21 Mohawk Mullet for Men to Get A Punk Look

Mullet Mohawks are an ancient hairstyle from the country era. It has made in waves within the punk rock era movement within the 80s. Then, it came back in the 90s with an athletic twist since many footballers sported out. Whether you hate or like it, you can’t deny the iconic-ness of the style. You can even opt for a 20th-century modern version of a Mohawk mullet for a punk rock look.


What Is a Mullet?

mohawk with mullet for men

A mullet is a man’s hairstyle where the hair is cut short at the front and sides. And, the middle, as well as the back, are left long. It usually looks like your hair is combed or styled towards the middle of your head. Then, it falls down along your back.


How to Style a Mohawk on a Mullet?

How to Style a Mohawk on a Mullet

It’s very simple. You would keep the sides low while keeping the middle and back long. You can choose to grow it out to look punk rock. Then, you can style the Mohawk mullet using braids, beads, curls, or anything that you want. Your hair is your canvas.


Coolest Mullet Mohawk Hairstyles

We hope you find inspiration below from the 21 Mohawk mullet hairstyles for men.




Men's Curly Mohawk Mullet






Men's Mohawk Mullet with Braid




Multi-colored Mohawk Mullet for Guys




Short Mohawk Mullet for Men with Undercut Design




Mohawk Mullet for Guys with Orange Color at the Back




Men's Fade Mohawk Mullet



9. Mull-hawk



Shaved Side Pastel Mohawk Mullet for Men



11. Low Fade Mohawk

long mullet mohawk for men

This is a modern-day mullet Mohawk style. The sides are kept low. While the middle and back are kept long.  The model has the long mullet that let loose along with his pack. You can style your hair accordingly or add hair accessories you so desire.


12. Edgy Mullet Mohawk

Edgy short hair Mullet Mohawk

This short Mohawk with fade hairstyle is similar to the previous style except the mullet is cut into different layers. The layers give an edgy look that can be tousled anyway. The style requires low maintenance because the messier, the better. It’s a casual hairstyle for your next punk rock festivities.


13. Spiky Mohawk

spiky mohawk mullet hairstyle for men

This punk rock taper fades with Mohawk mullet would have all eyes on you, The hair is styled into a modern-day mullet. The top is styled into spikes using mousse and hair tools. While the back is combed down. The layers will make the spiky mohawk look smooth.


14. Mullet Mohawk with Designs

mohawk mullet with rattail

For this mullet with Mohawk style, the ends are similar to a rat tail hair.  The end is usually dispersed while the top is kept heavy. It adds texture to the overall look. You can cool designs to the sides to enhance the punk rockness of the look. Maintenance would be required to keep the design looking fresh every day.


15. Shaved Sides

Mullet Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Another punk rock Mohawk on mullet hair that will have all eyes on you. The sides are kept bald. While the top and bottom middle are kept heavy. It’s cut into extreme different layers. Some hairs are short, some longer. The longer ones fall in his face to enhance the edginess of the look.


16. Wavy Mexican Mullet

Another modernized version of a Mohawk mullet with the trimmed sides. In addition, the hair is wavy. You can achieve waves by adding mousse and comb it to the desired curl or shape or, you can blow ou the hair out the hair and style accordingly. You can add twists with beads at the end to enhance the punk rockness vibe you are going for.


17. Short Spiky Hair

To achieve this mullet with Mohawk style you would shave and cut accordingly. Ensure to cut the top layer unevenly. Not only will this give you layers but enhance the spiky look. You can add hair mousse or gel to keep the hairs pointing toward the sky. This style is perfect for school to make your stance.


18. Mohawk with Undercut

best mohawk mullet hairstyles for men

Usually, a mullet is longer at the bottom than at the top. However, for this mullet Mohawk look, it’s the other way around. The top portion falls along the face to cover the eyes. To keep the hair there ensure to use mousse or any styling agent to keep it in place. Lastly, make angular cuts along the low sides.


19. Angular Fringe Hair

A casual punk rock hairstyle. His sides are shaved extremely low almost bald. While the middle and back are kept longer. The mullet ends are cut blunt. The front is cut into a fringe. The fringe is cut short with layers that along the forehead.


20. Liberty Spikes

mullet mohawk with coloured hair

This Mohawk mullet hairstyle screams punk rock. The difference between this and previous upside down mullet is the color and the spikes. You can color your hair whatever color decide such as blue, brown, or even pink. Then, you would use the mousse to style your hair into spikes especially if it is long.


21. Pompadour Undercut

Pompadour Mohawk Mullet for Men

This is a short mullet also called a baby mullet. The top portion is swooped into a pompadour. Hair mousse and gel will be ideal to keep the hair in place until the end of the day. Then, the hair spray will have your hair gleaming. You can add designs to the shaved sides to enhance the punk look and feel of the overall hairstyle.


FAQs Mullet Mohawk Hairstyles

Q. Can Mohawk mullet be done on short hair?

Ans: Yes! Mohawk with mullets can be done on short hair like hairstyle  2. It’s easy to achieve however, it requires swag to look extremely good on you.


Q. Short or Long Hair Mullet – Which looks better?

Ans: Either. The shorter the Mohawk the edgier it looks. In addition, you have to have the style to pull it off. Short hair requires a lot of confidence, especially with a punk rock long hair. The longer the Mohawk the more “punk rockness” vibes you will portray.


Q. Can Women Also Try This Style?

Ans: Yes! Mullets aren’t gendered base, although more popular with the males. A lot of punk rock females wear short or long mullets. In addition, they wear different colors to spice up the hairstyle.


These hairstyles transition between the modernized version of Mohawk mullet while still having the punk rock look. The hairstyles are perfect for the next time you want to change your look. Which style will you be wearing?