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15 Staggering Dreadlock Hairstyles with Shaved Sides

Love dreads? The beauty of this hairstyle is unmatched, but most people don’t even realize how versatile it is. For instance, dreads with shaved sides are a wonderful take on the timeless hairstyle. Throughout this post, you’re going to learn more about this ‘do, how to style it, and you’ll also get answers to the most frequently asked questions. Let’s start, shall we?


How to Remove Dreads without Cutting for Women

How to Remove Dreads without Cutting for Women

Dreadlocks are awesome, but things get tricky when it’s time to remove them. A common misconception is that the only way to remove dreads is to cut them. Sure, cutting is the easiest and fastest method of removing dreads, but it is not the only one. Now, in order to get rid of dreads without cutting you need a lot of time and patience so only start the process when you’re completely ready for it.

Picking out dreadlocks is a time-consuming, but effective strategy that requires a strong comb (preferably metal), high-quality degreasing shampoo, and a high-quality conditioner. Lie in a bath and soak your dreads for at least 10 minutes. Wash your dreadlocks thoroughly with shampoo and hot water. Hot water melts the wax and other impurities that accumulated in your hair. Rinse shampoo and apply conditioner into each dreadlock.

Then, start gently picking each dreadlock out using a metal comb. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Once you’ve picked out, all dreads apply conditioner again and rinse after five minutes.

Another option is to apply a rich amount of coconut oil onto each dreadlock, wrap your hair in a turban before bed, and start picking out dreads using a comb. You don’t have to remove dreads at once, and you may split the process overall several days but make sure you apply coconut oil every night before bed so that hair is easier to comb and pick out in the morning.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Remove Dreadlocks without Cutting Them


Dreads With Shaved Sides Vs. Faux Locs with Short Sides

Dreads With Shaved Sides Vs. Faux Locs with Short Sides

Faux locs aren’t real dreadlocks, and they are just done in a manner to resemble them. For the purpose of creating faux locs, the hair is tightly wrapped around braids or twists in a downward motion. They tend to be lightweight. However, there are different types of faux locs, and not all of them have a natural appearance.

Faux locs are also easier to maintain and are considered commitment-free dreads. Therefore, if you want to rock this style with little to no maintenance, then you can opt for faux locs. That being said, for a more genuine look which happens to require some maintenance you should stick to dreads.


Most Awesome Dreaded Hairstyles with Shaved Sides

What makes dreads with shaved sides so unique is the combination of drama, edginess, and beauty. All these effects are a result of a single style while many other haircuts and ‘dos give away one vibe only. Scroll down to see 15 beautiful suggestions.

1. Blonde Dreads Updo

blonde dreads updo with shaved side

Although it may seem like you can’t do much with dreads this photo proves otherwise. You can pick up your lovely side shaved dreads into a gorgeous updo for a feminine and romantic look.


2. High Ponytail and Dreads

dread ponytail with shaved side

The ponytail is one of the most convenient dreaded styles for white girls as it allows us to get the hair out of our way, but it still looks pretty. Bring more edge to your dreads with shaved sides look with different colors such as orange ombre which is shown in the photo.


3. Dramatic Top Bun

dreadlock bun with shaved side

Buns are always trendy, and we love them for their simplicity. That being said, you can make them more dramatic with red dreads and side shaven hair look which you can pick up into a huge top knot.


4. Dreadlocks with Bangs

dreads with bangs and shaved side

Another cool way to style your dreadlock hairdo with shaved sides is also to have shorter strands which form bangs and perfectly frame your face. Such a chic style, isn’t it?

7 Bewitching Colorful Dreadlock Hairstyles for Women


5. Let Your Dreads Loose

dreadlocks with shaved side for women

While updo is an awesome way to rock dreads with shaved sides, you also have the option to let your hair gently flow over your shoulder. This gives you a sensual, delicate look.



dreads with bangs and shaved sides

Instagram / hairbytiikeribarbi



dreadlocks with shaved sides and design

Instagram / hairbytiikeribarbi



dreads bun with shaved sides

Instagram / dreads_sverige



braids and dreads with shaved sides

Instagram / locsbysamy



ombre dreads with shaved sides

Instagram / copky



braided dreads with shaved sides

Instagram / laetilocs



dreads updo with shaved sides

Instagram / lazyhammockmusic



dreadlocks hairstyle with shaved sides

Instagram / hairbytiikeribarbi


14. Dreads Mohawk

dreads mohawk with shaved side

When it comes to styling dreads, there are no rules. You can just pick them up and style it like Mohawk for a casual and effortless look.


15. Short Pixie

short dreads with shaved side

Give your starter dreadlocks more edge with shaved sides. This gives away the pixie haircut style which happens to be one of the most elegant and feminine looks you can rock. Try it out, and you’ll love it.


FAQs on Dreadlocks with Shaved Side

Q. How Long It Takes to Grow Shaved Sides Back?

Ans: The first and most important thing you need to bear in mind when shaving your hair is that patience is crucial. Your hair won’t grow back in a matter of days or weeks. “One size fits all” rule doesn’t apply here. It all comes down to the average rate at which your hair grows. For instance, hair grows a half inch per month, but some people may notice their hair grows faster than someone else’s.


Q. How Often Can You Wash Dreads?

Ans: How often you should wash dreads depends on several factors including whether they’re new or more mature. New dreads don’t require daily washing because they loosen. On the flip side, washing your hair every day when dreads are mature won’t hurt them, but you should still strive to wash two or maximum three times a week.

If you have naturally oily hair, you may want to wash your dreads often because the last thing you want is to have the oil and other impurities accumulate and give away an unpleasant smell. Remember, proper care and conditioning are important.


Dreads with shaved sides are a popular hairstyle for brave and adventurous women. Don’t forget the importance of maintaining your dreads and if you have enough time (and patience), you can remove them without cutting and clipping.