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27 Famous Celebrities With Brown Hair and Blue Eyes (2024 List)

Brown hair paired with blue eyes is a rare and beautiful contrast. Even though blue is the second most common eye color in the world, it’s still considered unique because only 8 to 10% of the world’s population has this amazing eye color. That’s why we see many celebrities getting this brown hair and blue eyes look at red carpet events.

Brown-haired celebs are ruling the movie industry. Since brown is a neutral shade, it goes well with just about everything. Not only that, but it’s also a classic color, so it won’t steal the spotlight from your blue eyes.

With that said, check out this list of the most gorgeous celebrities with brown hair and blue eyes to get some tips on how to wear your hair.

Gorgeous Celebrities with Brown Hair and Blue Eyes

You can make the most of your unique features with the right hairstyle. Let these celebrities with brown hair and blue eyes serve as beautiful hair inspirations.

1. Megan Fox – Dark Caramel Moneypiece Highlights + Balayage

Megan Fox With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

For the ultimate brown hairstyle, you can go for a combination of balayage and highlights, and Megan shows us how it’s done.

The dark caramel balayage gives her hair a better dimension while the money piece highlights open up her face, accentuate her blue eyes, and brighten her complexion.

2. Sophie Ellis Bextor – Dark Auburn Waves

Sophie Ellis Bextor With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes and a neutral skin tone, Sophie is one of the celebrities you should copy. The red tinges make her auburn hair the perfect match for her blue eyes.

Not only that, this reddish-brown color also brings out the rosiness from her pale cheeks.

3. Miranda Kerr – Dark Brown Topknot Bun

Miranda Kerr With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

Pull the hair away from your face in the most elegant way possible with Miranda’s sleek top knot bun.

This hairstyle is perfect for opening up your face and drawing attention to your beautiful blue eyes while giving you that elegant yet still modern look.

4. Zooey Deschanel – Dark Brown Waves and Braids + Caramel Highlights

Zooey Deschanel With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

If you’re more into the girl-next-door look, there’s no better celebrity to follow than Zooey. Her braided crown and simple waves make her even more charming while her wispy bangs cover her eyebrows, so your entire focus will be on her mesmerizing blue eyes.

5. Alexandra Daddario – Chocolate Brown Side-Parted Hair

Alexandra Daddario With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

Alexandra is well-known for her simple elegance, and her side-parted hair is great proof of that. Despite its simplicity, her chocolate brown hair still made her stand out because it added richness and warmth to her skin and made her blue eyes pop.

6. Alexis Bledel – Copper Brown Partless Wavy Lob

Alexis Bledel With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

Alexis is serving us some vintage realness, and we’re all here for it. Her no-part hairstyle is one of the most stylish ways to draw attention to the face and give her blue eyes maximum exposure.

On the other hand, her short bangs, perfect waves, and caramel balayage frame her face beautifully.

7. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Sleek High Ponytail + Reddish Brown Ombre

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

If you want your dazzling blue eyes to be the center of everyone’s attention, wear your brown hair the way Aishwarya did it.

Her high ponytail is a sleek way to free her face from unwanted hair strands so her blue eyes and perfect facial features can take center stage.

8. Adriana Lima – Dark Brown Side-braided Wavy Hair

Adriana Lima With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

Adriana Lima is one of the sexiest celebrities with brown hair and blue eyes and that’s because she knows how to style her hair well.

She let her hair loose on one side to showcase her beautiful waves and braided one side of her hair back to reveal her blue eyes.

9. Lyndsy Fonseca – Brunette Wavy Hair + Dark Blonde and Caramel Highlights

Lyndsy Fonseca With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

Brunette is a classic hair color, but Lyndsy knows how to take it to the next level. Instead of keeping it plain and simple, she added dark blonde and caramel highlights which are the perfect color for achieving that natural sun-swept look.

10. Thylane Blondeau – Light Caramel Balayage

Thylane Blondeau With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

For an edgy take on this combo, Thylan is one of the celebrities with brown hair and blue eyes you should check out.

She kept her dark brown hair straight and simple with a middle parting which promotes asymmetry and focuses attention on her best facial feature which is her blue eyes.

11. Jessica Szohr – Black Vintage Lob + Caramel Streaks

Jessica Szohr With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

Jessica’s look is vintage-meets-edgy, and you will expect nothing less from her. Her black vintage lob is perfectly curled to show off her gorgeous jawline. She amp up its edgy factor by going heavy on her eyeliner which drew attention to her light blue eyes.

12. Emily Blunt – Rich Brown Lob With Caramel Tips

Emily Blunt With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

Emily wore a simple lob haircut, but her caramel-colored tips made it a head-turner. To make her blue eyes pop, she used blue and black eyeliner on her eyes.

13. Dakota Johnson – Brunette Wavy Hair + Curtain Bangs

Dakota Johnson With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

Every time you think of Dakota, her curtain fringe and messy brown hair would be the first things that come to mind. Since she has always been everyone’s #BangGoals, her hairstyle is the one to copy if you have a large forehead like her.

