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23 Flattering Black Cherry Hair Color Trends For 2024

Black cherry hair color is a great way to try something different from your normal brown hair color. Combining deep plum and ruby-red tones with a dark base will give your hair that subtle, rich dimension you’ve been looking for.

Luckily, it works on nearly every hair type, and its hue can be adjusted to match your specific skin tone. Read on to see the different black cherry hairstyles below you won’t want to miss.

1. Black Cherry Angled Bob

black cherry hair

Dark, bold colors look great on short bob hairstyles. To give your look a little style, go for an angled cut. Hair that is shorter in the back and longer in the front not only helps to frame the face but adds volume.

2. Beautiful Braid Crown

black cherry hair color

A fun up-do that will show off the beautiful black cherry color is a low braid crown up-do. Keep it simple by starting two braids over each ear and pinning them up into a chignon. Leave a few loose strands down to frame the face.

3. Long Bob with Side Part

dark cherry hair color for women

Rich black cherry hair color looks especially chic in a long bob style. A side part not only balances out a round or square face shape but it shows off beautiful highlights on those swooping bangs.

4. Loose and Trendy Low Bun

black cherry hair color ideas

Rock your gorgeous color with a chill bun. Whether your black cherry hair has a red, auburn, or even purple hue, a relaxed updo is perfect for situations that are both laidback and sophisticated.

5. Beachy Hair for Light Brown Eyes

black cherry hair color

Cherry black hair and light brown eyes can be very striking. Tone down your look, and add beachy tousled waves for softness and texture. This style is perfect for keeping styling to a minimum.

6. Black Cherry Ombre on Black Hair

black cherry ombre hair

Create an irresistible look with black cherry ombre hair. Ask your stylist to add two-toned highlights for rich dimension. The blend looks best on chocolate brown hair for a style that is good enough to eat!

7. Black Cherry with Copper Highlights

Babes with fair skin can sport black cherry red hair with ease. Try adding in orange or copper-colored highlights to make your red-toned black cherry hair stand out.

8. Plum Fade

Hints of purple look great and contrast with skin with warm undertones like a charm. Ask your stylist for this black cherry plum hair color and make soft waves throughout the length of your hair.

9. Deep Black Cherry

Looking for a dark black cherry hair color? If your natural color is a cool brown or black, then a deeper color is what you need. Hair should be lighter at the top of the head and fade into a deep plum shade.

10. Black Cherry and Purple Fade

black cherry and purple hair

Why not add just a touch of black cherry color into a multi-toned style? Black cherry and purple hair look great together on brunette roots. Balayage will ensure that the blend looks natural.

11. Rich and Dark

The perfect black cherry hair color on black girl will reflect the beautiful hue of your skin. This color has taken on a chocolate tone that looks especially rich on long, hydrated curls.

12. Black Cherry Highlights

Instead of an all-over look, why not go for black cherry hair highlights instead? This dark color with a ruby red base looks best on dark brunettes. Balayage highlights may take more time, but the blend will look the most natural.

13. Sleek, Straight Bob

This hair color retains more of a chocolate cherry hair color base. You can still see those hints of red, though. This beautiful color looks so great on a sleek, straight bob with blunt-cut ends.

14. Bright Burgundy Tint

Play around with different tints to suit your look best. This bright burgundy black cherry hair color looks great on pale skin and brown eyes. This reddish-purple hue is perfect for a bold personality.

15. Black Cherry on Brown Hair

black cherry cola hair

Another great inspiration for achieving this color is cherry black cola hair. Clearly designed for brunette-based locks, this red-hued hair has hints of brown, especially at the root.

16. Long and Straight

Sometimes, showing off your long cherry black hairstyle is as simple as wearing it straight and shiny. To make it feel natural, maintain a darker burgundy color at the root.

17. Naturally Curly

Show off your curly hair and wear it in a relaxed and natural style. Curls always add dimension and look especially great on brunette-based curls with a red hue. Feel free to keep things darker at the root.

18. Blended Balayage

Check out this gorgeous blend! Creating a black cherry balayage hairstyle is about having a good eye for painting highlights on the outermost layers of the hair. Keep your tone cool so the cherry color blends with your black base.

19. Fine Highlights on Straight Hair

A highlighting technique like baby lights is perfect for blending in straight black cherry hair. A few hints of your natural hair give this look some seriously gorgeous dimension.

20. Red + Black Cherry Hair Color

This color picks up a lot more red tones than the previous styles. This isn’t a bad thing, and actually ideal for warm, light brunettes. Create this dark hair with red highlights on hair that is either short, medium, or long.

21. Cool Burgundy

It’s key to work with your skin tone when choosing your perfect hair color. If your skin has hints of warm undertones like pink and tan, this heavily purple shade is for you.

22. Black Cherry + Dark Roots

Maintaining your natural color at the roots is not only on-trend, but it makes your hairstyle elevated. Focus dynamic color at the bottom half of your hair and use a highlighting technique like balayage to make the color fade look natural.

23. Auburn + Black Cherry

This black cherry color has scrapped all hints of plum and purple. Together with a deep, chocolatey burgundy, this gorgeous hair adds a richness that plain brunette locks can never achieve.

You can wear cherry black hair color in many different directions, depending on your personal preference. Playing up purple, red, or even burgundy hints takes your color from richly dark to bold and bright. Which look will you choose?