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23 Easy Updos for Long Hair to Revamp Your Style

Are you tired of getting that same old ponytail for your long hair? Why not an updo? There are many updo hairstyles available for long-haired ladies that can suit any face shape, hair texture, or length. Top buns, space buns, twisted updos, you name it! When you have length, you definitely get more versatility, even if the hairdo you need must be styled in just seconds.

And if you have no time to spend on intricate hairdos, then you should definitely try some easy updos that can be pulled off in the blink of an eye!

Cute & Easy Long Hair Updos

If you are searching for an easy updo for long hair, you better check these examples and upgrade your hairstyling game!

1. Low Twisted Bun

easy updo for long straight hair

If you’re blessed with beautiful long hair, try this easy updo hairstyle. This hairdo can be pulled off in just a few seconds. Spare some strands from the bangs and let them fall on your face, creating great framing.

Gather the rest of the hair in the back, twist it, and secure it with a hair clip.

2. Top Curly Bun

easy updo for long hair with bow

If your hair is curly and coarse and you don’t want to spend too much time styling it, you can easily pull off this top bun.

Comb all your hair up, and use a red scrunchie to secure it. Choose a hair elastic that is similar to a scarf tied around the base. 

3. French Look

easy updo for long hair with scrunchie

French women have a particularly elegant and romantic look, and if you want to channel your glamorous side, you need to style this simple yet effective low bun.

Part your hair in the middle and messily wave your bangs and get a low back bun. Serucre it with a large velvet scrunchie. 

4. Low Side Bun

easy updo for long hair - side bun

Side buns are playful and can make any woman look younger and fresh. And with the proper outfit and makeup, they can become a hairstyle you can also wear for a business meeting or an important event. 

5. Retro Look 

easy updo for long hair with scarf

This quick but elegant updo is perfect for long hair to give a cool retro vibe. And if you love these old-school looks, get your favorite scarf and create a high bun.

Wrap the scarf around your head and tie it on the forehead, creating a bow. Use the bangs and style some victory rolls. 

6. Loose French Braided Updo

easy braided updo for long hair

Braided updos are popular for a reason. If you have long hair and aim for an easy-to-get hairstyle, start by building a French braid on the side. Twist the remaining hair and secure it with a larger hair clip.

Don’t worry about those baby hairs or other thin strands that stick out; they will make the hairstyle look cool and slightly messy. 

7. Top Knot

easy long hair updo for ladies

Need a hairdo you can create anytime in just a few seconds? Well, you can always use this casual top knot! Get all your hair up and tie it down with a hair elastic, like you are doing a ponytail. 

Instead of pulling the hair out through the elastic, let it make a large bump. 

8. Lifted Roots

easy updo for long haired women

If you’re attending a glamorous event where you need to look flawless, well this is an easy-to-do tousled updo hairstyle that you should definitely try. 

Using a comb, tease the bangs to add height and get all your hair in the nape area, where you will style a simple bun. Secure with bobby pins and sprinkle some glitter. 

9. Half Up Half Down Curls

easy half updo for long hair

This easy updo for long curly hair looks cute and makes you feel younger. It keeps the curls layered, and the top hair secured in a  top voluminous bun.

Complete the outfit with large gold earrings and a pair of glasses that will show off your nerdy side. 

10. Face-framing Bangs with Messy Updo

easy unkempt updo for long hair

This classic supermodel updo will flatter most women with long hair and bangs. Keep the fringe long in the corners of the forehead and slightly parted to the side.

As for the updo, messy looks are quite trendy at the moment and getting a careless bun is a wonderful choice for busy days.

11. Space Buns with Bangs

easy updo for long hair - space buns

As an Asian girl, we recommend you try this cute, playful hairstyle with space buns and blunt bangs. Part your hair into two sections that you will use to style two buns on the sides.

Pull off a few strands from the corner of the forehead and curl them for a more romantic look.

12. Rolled Back Bun

easy updo for long thick hair

If you have thick hair, you might love a layered hairstyle with long bangs. Also, choose a caramel blonde as a base and add some warm sun-kissed-looking highlights. 

Roll all your hair in a low-nape bun and, using bobby pins, secure your tresses. 

13. Ballet Bun

easy long hair updo for party

A ballet bun is an easy updo that works incredibly with long hair. To give it that amazing flawless shape, you will need a sponge donut that you will use to wrap the hair. 

Pull off some strands, creating bumps, and let some hair pieces loose to create better face framing.

14. Side Messy Bun

easy low updo for long hair

This casual bun hairstyle is an amazing choice for women with long hair who don’t want to spend too much time arranging their hair. 

Go for a cute blonde ombre with bangs covering the forehead and more length on the sides. Twits all your hair on one side and secure. 

15. Top Rolled Bun

easy updo for long hair - top bun

If you need an easy updo for your long hair, you will adore this top bun. Comb all your hair up, roll it, and secure it. Keep it not too tight in the back so you get more volume. 

16. Wavy Twisted Bun

easy claw clip updo for long hair

If you have naturally wavy hair, use a larger hair clip to secure your hair. Get it all to the back and casually twist it, then use the hair clip to hold your mane in place. 

17. Donut Bun

easy updo for long hair - ballet bun

To gain that amazing donut bun, you will need a rather large sponge donut. Go for a ponytail, then wrap the hair around the donut. 

Spare a thick strand that you will warp around the base so your bun will get some height.

18. Messy Bun + Long Bangs

easy messy updo for long hair

It is an elegant, easy messy bun hairstyle to do in minutes. Get long wispy bangs that you will slightly spread on the forehead. Gather all your hair in the lower back, then roll it and secure it in a bun.

Pull off some strands from the sides and let them casually fall, framing your face.

19. Asian Low Bun

easy updo for long hair - low bun

Comb your hair back and loosely twist it, creating a bun that has a lot of volume. You can use a regular clip to secure it or a pin. 

If you have a soft wavy hair texture, your bun will get all the dimension it needs.

20. Triangle Bangs

easy topknot updo for long hair

This easy updo for long hair features blunt bangs that cover the forehead and an unfinished ponytail.

Use a thick hair elastic and don’t fully pull off your hair through the elastic, so you will get a messy cool bun.

21. Bun For Kids

easy updo for little girls with long hair

This beautiful long updo hairstyle for little girls will look amazing, especially if you use a net bun cover. It will better secure the hair and give it such a fabulous makeover.

22. Rounded Low Bun + Centre Part

easy middle parted updo for long hair

For this sleek updo hairstyle, do a middle part and go for blonde highlights that you paint in the lower section of your mane. They will look fabulous on a rolled low bun, adding texture and depth.

23. Twisted Updo

easy twisted updo for long hair

An easy updo like this is perfect for long hair because it requires only a simple hair twist. Instead of rolling the twisted hair into a bun, orient it up and secure it with bobby pins. 

Choosing an easy updo is a great choice for long hair, especially when you need a hairstyle that you can pull off quickly, with minimal effort. So try the examples below and let us know which one suits you best!