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11 Exotic Blue Hairstyles for Black Girls

Back in the 90s, black girls with blue hair like Lil’ Kim were praised for being bold. It was seen as different, yet like a costume, not something the average lady can wear every day.

But if you’ve been having the blue tickles and looking forward to trying some new hair color, we are recommending any of these blue hairstyles for black girls looking to rock and own their hair this year.

How to Dye Black Hair to Blue Hair

black girls with blue hair

There are several ways to dye black hair blue for black girls:

Direct Dye: Direct dyes are colors that stain the surface, barely penetrating the hair shaft. They make no use of ammonia, peroxide or color developer.

Direct dyes can be found in vibrant blue shades that wouldn’t require bleaching even on the darkest of hair.

Bleach: The most common way to get blue hair is to lift your hair color to the lightest shade– bleaching and dying this with light blue hair color. This will ensure you get the exact shade of blue you want, as seen on the box if you’re using a box dye.

Color Chalk: For pastel colors, you can try color chalking. It’s a very simple technique that doesn’t require bleaching or anything of the sort.

If running chalk over your hair is time-consuming, you could opt for liquid chalk dyes. They are basically a liquid form of the colored chalk and can be easily washed out.

Watch The Following Video on How to Dye Dark Hair to Blue Hair

Below, some of the best blue hair color ideas are collected for black girls. Have a look:

1. Blue and Purple Curly Hair

blue and purple haired black girls

Funky blue hair ideas for black girls. This cobalt blue with purple hair shadows is anything but basic. It’s a head-turner that would command the attention of an entire room, especially given how it flatters dark skin.

This blue can be achieved by bleaching your hair before dying it blue. Or it can be achieved with colored chalk in dry or liquid form.

2. Blue Locs

blue locks for black girl

Never imagined dreadlocks could pull off blue colors? Well, now you know. This was done by getting Marley’s hair/ crotchet faux locs in blue color and proceeding to install it.

The good thing about this colored dreads is that your hair could still be black or whatever color your hair currently is.

This means you don’t have to dye your hair or get any damage from doing so. This also works as a great protective style for black girls with blue hair. Naturals with locs can also give this a try with their real hair.

3. Long Pixie Cut

blue hair with shaven sides for african girls

This denim hair shade looks great on all shades of black skin because of its subtleness. The entire hairstyle is best done on relaxed hair.

To get your hair flat and laid in the direction as seen in this photo, your hair needs to be relaxed and combed in the direction it would be styled in, that’s toward the ears as in this case.

Once it’s been shampooed and rinsed, you’d find that your hair will lay perfectly in the direction you styled it. That way, when it’s cut, it would look crisp. However, do not dye and relax your hair on the same day, it’s not advised.

4. Pastel Blue Haired Doll

black women with blue hair

This candy shade with blonde roots gives a playful and cute vibe to black ladies with blue hair color. As usual, it’s done using a lace front to avoid damage to your real hair.

5. All Blue Everything

long blue hairstyles for black girls

Black girls with blue hair are a sigh for sore eyes. And with straight hair is as in as ever, if you need to stand out from the crowd of straight black hair, try going blue.

Now, this shade of blue is magnetic and highlights the face beautifully. You could even opt to dye your eyebrows too, depending on how deep you’re getting the blue tickles. If you’re going to do that though, you should get professional help.

6. Midnight Blue Hair Bob

Short bobs are chic on their own but when you try it on a black girl with blue hair, you get a stunner. To get your weave an even shade of blue like this, you’d want to visit a salon and let a pro colorist get their hands on it.

7. Mermaid Blue Hair

black girls with mermaid blue hair

So far, anyone can tell that nearly all shades of blue go well with dark skin. With this blue-green hair combined with the waterfall curls, it’s not hard to see the mermaid vibes this hair is oozing out. It also blends perfectly well with the brown skin tone.

To achieve this blue hair for black women, you could buy custom-made weaves or wigs that come in this color or you could get a professional to get this done for you.

8. Ombre Blue Waves

Play with different gradients to give more dimension to your blue hair. In this case, the roots are black, the body of the hair is a vibrant cobalt blue which ends in light blue highlights. It’s easy to get a custom-made look in this color.

But to achieve this perfectly, we’d advise getting acquainted with a professional colorist because achieving this look would take more than bleaching your hair and dying it blue.

9. Dark Blue Hair with Wet Waves

dark blue hair color ideas for black girls

The wet waves are a sultry look that is naturally achieved when the hair has been drenched in water, like on rainy days or after a day at the pool.

But experts have been able to pull off this sultry look without drenching the hair in the water, who wants to walk around with dripping wet hair anyway? This can only be achieved with Caucasian human hair.

To get wet waves, start off by spraying sea salt spray all over your weave. Apply some mousse and men’s wet hair gel then seal with some oil to give it loads of shine and keep it from being crunchy.

Follow this up with a blowout while scrunching up your hair to maintain the waves. The perk of this blue hairstyle for Afro black girls is that once blown out, it gives incredible short beach waves.

10. Pretty Peacock Hair Colors

peacock blue hair colour for black women

Why go blue alone when you can add bits of green and purple? A colorful way to wear blue hair for black girls.

11. Reverse Ombre Bob

black girls's reverse blue ombre hair

Ombres are cool but reverse ombres, also known as sombres are cooler. This blonde hair darkening into an aquamarine blue gives the illusion of a dip-dyed hair.

You can get styles like this pre-colored or you can buy a blonde weave and dye the bottom parts aquamarine. Black girls with blue hair can rock this style.


Which skin tone is perfect for blue hair dye?

Different shades of blue are suitable for different skin tone. Baby blue hair is perfect for light skin tone, navy blue hair goes well with dark skin and for the fair skin tone, bright blue shade is best.

Which blue hair shade goes well with black women?

Dark blue or navy blue shades go well with black women.

Blue or sea-green which one looks better?

Blue hair looks better with almost all skin tone and sea-green hair is perfect for light skin tone.

Black girls with blue hair are a wonderful sight thanks to how well the color suits dark-skinned women. Even light skinned women are not exempt from the beauty that is blue hair!