14. Candice Boucher – Light Copper Brown Middle-Parted Hair

Candice Boucher With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

Go for straight plain hair like Candice’s if you want to be your blue eyes and brown hair to be the apple of everyone’s eye.

Her light brown copper hair perfectly complemented her warm skin tone. Its red tinges also matched her blue eyes well.

15. Brittany Curran – Full Brown Highlights on Updo

Brittany Curran With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

Highlights on updos make the hairstyle look more interesting because it boosts its dimension and texture.

For best results, go for full brown highlights which is also the best option if you want to transition from dark to light hair.

16. Barbara Palvin – Dimensional Brunette Half-braid Hair

Barbara Palvin With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

At first look, Barbara’s hair seems plain and boring. Do a double-take and you’ll see the different subtle shades in her brunette hair which is dark brown at the top and goes lighter towards the ends. These differences in hue give her hair a more interesting look.

17. Angelina Jolie – Chocolate Brown Waves + Caramel Blonde Balayage

Angelina Jolie With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

Angelina is one of the celebrities with brown hair and blue eyes that always look on-point, but she looks breathtaking in her chocolate brown waves and caramel blonde balayage hairstyle.

The caramel blonde streaks are perfectly positioned to frame her face and bring out the warmth and richness of her blue-green eyes.

18. Alison Brie – Dark Copper Choppy Lob

Alison Brie With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

Blue and red are colors that complement each other well, so it’s best that you go for reddish-brown hair if you want to highlight your blue eyes.

Take a cue from Alison and go for a subtle copper shade (instead of a bright one) to not just match your blue eyes but also soften your facial features as well.

19. Anna Kendrick – Chocolate Brunette Sexy Updo

Anna Kendrick With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

A dark chocolate brown hue is the perfect partner for Anna’s deep blue eyes and pale complexion. The vivid brown shade delivers extra warmth to her skin and gives it a nice color boost.

20. Adrianne Curry – Dark Brunette Curled ‘Do

Adrianne Curry With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

If you look as fabulous as Adrianne, you don’t have to go for any hairstyling tricks. Just keep it elegantly curled and you’re good to go.

Another styling tip that you should borrow from her is to wear jewelry with the same blue shade to highlight her gorgeous eye color.

21. Brenna D’Amico – Dark Brown Waves and Bangs

Brenna D’Amico With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

For those who want to give their look a youthful spin, go for the ultimate Gen Z hairstyle and Brenna’s hairdo is a great example.

Her layered wavy hair is bouncy, thick, and full of movement. She also paired it with short curtain bangs, which draw the focus to her alluring blue eyes.

22. Gisele Bündchen – Brown and Blonde Medley

Gisele Bündchen With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

For an effortlessly sexy ‘do, follow Gisele’s lead. Keep it long, a bit wavy, and pile on the colors.

The blend of different brown and blonde shades (and a bit of gold) made her hair look extra shiny and stunning while her dark roots gave it the natural touch that it needed.

23. Georgie Henley – Dark Cinnamon Brown Micro Bob

Georgie Henley With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

For women who love sassy and edgy hairstyles, one of the celebrities with brown hair and blue eyes to follow is Georgie.

Her ultra-short bob sits right between her chin and cheekbones and is the perfect length for emphasizing her gorgeous cheekbones and dazzling blue eyes.

24. Georgina Chapman – Dark Caramel Moneypiece Highlights

Georgina Chapman With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

Get Georgina’s look if you want to wear your brown hair the classy way. With its straight texture and minimal layers, her hairstyle is quite straightforward.

But what caught our attention is her dark caramel money piece highlights which brightened up her skin tone and made her skin glow.

25. Julia Voth – Dark Chestnut Half Ponytail

Julia Voth With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

For ultra-feminine looks, Julia is one of the celebrities with brown hair and blue eyes that you should copy.

While half hairstyles are already quite popular, she made it look extra alluring by going for a loose ponytail, thick face-framing strands, and a side part.

Her dark chestnut shade made her hair look voluminous and gave it added pizzazz.

26. Samantha Hanratty – Rich Caramel Brown Curled Hair

Samantha Hanratty With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

If you’re torn between going for blonde or brown hair, Samantha’s rich caramel brown hair is the perfect solution.

Since it’s a blend of brown and golden blonde, this hue gives you the richness of brown color and the brightness and shine of golden blonde hair.

27. Susan Ward – Chestnut Brown Deep Side Part

Susan Ward With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

For a brown shade that will bring out the rosiness in your cheeks and go well with your blue eyes, a chestnut brown hue like Susan’s is your best bet.

Since it’s a rich brown hue with red undertones, it’s a multi-dimensional hair color that will prevent your hair from looking flat.

Brown hair and blue eyes are a winning combination, but you can even take it to a whole new level if you style your hair the same way these celebrities with brown hair and blue eyes did.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose which celebrity hairstyle will be your next hair inspiration!

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