The Hottest Blue Ombre Hairstyles for Short Hair

Blue ombre looks stunning on short hair. Some girls love to play it safe when it comes to their hair while others prefer to experiment. If you’re in the latter group it means you’re brave, outgoing, fun, and so much more.

It also means you’re constantly looking for edgy hairstyles to try and blue ombre short hair may be the ideal style to rock this spring and summer. We bring you some amazing suggestions.


Blue Ombre vs Blue Highlights

Blue Ombre vs Blue Highlights

Both ombre and highlights look great on short hair, so the decision is all up to you. If you’d like to have a more demure look with just a hint of edginess, then blue highlights are your go-to style. On the flip side if your goal is to have an edgy style that screams adventure, uniqueness, and creativity, then blue ombre hair is the style you need.


Short Blue Ombre Hairstyles

Looking for blue ombre inspirations for short hair? These 5 amazing hairstyles will definitely help you.

1. Short Electric Blue Ombre

Electric Blue Ombre for Short Hair

One of the most common hair-related misconceptions is that girls or women with short hair shouldn’t get ombre. Why? There’s absolutely no reason to back up those claims. What’s more, ombre on short hair looks stunning, and it only adds more playfulness to your hair, accentuates locks, frames your face, you name it.

Electric black to blue ombre on short hair as seen in the above photo is ideal for girls who love edgy hair. Rock chicks will pull it off easily, but other girls as well. Throw a few curls into the mix, and you’ll get a super cute style.


2. Short Blue Ombre for Blonde Hair

blue ombre for short blonde hair

Blue ombre isn’t just for dark, black hair. In fact, it can look great on short blonde hair as well. Opt for light blue, dirty or ashy blue that will merge perfectly with your blonde locks. Pair your ombre with nice, subtle makeup for a complete look. The good thing about this type of blue ombre short hair is that it can work well with different types of outfits suitable for different occasions.


3. Long Angled Bob + Blue Ombre

blue ombre bob for women

Bob, whether it’s on the shorter or longer side, is a timeless hairstyle. It will always be IN which is why you can never go wrong with this midnight blue hairstyle. To go one step further and upgrade your hairstyle you can opt for short blue ombre which gives your bob a whole new dimension.


4. Wavy Bob + Blue Ombre + Short Hair

blue ombre on short black hair

There are different kinds of blue which means that it’s entirely possible to find get perfect blue ombre regardless of your preferences, likes, and dislikes. This vivid, teal-like blue ombre will bring more fun to your short haircut, and it’s needless to mention this is perfect for girls who love to stand out and be the center of attention.


5. Silver Blue Ombre Hair

silver blue ombre on short wavy hair

Here’s a great short blue ombre hair option for women who would love to experiment with different colors and shades, but would love to stay on the neutral or calmer side too. This hairstyle’s got it all; trendy silver blue hair. You’ll love it.

For the best effects, you should schedule an appointment and see your hairstylist who will give you an ombre that suits your hair and face shape the most. Now that you’ve seen the above short blue ombre hair looks, all you need is to go for it.