look, there are a multitude of bald hairstyles for women just waiting for you to try.


Buzzed Bald Hairstyles

Buzzed pixies close to the face flatter an oval or round face while shaggier pixies with more texture do better on square and heart-shaped faces. The best part is they are all low maintenance so can spend more time on other things!

For 35 ways to style bald hairstyles, scroll through the unique looks below!


bald hairstyle for women



bald hair mohawk



bald hairstyle with hard part







6. Cropped Pixie with Fade

A brunette cropped pixie with buzzed sides is cooler for those warm summer months. Play up color with a blonde streak for flair.


7. Buzzed Black Hair

A black buzz cut with the same length all over can be edgy or feminine, depending on what you wear with it. A pink lip and dangle earrings will bring out your girly side while a smokey eye makes it punk.


8. Lime Green Buzz Cut

Lime green is an eclectic color for any short haircut. Shape the widow’s peak to be pointed for punk vibes – touch ups will be minimal.


9. Platinum Textured Pixie

On both dark and light skin, choose platinum for a flattering color. When your hair is this short, use texture creme to manipulate hairs into a wavy or messy style.


10. Buzzed Blondie with Wavy Lines

Frost the tips of a short haircut with blonde while keeping the base dark. For detailed sides, have your stylist shave in waves or line designs.


Bald Hairstyles for Black Women


bald hairstyle for black women



bald hairstyle with design




bald hairstyle with design




bald hairstyle for afro women




bald hairstyle for women



16. Wavy Red Pixie

When you go with a bold red pixie, tint the eyebrows to match. Again, use hair creme to get a textured feel while keeping edges at the forehead choppy.


17. Super Short Hairstyle for Balding Black Women

A bold super short haircut like this shows everyone you’re comfortable in your skin. It also best flatters oval and round faces.


18. Platinum Blonde with Hard Part

Platinum blonde will show off your brown eyes and caramel skin. To get dimension, shave in a hard part that’s just wide enough to notice.


19. Blonde Finger Waves

The classic 20s finger wave style looks best when kept short, so try it when your hair is at least two inches. The whole style will last about 2-3 days.


20. Bald with Lined Details

Another option for when hair is close to bald and you want a little detail is shaving in this zig zag on one side. It’s less maintenance than having two detailed sides and still gets all the looks.


Bald Fade for Women

21. Blonde Pixie and Undercut

Want to keep some of your length? A long blonde pixie with a fade and undercut is the best of both worlds. Shape the top into a mohawk and add major detail to sides for all the edge.


22. Finger Waves and Hard Part

On a finger wave hairstyle, shape up sides to a bald fade and shave in a hard part that aligns with your eyebrow. This rounds out your head shape beautifully.


23. Bowl Cut and Bald Fade

The bowl cut is typically a man’s hairstyle, but give it an edgy feminine take with a pop of pink, high fade, and wavy texture.


24. Pink Buzz Cut with Fade

A peppy pink covers a buzz cut, keeping the style flirty while paired with a punk bald fade and undercut. This wake-up-and-go look is super low maintenance yet stylish.


25. Spiky Pixie and Undercut

Short spiky yellow hair tops this style. A shaved curved line details the undercut, making this look far from plain. Use fingers to apply and shape texture creme for this piecey pixie.


Thin Balding Hairstyle for Women

26. Messy Platinum Pixie

For thinning or fine hair, platinum or a very light blonde messy pixie is just the color to soften and distract. All you need to finish this style is a spritz of hairspray.


27. Buzzed Pixie


28. Long Pixie with Shaved Sides


29. Shaved Pixie for Oval Face


30. Blonde Flat-top Pixie


Dyed Hairstyle for Balding Women

31. Spotted Buzzed Pixie

dyed hairstyle for balding women



32. Copper Pixie with Pointed Sides


33. Shaved Ombre Cut


34. Two-Tone Futuristic Cut


35. Green Buzz Cut for Oval Face


These 35 bald women’s hairstyles come with no shortage of style. Choose a closely shaved cut or a smooth pixie for oval faces, and bald hairstyles with a bit more length for square and heart shapes. Any style will stun with the best combination of edge and softness.