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23 Best Hair Color Ideas for Olive Skin and Green Eyes (2024 Trends)

The best colors for olive skin and green eyes are those that highlight the golden specks in your eyes. When choosing the nuance to dye your hair, staying away from the platinum blonde and anything ashy is ideal. These will not suit your complexion, but there are other options that will, so let’s discover them below!


Delightful Hair Colors For Olive Skin and Green Eyes

The best hair colors for olive skin and green eyes include red-based nuances like copper, cherry, dark burgundy, brick red, autumn shades, and many more others. Also, there are many others from the brown spectrum that you can place on your must-try list.

You can also consider chocolate and chestnut nuances that will make your eyes pop. Also, warm golden tones are a great match for all women with olive skin and green eyes. 

To better understand how to pick the best color, check the examples below!

1. Ginger Hair

red hair color for olive skin and green eyes

When your eyes have a popping green color, you need a hairstyle that perfectly matches. Redheads are always head-turners, so if you want to join their team, this nuance is going to suit you and make you look irresistible. 


2. Light Caramel Ombre

ombre hair color for olive skin and green eyes

It is possible to bring out the warmth in your eyes literally! A light caramel ombre will highlight the golden nuances, creating a stunning look. Layer your hair and use a leave-in conditioner that shapes your great curls. 


3. Chestnut Curls

black hair color for olive skin and green eyes

When you have green eyes, a chestnut hair color will suit you like no other. It’s elegant and gives your face a perfect frame, highlighting that impressive color. Create those ideal curls with a wand and use a setting spray to maintain that shape. 


4. Layered Sandy Blonde Hair

blonde hair color for olive skin and green eyes

This very light sandy blonde nuance is one of the best hair colors for green eyes and olive skin because it moves all the attention to your spectacular glaze. To make the hairstyle pop, layer your hair, do a middle part, and use a straightening iron to style your mane. 


5. Pink And Purple Hair

pink hair color for olive skin and green eyes

While violet nuances are not your best friends when having green eyes and olive skin, purple will look fabulous if mixed with the predominant electric pink hair color. To draw more attention to your eyes, choose a pair of glasses with green grass frames. 


6. Loose Curls

grey hair color for olive skin and green eyes

Usually, platinum blonde and ashy tones are not recommended for women that have your complexion and eyes. However, in this case, makeup can help more than you think. If you really want this hair, there’s always a way to adapt it to your look. 


7. Golden Bronze

brown hair color for olive skin and green eyes

A golden-brown bronze color will make you look sunkissed each season. The hair and skin complexion matches perfectly with this shade, right? If you have a long hair, you might go for a modern approach with one-side swept bangs, layers, and straightened locks. 


8. Lavender Love

silver hair color for olive skinned older women with green eyes

Make your next big change with a dusty lavender hair shade. It is bold and soft for olive skin at the same time and requires some confidence to pull off. Add further detail with silver babylights and finish off with loose curls. Chic, without a doubt!


9. Chocolate Brown Lob

dark hair color for olive skin with green eyes

Ladies who prefer a natural appeal can opt for the darkest shade of chocolate brown from the roots to the tips. Try it with a long straight lob and loose bouncy curls. Top off with a stylish hat for a cowgirl appeal.


10. Honey Blonde Locks

golden blonde hair for olive skin and green eyes

Here is another delightful hair color idea to make those piercing green eyes and olive skin stand out. Add stripes of warm honey blonde all over the light brown base and wear the tresses loose with a simple side part. Done!


11. Icy Blue Balayage

blue hair color for olive skin and green eyes

Turn around some heads with this hairstyle. It’s bold, unique, and vibrant all at the same time. Opt for dark gray roots with icy blue streaks concentrating towards the ends and rock a messy updo for a carefree appeal.


12. Bronde Curls

brown hair for women with olive skin and green eyes

Bronde is the perfect fusion between brown and blonde hues creating a sun-kissed look. Ask the hairstylist for blonde babylights to shine through the remaining dark ashy brown locks. Add curls to make the layers stand out, and voila!


13. Vivid Teal Streaks

olive skinned women with green eyes and green hair

Nothing can go wrong with teal! Women with green eyes who don’t want to overpower their naturally dark hair shade can add vivid streaks of light teal for a pop of color on the head. Clip-in extensions can help achieve a similar effect temporarily.


14. Stunning Ombre

purple hair color for olive skin and green eyes

Purple is a versatile color with plenty of shades to choose from. Create a stunning ombre with a violet top transitioning seamlessly into a radiant orchid hue reaching the tips. This look is low-maintenance as the emerging dark roots add up to the look.


15. Auburn Glam

chestnut hair color for women with olive skin and green eyes

Bring those beautiful green eyes under the spotlight with dark auburn locks. Cover the hair in a rich reddish-brown tinge with subtle highlights and pin back the front strands with loose waves recreating the style exactly.


16. Golden Brown Tresses

walnut hair for women with olive skin and green eyes

An easy way to brighten up plain brown locks is by adding a touch of gold to them. Experiment with golden brown highlights, a balayage, or an ombre, and keep the hair loose to shine in the sun. You won’t regret it!


17. Pop of Color

red hair for olive skin with green eyes

Bold ladies with olive skin can express their wild side by dyeing their hair in the brightest hot pink hue with orange highlights while keeping the roots dark. This look is, however, high-maintenance, requiring regular touch-ups to keep the colors vibrant. 


18. Burgundy Beauty

olive skin with green eyes hair color

Although dark burgundy hair is very common, its lighter tone is sure to turn around some heads. Mix some purple with burgundy before applying it to the hair and finish off with a chic bun sitting on the top of the head.


19. Orange Hair, Don’t Care

hair color for olive skin and green eyes

Stand out from the crowd with a unique orange hair shade. Go for a bright tone or a softer one and pair it with a straight-cut lob. An added benefit is that the growing dark roots create a two-toned appeal without any effort.


20. Pastel Pink Mane

light hair color for olive skin with green eyes

All ladies love pink then why not try it on the hair too? Blonde-haired ladies can choose a pastel pink tinge and apply it directly to their hair while those with dark tresses need to bleach them first. Simply magical!


21. Hint of Purple

olive skinned girl with green eyes and magenta highlighted hair

Lighten up a boring dark mane with a hint of purple to contrast with your green eyes. Instead of going for conventional highlights add the color in patches along the length of the strands for a mystic allure and finish off with loose waves.


22. Hot Toffee Waves

brown highlights for women with olive skin and green eyes

Toffee blonde is one of the best hair colors to couple with green eyes and olive skin. Experiment with toffee highlights or a chic balayage on a medium brown base and steal the show with loose finger waves.


23. Multi-Tonal Highlights

blonde balayage for women with olive skin and green eyes

Multi-tonal highlights involve using more than one shade to highlight the hair. Add fine streaks of sandy blonde and caramel blonde to dark brown tresses creating a gorgeous mix of light, medium and dark strands.


The best colors for olive skin and green eyes include so many brown nuances, but also warm, rich blonde tones. Suiting your hair color to your complexion and eyes is not a hard thing to do, especially when you know what works for you. So, next time you want to dye your hair, consider the advice given in this article and show the world your best self.