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Quick Read: How to Dye Black Hair Blue

So you have black hair and are ready to get midnight blue locks? You can go about it in several ways, but they chiefly boil down to two methods. You can either use a temporary dye that’s made for dark hair.

Yes, it’s temporary and will wash out in one to 12 washes. Or you can have your hair bleached and add a blue semi-permanent dye over it. This will last longer and won’t stain your clothes and pillowcase.

Experts recommend that to dye hair blue, you must first lighten it to a blonder hue. To do this safely, It may require a professional stylist’s intervention, but should you embark on this journey from the comforts of your home, there are a few things you should know.

Black to Blue Hair: Tools Needed

tools for dyeing black hair blue

Semi-permanent color will always be more vibrant because it starts on a lighter, bleached slate of hair. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be awfully cute if you choose a temporary do-it-yourself route. Before you get started on this quest for blue hair, you will need to secure a few tools. Those tools will include:

  • Clips to Hold Hair
  • Blue Hair Dye
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Gloves
  • Hair Dying brush and mixing bowl

Your dye could be chalk, wax, cream, or spray. Remember, this is temporary, so you can experiment with whichever works best for you.

How to Style Black Hair With Blue Tips?

The Hair Dying Process

Black to Blue Hair Dying Process

Manic Panic and Color Brilliance are two popular brands used by many who dare to engage in the spectrum of hair colors ranging from pastels to deep purples to vibrant blues from the comfort of their home. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, section your hair into four sections and apply a holding clip. Hair should be completely dry before you embark on this process.

Next, apply petroleum jelly around your hairline to prevent hair dye stains.

Remove the clamp from one section of your hair and begin using the blue hair dye, parting your hair one line at a time and using the hair dye brush, dabbing color in place from root to tip.

Once you complete one section of hair, move to the next section of hair and repeat this process until you have finished. Be careful to wipe off any dye that gets on your skin. It will stain.

The manufacturer’s instructions will differ based on your product type. But trust that they know their product best, and make sure to follow the recommendations. Temporary dyes are usually safe to use at home, even on damaged hair.

But if you want to bleach your hair first before applying the blue dye, ensure that your hair is healthy and ready to undergo the royal transformation, as bleach is inherently damaging.

What Are Some Styling Ideas for Blue Hair or Black and Blue Hair?

blue to black hair ideas

There are so many ways you can have blue-black hair or have your hair completely blue. Some different shades and haircuts can help you flaunt your blue. Here are a few ideas:

  • blue black ombre
  • pastel blue on black hair (highlights)
  • cobalt blue and black bayalage
  • midnight blue with highlights of a lighter shade
  • black hair with blue tips
  • blue color under black that only shows with movement
  • braided blue and black hair
  • black bob with deep blue highlights
  • blue waves
  • pastel blue pixie
  • midnight blue curls
  • navy blue with teal streaks
  • money pieces (bold shade of blue in chunks in the front only)
  • mermaid hair with different shades of blue


Can I go from black hair to blue hair?

Yes, if you want a light blue color and not a midnight black, you will need to do two to three bleach processes to lighten your locks so they can accept the light blue dye.

How do I dye my hair blue from black?

If you want a dark blue color, you can easily use temporary blue hair dye that will give you blue tresses.

How do I get my hair from black to blue without bleach?

You can do this with a temporary hair dye, but they tend to stain pillowcases and clothing and don’t last.

What happens if I put blue dye over black hair?

If it’s a temporary dye, it will look great. You can’t just put semi-permanent blue hair dye on black hair and expect anything to happen. You would have to bleach your hair first.

Will black dye cover any color?


How do I dye black hair midnight blue?

Try a temporary dark blue hair dye. It will blend with your black color.

Can I dye black hair without bleach?

Yes, with temporary hair colors. These only coats the hair instead of changing the hair color from the inside.

How can I dye my hair blue at home?

You can use temporary hair dye at home by following the tips in this article.

How long does blue last in hair?

The semi-permanent dye will start to fade in a week. Temporary hair colors usually come out in the first wash.

What skin tone suits blue hair?

Blue hair looks good on all skin tones.

Is jet black darker than blue black?

Black is not a natural hair color. If the black looks like it has blue highlights, it’s not quite as dark as jet black.

Can I pull off blue hair?

Most people can pull it off esthetically. If you want to go slow for professional reasons, try highlights first, then streaks to see what kind of reactions you get before going all the way blue.

How to get black hair with blue highlights?

Try combing a temporary blue spray lightly into your hair. This way, the blue will be less and only shine in the light.

In summary, to dye jet black hair blue, you should first lighten your hair to a blonde hue to ensure that the color will take. Before applying blue dye to your hair, ensure that your hair is healthy and ready to undergo the royal transformation.

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