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8 Female Blonde Singers Who Rocked Their Hair

Blonde hair has often been a signature style for some of the most iconic female singers in the music industry.

From pop superstars to country singers, blonde singers have made lasting impressions. Many of these musicians’ signature blonde hairstyles have become as memorable as their hit singles.

If you have blonde hair and looking for hairstyle inspirations, explore our shortlisted singers with stunning blonde hairstyles.

Famous Female Singers with Blonde Hair

The way a blonde celebrity styles their hair fascinates the common people like us and inspires them to try new hairstyles. Especially, there are some famous female singers who love to change their hairstyles and hair colors very often to keep the audience interested in their appearance.

Whether it’s natural or dyed, their blonde hair has become synonymous with their musical personas. Here are 8 popular singers who rocked blonde hair.

1. Taylor Swift

Singer Taylor Swift With Blonde Hair
Taylor Swift (source: taylorswift/Instagram)

Who in the world doesn’t know the living legend Taylor Swift? She is one of the greatest singers and performers in this world and is also known for her beautiful blonde hair.

When she first started in 2008, her hair was noodle-like curly but right now she is rocking her straight blonde hair with curtain bangs. Naturally she has curly frizzy hair but Taylor prefers keeping her hair straight which gives them a nice shine and volume.

2. Ava Max

Singer Ava Max With Blonde Hair
Ava Max

The “Sweet but Psycho” singer is continuously a topic for gossip because of her strange hairstyles. She is known for her asymmetrical haircut which now has a name called “Max Cut.

Ava Max tries to style her platinum blonde hair in different ways which always catches the attention of her fans. When her hair started getting popular, many people tried changing it to blonde and got this Max Cut.

3. Joni Mitchell

Singer Joni Mitchell With Blonde Hair
Joni Mitchell (source: jonimitchell/Instagram)

One of the biggest household names in the world of rock music in the ’60s and ’70s, Joni Mitchell also has blonde hair.

In her past photos, she is seen rocking her blonde hair with perfectly done bangs. Now at 79, her blonde hair is still a reflection of her personality.

4. Lady Gaga

Singer Lady Gaga With Blonde Hair
Lady Gaga (source: ladygaga/Instagram)

Lady Gaga is a singer who loves experimenting with her hair. Even though she is a natural blonde, there are only a few of her pictures with blonde hair available on the internet.

With platinum blonde hair, she looks stunning and knows how to carry different hairstyles including fringe cuts, shoulder cuts and, long hair.

5. Billie Eilish

Singer Billie Eilish With Blonde Hair
Billie Eilish (source: avrillavigne/Instagram)

We don’t get to see and hear it often, but many people’s favorite singer is naturally blonde. When Billie first started her career, she came into the camera blonde but then started having fun with hair colors and highlights.

You may know her from her neon green hair, but you should also know that she looks dazzling in her natural blonde hair too. Another popular thing about her hair is her bangs which look perfect on her face.

6. Avril Lavigne

Singer Avril Lavigne With Blonde Hair
Avril Lavigne (source: avrillavigne/Instagram)

Avril Lavigne introduced many inspirations for teenagers with her blonde punk-style hair in the 2000s.

She is definitely a gorgeous woman but what makes her more gorgeous is how she incorporated bold highlights in her blonde hair. Many women also started highlighting their hair in shades of pink, purple, and green.

7. Kelly Clarkson

Singer Kelly Clarkson With Blonde Hair
Kelly Clarkson (source: kellyclarkson/Instagram)

Kelly Clarkson is an amazing singer, songwriter, and TV show host. But do you know what is another amazing thing about her? Her shiny blonde hair! Her blonde hair has black roots which look like she has dirty blonde hair.

8. Katy Perry

Singer Katy Perry With Blonde Hair
Katy Perry (source: katycatempire/Instagram)

Despite not being seen enough with her natural hair color, Katy Perry is a natural blonde. Over the years in her career, her fans have seen Katy Perry in different hair colors and hairstyles ranging from jet black to purple.

But her blonde hair is also something to die for. She tried many hairstyles from slick back long hair to boy-cut hair, and each hairstyle of hers indicates an era of her music.

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