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11 Bold Mohawk Hairstyles for Girls to Try

Girls Mohawk hairstyle are bodacious and daring because it takes a lot of nerves to try this bold, sassy and attention-grabbing hairdo. While there are countless cool hairstyles for girls, some are just not made for them, and likewise for boys. With over thousands of hairstyles, only a few hairstyles qualify as “unisex hairstyles”, and the Mohawk hairstyle is the one.


What Is a Mohawk Hairstyle

girl mohawk hairstyle

A Mohawk hairstyle for girls is the easiest way to stand out in the crowd. But not everyone can pull this off as it requires extra maintenance and care.

It is not an ordinary hairstyle, and if you want to get this hairstyle, you would have to go through the major transformation as the sides of your head are shaven off and the middle part is left as it is. The hair from the middle is then allowed to grow until it has reached its desired length. This section of hair demands to be taken care of making spikes using hair styling products, such as gels and creams.


How to Style Girl Mohawk on Long Hair

girls mohawk on long hair

Let’s face the fact, thin and short hair makes the best Mohawks because the less weight, hair, and volume helps a lot in defying the gravity, but you can definitely achieve the girl mohawk hairstyle effortlessly if you choose the right and strong products, such as hair glues, pomades, and gels to shape your hair into the well-tamed and well-suited Mohawk.

Here’s how to style girl mohawk hairstyle for long hair:

  • Wash Your Hair: While a Mohawk for girls is easy to achieve, it is challenging to style this hairstyle in freshly washed hair. It is recommended to wash your hair the night before you want to style a Mohawk. Let the natural oil and grease stay to calm the stray hair and help mold the hair quickly.
  • Apply Hair Glue: To style, apply hair glue from the tips to the roots with your head upside down. Once you’re done with the glue, shape the hair into a Mohawk.
  • Do the Sides: The sides of this hairstyle make it stand out from the crowd, invest a good amount of time in doing the sides of a Mohawk. Apply pomade to the sides of your head to get smaller hair into the Mohawk. Try to cover all the stray and push up into the Mohawk.
  • Finish with A Hairspray: When you’re done with the sides, finish the look by spraying a hefty amount of spray applied directly to all the hair.
  • Style the Mohawk: Make sure the Mohawk is stiff as a board from tips to roots when you stand up.


Some tips to keep the Mohawk solid and stiff:

  • While blow-drying, keep your head upside down until you feel the stiffness of your hair.
  • Spray more hair-spray or apply hair gel, if needed.
  • After you’re done styling and blow-drying, apply more hairspray to finish the look.

The more the stiff, the better the results. You can never get enough of the stiffness in the Mohawk for long hair.


Amazing Mohawk Hairstyles for Girls

Here are 11 bold and fierce girl Mohawk hairstyles to sport this year

1. Mohawk with Undercut Braids

girls braided mohawk with undercut

Braided Mohawk undercut is a huge trend these days and is one of the unique and dapper looks out there. If you want to expose your cheekbones, facial features, beautiful neckline, and your wild side, then this girl’s mohawk hairstyle is definitely for you.


2. Fishtail Braid Mohawk

fishtail mohawk braids for girls

This is the most lavish hairstyle for the girl Mohawk hairstyle admirers. This bold yet classy look gives you wings when it comes to elegance, grace, and stoutheartedness.


3. Bright and Colorful Mohawk

colorful mohawk hairstyles for girls

This Mohawk hairstyle for girls is for anyone who wants to flatter her edgy, playful and quirky side. If you intend to steal the show wherever you go, don this blue hairstyle with bold lips and funky accessories.


4. Wild and Ferocious

funky girl mohawk hairstyle

This girl Mohawk hairdo is not your everyday hairstyle, this bold and short punky hairstyle can turn heads and attract attention if you want to appear at the Halloween’s party and surprise people with your looks and demeanor.


5. Dutch Braid Mohawk

dutch braid mohawk for girls

This Mohawk hairstyle for blonde girls is for anyone who has long, sleek hair and wants to look unique and superior. The Dutch braid makes this hairstyle look messy and sloppy.


6. Curly Mohawk

Curls and Mohawks complement each other in the best way possible, this side-swept Mohawk for girls anything but bossy, if you are graced with an oval and angular face and you can simply rock this hairstyle.


7. Mohawk Ponytail

A girl Mohawk style with shaved sides is the simplest and trendiest hairstyle one can own. You can twist your hair and tease it a bit to lift the ponytail up and create drama.


8. Kinky Hair Mohawk

This twisted, kinky ombré hair Mohawk for girls is everything you need to run the show. The kinky hair along with the ombré adds opulence and create artsy flair. If you cannot afford to shave off your sides, you can always pull them tight and slick.


9. Emo Hair

If you’re being too adventurous and punky, take your mohawk hairstyle for girls to the next level with this rare, unusual and bizarre Mohawk with tail, dyed sides, and fringe bangs. If you don’t want to fade out your sides completely, stain it two shades lighter than your hair color to create an eye-popping effect.


10.  Mohawk Updo

girl's mohawk updo hairstyles

For anybody who said Mohawks are not for formal events, we’re sorry to break it to you, but they are: a trendy mohawk updo for girls look ethereal and super gorgeous when worn at weddings and parties. You can easily style your hair into a cute and stylish updo for casual and formal events. Ace this girl mohawk with perky and pretty hair clips and beads to outshine yourself.


11. Bun Mohawk

box braided bun mohawk for girls

Well, we all love box braids, don’t we? This hairstyle is absolute goals for girls with voluminous thick hair and wants to fake a Mohawk for girls. Style your box braids, as usual, make three sections and tie them in the center, one after another and make three Mohawk buns. You can even dye your hair strands to jazz up your hair.


A Mohawk hairstyle for girls is a fashionable and chic, but a complicated hairstyle that demands professional help. Mohawk should be maintained timely. This hairstyle is an incredible way to rejuvenate your look. A Mohawk is a perfect hairstyle for you if you are tired of the same old boring hairstyles and are bold enough to carry the sass the girl mohawk brings.