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20 Majestic Dishwater Blonde Hairstyles

We can bet that most of you don’t know what dishwater blonde is. We can’t blame you. First, there was ombre hair, then bronde hair. Now, everybody talks about dishwater hair. And if you are interested to find out why is it called like this – you have come to the right place.

Why it is called Dishwater Blonde?

Why it is called Dishwater Blonde

Dishwater blonde is actually mousy brown hair. It is the darkest shade of blonde with ashy shades. If you search through the urban dictionary, you will see that the other name for dishwater shade blonde is actually dirty blonde hair.

You can tailor this shade to suits your skin tone and style. You can either dye your hair at home or opt for a professional hair salon. Whether you decide to keep these few things in mind. You need to take good care of your hair, use appropriate hair products, and style it quite often.

Dishwater Blonde vs Dirty Blonde

Dishwater Blonde vs Dirty Blonde

As you could see by yourself, dishwater blonde and dirty blonde are referred to as the same shade of dark blonde hair.

There are various shades from ash to gold tones and from fair to really dark colors. Dirty blonde has a slightly lighter shade. Dirty blonde softens the harshness of cool blonde shades. Dishwater tends to look more brownish than any other shade of dirty blonde.

Best Dishwater Blonde Hairstyles

From ashy to gold shades – dishwater hair color can have many variations. You can try them all!

1. Ashy Hues

Ashy Dishwater Blonde

The ashy shade of dishwater blonde is ideal to achieve a subtle sunlit look. The blonde roots merge into the ashy hue seamlessly creating a barely-there ombre or balayage effect. Add loose waves to the long hair resulting in a gorgeous hairstyle.

2. Light Blonde Streaks

Dishwater Blonde Updo

Those who like a more detailed look can incorporate light blonde streaks to a dirty blonde base shade adding a subtle glow to the face. Show off those highlights by styling the hair in an elegant twisted low bun.

3. Long Dreads

Dishwater Blonde Passion Twists

A dull blonde shade looks unique when combined with long dreadlocks. Go for a golden dirty blonde hue to accentuate the darker roots. Women who want a laid-back hairstyle for their long mane can go for this easy-to-maintain look.

4. Textured Pixie Cut

Dishwater Blonde Pixie

When thinking of going short an edgy pixie cut is the first thing that comes to mind. Chop the hair into a textured short haircut with a side-swept fringe covering an eye. Top off the look by dying the hair in a sandy blonde shade.

5. Shiny Dirty Blonde Mane

Recreate this majestic dishwater blonde hairstyle by lightening down the dark hair to a dirty bronde shade and adding platinum blonde highlights alternating with the darker chunks. Pin back the sides with a teased top for a sleek look.

6. Straight-Cut Bob

Dishwater Blonde Lob

A straight-cut bob is trending this season and is an ideal way to refresh the look. Chop the hair at uniform length all over the head to dangle just above the shoulders. Dye it in a dull blonde shade and the chic style is done.

7. Perfect Bouncy Curls

Highlighted Dishwater Blonde Curls

Dance around with these luscious curls keeping all the eyes on you. Go for a deva haircut with the curls falling around the face elegantly. Dye the hair in a dark blonde shade with chunky vanilla blonde highlights to complete this alluring look.

8. Tousled Lob

Long Crimped Dishwater Blonde Hair

Ladies who want to keep it carefree can clip their hair into a long textured lob. The side-parted fringe is highlighted with light blonde streaks to contrast against the remaining darker mane. Tousle the hair around for a ruffled appeal.

9. Glossy Babylights

Icy Dishwater Blonde Waves

Incorporating different tones of blonde creates a beautiful color melt. The lighter babylights mix with darker hair seamlessly creating a natural glossy hair look. Top off by adding loose waves to the luscious long hair.

10. Parisian Women’s Cut

Dishwater Blonde Bob Haircut

A French bob is a classic haircut characterized by a cropped bob at chin length. Dye the hair in a dishwater blonde shade and wear it with a simple middle parting. This look is ideal for young girls longing for a change in their hair.

11. Monochromatic Moment

This pretty hair look is to die for. Color the hair in a dirty sandy blonde shade and style the straight strands by pinning back the sides. This look is easy to maintain requiring a touch-up to the roots every few weeks.

12. Dishwater Blonde Cornrows

Here is another dishwater blonde hairstyle best for women who are planning to go for cornrows next time. Create a unique hair look by alternating jumbo and micro braids on the scalp while incorporating hair extensions all the way to the ends.

13. Short and Sassy

Dishwater Blonde Pixie with Undercut

Make a bold move this year by clipping the hair into a boy cut with shaved sides around the ears. Keep all the attention on the top by incorporating light brown, honey, and light blonde hues creating a gorgeous three-toned hair look.

14. Romantic Appeal

These braids and waves will surely turn around many heads. Add curly waves with the lighter blonde chunks standing against the darker hair. Finish off the style by entwining the side locks in fishtail braids with face-framing strands at the front.

15. Sun-Kissed Balayage

Try a sophisticated look on your long tresses by melting a dark dishwater blonde shade into a lighter tone of blonde while reaching the ends. This sun-kissed look is perfect for the upcoming summer days.

16. Short Blonde Ombre

dishwater blonde ombre

Dishwater blonde can also look perfect if you do in ombre technique. While the roots of your hair are natural or dark brown, the rest of your hair is dyed in ashy blonde hair shade.

This hairstyle looks perfect on long hair with beach waves. However, if you have a short bob or lob you can also try this hairstyle.

17. Dark Blonde Hair

Dark Dishwater Blonde Hair

If you opt for dark dishwater shade of blonde, it would be close to brunette. This is a perfect style for those girls bored with dyeing their hair, or if they want their natural hair to grow. You can even add more texture if you opt to wear layers and side bangs.

18. Golden Blonde Hair

Golden Hues on Dishwater Blonde Hair

Golden hues on dishwater blonde hair can look nothing less than fantastic. The long layered hair and waves are perfect for making it always look in order and style. Gold hues are vibrant but don’t worry. It will look shiny after every wash.

19. Baby Highlights

dishwater blonde hair with highlights

Dishwater blonde is often replaced with the dirty blonde. This is the darkest shade of blonde hair which looks fantastic. Its subtle highlights will add more texture and volume to your hair and make it look even more interesting.

20. Strawberry Blonde Hair

Women with Strawberry Dishwater Blonde Hair

Strawberry dishwater hair looks more than beautiful. It is perfect for fair skin complexions, but it suits other girls as well.

Layers give your hair texture and make this lovely shade even more highlighted. Dark blonde hair with strawberry highlights will definitely make you unique.

FAQs on Dishwater Blonde Hairstyles

Are dishwater blonde and brown hair color the same?

No, they are not. Dishwater shade blonde is referred to as the darkest shade of blonde and not brown. Sometimes, it can look more like brown, but rather light than dark brown.

How can I lighten dishwater hair?

You can always dye your hair with some of the popular techniques such as balayage or ombre. Also, simple highlights will make your dishwater blonde hair look lighter and more interesting at the same time.

If you didn’t know what the term dishwater blonde means, we hope that now it is clearer to you. As you can see, this is the shade that can be tailored until it is like you wish.

From really dark blonde shades to the ones with strawberry tones – everything counts. You will probably love this shade at the same moment you dye it.