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40 Amazing Long Choppy Bob Haircuts for This Season

We are not the only ones who irreversibly fell in love with the choppy lobs! Actresses, singers, influencers, all adore and wear it. You can find it on every cover magazine or red carpet, and there’s no doubt that this hairstyle won everyone’s heart.

And there are so many reasons why: they provide texture to any hair type, work on any face shape or skin color and hair can be dyed in any nuance and still good phenomenal with the lob!

If you want to get a long choppy bob, be ready to do some research because there are so many ways to cut a lob and you want to get the one that fits you best, right?

From short bangs or long fringe to A-Line, Asymmetrical or inverted lobs! All these are fabulous options, and if you continue scrolling, you will discover 40 examples from which you can pick your favorite!

1. Long Choppy Bob with Bangs

Long Choppy Bob with Bangs

Choppy ends give your hair a fabulous texture! A blonde color for your straight bob haircut is going to make a lot of fuss wherever you go. For a modern fashionable look, try some messy waves and short, uneven bangs.


2. Choppy Straight Lob Haircut

Choppy Straight Lob Haircut

Long bob haircuts look fabulous, especially if adopting a choppy trim for the layers. Keep the roots in their natural shade and make sure you style a perfect pale red ombre with blonde highlights. Also, bangs swept on one side will give your hair a unique touch.


3. Long Choppy Thick Bob

Long Choppy Bob for Thick Hair

Inverted bobs keep the nape hair short and the bangs longer. A fabulous grain blonde will enrich your color, and some messy waves will add value to your sophisticated haircut. For a beautiful face frame, create a middle part for the fringe.


4. Choppy Long Bob for Fine Hair

Choppy Long Bob for Fine Hair

When you have fine hair, the best thing you can do to hide that is to style a choppy bob with lots of highlights. These blonde overtones will add texture to your locks, and your hair will look perfect every single day.


5. Long Choppy Brunette Bob

Long Choppy Brunette Bob

Maintain your natural hair color, and for the tips, opt for a lighter brown shade. This choppy inverted bob haircut will not only enrich your thick hair but will also give it even more volume. Remember that in 2024 waves are always welcomed!


6. Blonde Ombre

blonde choppy lob with dark roots

Long choppy bob hairstyles are a fashionable choice for women with a round face who want to create some angles and cut off the roundness. Create multiple layers and toss the bangs on one side. Also, if you love that fresh dazzling look, opt for a blonde ombre with natural looking roots. 


7. Curly Platinum Blonde Hair

long choppy blonde bob

Platinum blonde hair looks fabulous for women who have fair skin. This hairstyle is perfect for a wedding when you want to be in the center of attention. They also work so well with strapless dresses because they highlight the neck line and collar bones. 


8. Top French Braid

half up long choppy bob

First of all, you need a choppy bob and a bright blonde hair color. Create a top section that you will use to style a French braid. Knit until you reach the back and style a messy bun. On the sides, keep the hair loose and use a thick wand to build those curls. 


9. Messy Choppy Bob

long choppy messy bob

A long choppy bob hairstyle is perfect for those who love to pull off messy hairdos. You can keep your hair flat or even style a few waves here and there to gain more texture. Opt for a blonde color with ashy tones. 


10. Side Bob with Highlights

Highlights do such a great job of enlightening your hair. So keep a natural brown color as a base and style some copper highlights that focus on the front part, especially on the bangs. 


11. Summer Curly Bob

When your hair has a lot of texture, you might consider layering it to obtain a great shape that is easier to manage. Opt for a bob hairdo with a bright creamy blonde ombre and dark roots. Keep it messy, looking like you just got back from a day on the beach. 


12. Half Crown Braid

long choppy bob with braid

Instagram / klwhair.x

To make things look more interesting, go for a less symmetrical look. Part your hair in the middle and use only one section to build a half-braid crown. Tie the knit and tuck it away. To gain that curl patterns, use a straightening iron and roll the pieces of hair on the heated tool. Gently slide the iron, creating that curl. 


13. Flat Bob with Bangs

long choppy bob with color

Instagram / tonytony1226

Curtain bangs are the new sensation and are back in trend. Women of all ages are now getting curtain bangs of all lengths so if you think this cut doesn’t work to your advantage, think again. You didn’t discover the right length for you. Opt for a straight flat, angled bob and dye the bangs in a vivid color. 


14. Choppy Bob with Curtain Bangs

long choppy bob with curtain bangs

Instagram / parkavenuesalons

Long choppy bob hairstyles and curtain bangs are in high demand. This middle part hairdo uses loads of layers and requires a little bit of styling. First, you need to pull off those bangs, by styling them with a round brush. Opt for a straightening iron for the curls and use it only for a few strands. 


