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18 Perfect Hairstyles for Men with Big Noses in 2024

While noses are expected to be proportional to the face, some men are blessed with big noses. Well, some self-conscious guys also take it as a curse as they don’t find the right hairstyle to match their noses.

Big Nose is attractive, elegant, sexy, and unique. But, there are some people who want to be looked perfectly perfect downplaying large nose.

A well-chosen hairstyle not only balances the big nose but also highlights the cool facial features. In this article, we will explore some hairstyles to complement your bignose.

Best Hairstyles for Men with Big Noses

You can either choose to show off your big nose or make it less noticeable. Depending on that, you have to choose the length of your hair short or long. A short haircut makes it more visible while a long hairstyle makes it less noticeable, especially when paired with facial hair.

If you are looking for the best hairstyle to make your large nose look its best and increase your confidence, here are some stunning hairstyle options for you:

1. French Crop

French crop hairstyle for men with big noses

Unlike a regular French crop, this hairstyle has a textured and slightly longer combed forward top. The sides are cut short while the front part looks like a mushroom cut.

With a full beard, this haircut can make the big nose on your face well-balanced and attractive with your look.

2. Simple Quiff

quiff hairstyle for men with big noses

The simple disconnected quiff helps balance facial features for men with big noses. The hair at the front swept up into a lifted quiff. The volume on the front and short sides helps to divert focus from the nose.

3. Wavy Side Part

side part hairstyle for men with big noses

If you want to make your nose appear balanced try this side-parted hairstyle with casual wavy locks with confidence.

The blonde highlights on the darker hair give a visual interest that draws attention to the hair rather than the nose. Hence, the wavy texture and blonde color enhance the overall appearance.

4. Slick Back + Bun

man bun hairstyle for men with big noses

This hairstyle combines sleekly combed-back hair from the forehead and a neatly tied bun on the back of the head.

Adding a long beard with this style minimizes the impact of any special facial characteristic, such as a wide nose or thick eyebrows.

5. Buzz Cut

buzz cut hairstyle for men with big noses

Wentworth Miller’s uniformly short haircut accentuates his facial structure and draws attention to his piercing eyes and chiseled jawline.

This buzz cut with receding hairline has become his signature hairstyle for Miller to boost his rugged and masculine image.

6. Thin Spiky Front + Widow’s Peak

hairstyle for men with big noses and thin hair

If you have thin hair, you may try a widow’s peak hairstyle while keeping the front a bit longer so that you can spike it up.

The contrast between the closely trimmed sides and spiky front hair camouflage thinning hairs by creating a visually intriguing bold look.

7. Side Parted Sweep

salt and pepper hairstyle for men with big noses

This hairstyle balances between maturity and elegance by combining the classic side part with a gentle sweep of the hair.

It is a great hairstyle for men over 50 with big noses and salt-and-pepper hair. This style also complements the natural greying of the hair.

8. Brushed Back Long Hair

long hairstyle for men with big noses

You can get a laid-back yet polished style on your long hair by gently brushing the hair away from the face and towards the back.

The hair gracefully stays on the shoulder and takes all the attention from your facial hair. Hence, your big nose will be overlooked.

9. Nerdy Sweep Over

hairstyle for men with big noses and glasses

This haircut has a slightly longer top that is seeped to the side. Ultimately the sweep over diverts attention from the nose. Further, adding a framed glass on the eyes gives a nerdy vibe.

10. Puffy Curly Hair

curly hairstyle for men with big noses

If you have slightly coiled curly hair, keeping them long will give you a puffy look. Just grow the hair for a few months and get a bushy texture.

The long curls cover half of the big ears and draw all the attention. Hence, your big nose remains overlooked.

11. Slick Back Undercut

slick back undercut hairstyle for men with big noses

This haircut for men with big noses combines long hair and undercut. The longer hair on top is slicked back and apparently tied into a ponytail. It provides the ultimate daring look to dry hair.

12. Afro Hair with Short Sides

afro hairstyle for black men with big noses

The short sides give a reasonable contrast with the top hair. The centerpiece resembles the voluminous and natural texture of the Afro curls. You can customize this hairstyle with fades on the sides.

13. Gelled Wavy Hair

wavy hairstyle for men with big noses

The gelled wavy hair combed upward and side provides a sophisticated look for men with large noses. To get this look, apply hair gel all over the head and then comb it upward and curve to the side.

14. Fine Slick Back

slick back hairstyle for men with big noses

Slick-back hair with a wavy full beard that is visibly longer on the chin is a great combination that will make your long nose go unnoticed.

If you are going for this style, it is recommended to keep your hair length above the shoulder on the back. Otherwise, the style may look too unkempt for a man.

15. Combed Back

short hairstyle for men with big noses

The upward sweep side parted combed back hair perfectly balances the face shape with a tidy appearance.

It captures the timeless charm while keeping the natural texture. Further, the short length on the sides ensures that the ear gets focused ignoring the long nose.

16. Comb Over for Receding Hairline

comb over hairstyle for men with big noses

The centerpiece remains longer while the sides remain short. You can get this look using a fine-toothed comb that enables hair to be artfully directed to one side in an upward-angled shape.

Eventually, you will get the illusion of fuller hair hiding the thinning areas. Grow a full beard with this hairstyle to make the nose look shorter.

17. Combed Flyaway

hairstyle for older men with big noses

If you don’t want to hide your nose, here is a hairstyle for men that will allow you to show off your unique large nose. The combed hair with some flyaways provides a natural look for older men.

18. Braid with Flyaway

braid hairstyle for men with big noses

The long braided hair on a man with a big nose provides a fascinating contrast and individuality. It brings the traditional beauty of long braids, allowing the flyaways to dance freely. This style is great for any casual outing or occasion.

So, you can either choose a hairstyle to keep the attention out of your big nose or go for a hairstyle that will make your big nose more visible. No matter which one you prefer, your nose is a part of your unique facial feature, and these hairstyles will surely balance your overall look and boost your style.