15. Blue and Pink Lowlights

choppy long bob with color

Instagram / giscal_hair

Choose an icy platinum blonde hair color. Depending on your natural color, you will need a strong bleach, so make sure you are willing to do such a procedure, as it can be damaging to your tresses. As for the colors, choose semi-permanent dyes that blend beautifully and apply the color only on the ends.


16. Thick Blonde Highlights

long choppy bob with money piece highlights

Instagram / ruthaboutthat

Chunky highlights are the best way to create a statement hairstyle with a notable change. To create a beautiful face frame, enlighten your face and get a younger look, get two chunky blonde pieces in front. 


17. White Threads Blend

long choppy straight bob

Instagram / honeybeehair29

Creating highlights is the best way to make your white threads beautifully blend. This technique will create a stunning effect and those whites and grays will be part of your look. 


18. Mauve and Blue Ombre

long dyed choppy bob

Instagram / giscal_hair

Consider an electric ombre if you’re feeling eccentric and want to show off your bubbly personality. Firstly, you will need to bleach your hair to make sure the semi-permanent dye gets the shade from the box.


19. Black Lowlights

long straight choppy bob

Instagram / stanleyman001

Long choppy bob hairstyles with black lowlights look truly astonishing! Get a layered cut with bangs that you can wear on one side. Choose an ashy blonde color and get black lowlights, creating a great contrast. 


20. Unicorn Hair

choppy long bob

Instagram / lunabelle32

You will first need to create a base color for this multicolored look. Bleach your hair and dye it in a platinum icy blonde color. After that, pull off pale highlights and lowlights using blue, yellow, pink, teal, and mauve semi-permanent hair dye. 


21. Bright Copper

long choppy wavy bob

Instagram / bookwithlacey

A sombre is a fabulous idea for women with fair skin with pink undertones. Get a dark cooper color for the apex and enlighten this nuance towards the ends. Go for a choppy bob with layers that is shorter in the back and with longer bangs. 


22. Icy Gray Hair

long choppy bob with baby bangs

Instagram / hairbylucybuckley

Choppy cuts work so well with wavy or curly hair. It is not recommended to use heated products on bleached and dyed hair, so if you want to get those waves, part your hair in multiple sections and braid them overnight. Comb it in the morning, use a strong hairspray, and you’ll get a hairdo that lasts for a few days. 


23. Choppy Layers and Bangs

long choppy bob for asian women

Instagram / stanleyman001

For this long choppy bob hairstyle, the volume is concentrated in the apex area. Your bangs should look feathered, covering the eyebrows and the layers should start at that level. With a razor, trim the volume towards the ends and get some pale purple highlights to lighten up that black base color. 


24. Copper Waves with Curtain Bangs

choppy long bob with bangs

Instagram / lovemoreanddosalon

These bangs look fabulous on all hair types, including afro, straight, wavy, or curly. So get a medium bob cut that reaches the shoulder line. Keep the roots dark and opt for a natural light brown hair color with copper reflexes. 


25. Purple Roots

purple choppy lob

Instagram / fleursdumalhair

Firstly, to recreate this look, you will need a long choppy bob hairstyle. Bleach your hair in a salon, or if you’re feeling confident and you successfully did this procedure at home, buy a strong developer and enlighten the hair. Tone it with a pale icy color with violet hues. Use a bright semi-permanent dye for the roots. 


26. Choppy Inverted Lob

Choppy Inverted Lob

Tired of getting dull looks? Try something eye-popping like this stunning ginger color. Also, opt for an inverted bob with choppy ends to give the hair more dimension. Toss your long bangs on one side and style a few curls in front.


27. Choppy Textured Lob

Choppy Textured Lob

Lobs are very popular and we can certainly understand why! They give your face a beautiful frame and allow you to style a large variety of hairdos. Recreate this messy look by using pale blue highlights and giving your hair a wet look.


28. Choppy Asymmetrical Long Bob

Choppy Asymmetrical Long Bob

Asymmetrical bobs are very modern because they don’t follow any rules. You can get a romantic sun-kissed look by styling a long hairdo with loose waves and bangs flipped on one side.


29. Choppy Long A-Line Bob

Choppy Long A-Line Bob

Every time you want your hair to get a beautiful texture, a honey blonde ombre that ends in a bright nuance will make real miracles for you! Layers, waves and choppy ends are a great team when it comes to making you stand out, so consider these choices when arranging your hair!


30. Choppy Long Asian Bob

Choppy Long Asian Bob Cut

Asian girls look fabulous with choppy bobs or lobs! Create loads of layers for the tips, style wide loose waves, and go for a middle part. Tousle your hair before you go, and you are ready to conquer the world, girl!


31. Choppy Lob for Round Face

Choppy Lob for Round Face

When having a round face, a lob with bangs slept on one side will create the perfect illusion. Tousle your mane and wear round glasses if aiming for a look that is both retro and modern.


32. 80s Long Choppy Bob

80s Long Choppy Bob

We all remember those ’80s moms and their haircuts, right? Well, they are back in trends, and if you are a woman over 50, you can look pretty cool with that old haircut. Loads of layers, straight bangs, eye-popping color, and you are ready to rock!


33. Choppy Blonde Lob

Choppy Blonde Lob

When you want to give your hair texture, a sombre will not only make your blonde color pop but will also make you look stunning! Style choppy ends and a few waves to obtain that sophisticated look we all adore!


34. Choppy Brown Wavy Lob

Choppy Brown Wavy Lob for Women

If you aim to look adorable, this long choppy bob on dark brown wavy hair is the perfect style one could ask for to add texture to their hair.

Ideal for: The cut is best for people looking for a happy go lucky style. It is a great, on-the-run cut that you carry at your convenience. Moreover, you can also wear it to formal occasions, as it gives you the best of both worlds.

How to style: A good cut is essential for the style. Add in some light waves with a curling iron and spray on some hairspray to make sure it lasts the day.


35. Choppy Lob with Balayage

Long Choppy Bob with Highlights

This extra long hairstyle is a great cross between shoulder length and lob haircut. The balayage highlights add the dimension needed to give you that chic look.

Ideal for: The choppy long bob style suits most people and is best for a number of different occasions. The good thing is that you can freely wear it to almost any event and look appropriate! A big win if you ask us!

How to style: Start by prepping your hair with some conditioning serum. Add in light waves to draw attention to your highlights. The different shades give you a dazzling finish!


36. Choppy Long Blunt Bob

choppy lob for blonde hair

Get on board with this casual style that gives you a feminine touch. The style is more on the rougher side but nevertheless stands out in the crowd.

Ideal for: The style goes well with the teenage lifestyle. The messy do, with the carefree locks, requiring minimal maintenance is a teenage dream come true.

How to style: If you wish to wake up with a well-done head of hair, this choppy long bob style is for you. All you need to do is make sure your blonde is in good shape and add in a few short beach waves here and there for a messy look.


37. Choppy Lob with Side Bangs

Choppy Lob with Side Bangs

You can merge this long choppy bob style with any of your bob cuts. It is an interesting way to carry your bob and give it some character.

Ideal for: The style is perfect for a trendy business look or perhaps an important get together. Although it looks great with a natural tone too, some highlights can really slide it up a notch.

How to style: Start by adding some highlights to your hair. Remember to add them such that they show on the side you will part. Part your hair at one side and neatly style your hair across. You can also add some waves at the tips to complete the look.


38. Long Curly Bob

long choppy bob for curly hair

Of course, the long choppy bob hairstyle isn’t limited to the straight hair alone. You can get a pretty style with curls too. Try out this style to stand out.

Ideal for: The girl next door vibe is great for everyday routine and perfect for the office too. The style is easy to make and complements most face cuts.

How to style: Go the extra mile for your choppy lob and add that modern look with a curling iron. The messy curly hair is perfect for the summer.


39. Choppy Layered Bob with Bangs

Choppy Layered Lob with Bangs

You can also play around with your bob with bangs by adding some layers to your cut. They add dimension to your hair and revitalize it instantly.

Ideal for: This cut is best suited to the teenage years. Women with an edgy style and a love for something different can rock this style too!

How to style: The cut gives you extra layers to work with. The choppy lob style is unique and is easy to work with. Go out with straight hair or add some waves to lift up the cut.


40. Choppy Long Angled Bob

Angled Long Choppy Bob

Style your hair with some chunky highlights. You will be surprised by how well it can turn out. The long A-line cut to complement the shade as well.

Ideal for: The style is best for busy mothers as well as women looking for a stylish change in hairstyle. The long choppy bob is certainly different and the A-line adds even more character.

How to style: Wear your hair to the side. Start with a good blow dry so that your hair has that lift needed to stand out.


This long choppy bob hairstyles now have become the raging new fashion and the ideal style turnover for the ladies. So hurry up and try your favorite hairstyle to stand out from the crowd!