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20 Manly Braids for Men With Long Hair

Braids is a great hairstyle option to try for men with long hair. You may be looking to grow your hair out but don’t know which styles to wear. Or, you may already have the length and want to switch up your style.  They will keep your hair at bay while adding texture to your look.

Also, all of the men’s long hair braids styles would be perfect for any event that you may have. You can get your hair braided at your local barber/hairdresser or ask your significant other, mother or even sister to braid your hair into the style that you desire.


Braids for Men With Long Hair

1. Multiple French Braids 

long man French braids

For this hairstyles, the touch of greatness is not only given by the long French braids but also to that manly short cut.

Ideal For: All those men who want to give their braids a rebellious note are welcomed to try this hairstyle. 

How to style: Part your hair in four pieces and create French braids that you will meet in a low pony. 


2. Thin Box Braids

long braids for black men

Such long braids will suit any black man who wants a low maintenance hairstyle. 

Ideal For: Choose this hairdo if you have thin hair and no time to spend in front of the mirror in the morning.

How to style: Create box braids and secure those knits by dipping them into very hot water. 


3. Blue Braided Pony

men's long box braids

These long box braids can be easily styled by men using some Jumbo Hair. 

Ideal For: Every time you want a rebellious look or just craving for something that’s out of the ordinary, try this hairdo. 

How to style: Cut your sides and back short and attach the Jumbo braids to the top. Once you are done, pin them in a pony.


4. Half Cornrow Braids

men's long cornrow braids

This man’s long cornrow braids are low maintenance and can be done in a salon or home. Make sure you don’t make them too tight; you don’t want to harm your scalp.

Ideal For: Trendy, manly, and sexy! Even as a white guy, this is how you will look after going for these bob shaped cornrows. 

How to style: If your hair is not long enough to create long braids, you can always extend them with some Jumbo hair. 


5. Braided Undercut

warrior braids for men with long hair

To build this warrior braided hairstyle for men with long hair, you need some texturizing and fixing spray. 

Ideal For: If you have thick hair, this hairdo is your best choice because you’ll be able to build a lot of volume for the mohawk. 

How to style: Part the mane in three sections and braid both sides. Tease the top to give it dimension. 


6. Low Braid

single long braids for men

A single long braid is that hairstyle that can be a man’s savior when it comes to low-maintenance hairstyles that must be done quickly.

Ideal For: The single braid requires so little effort and can help you get a hairstyle that is also wonderful and suitable for all sorts of events. 

How to style: Simply gather all the hair in the back and knit it into a standard braid. Tie it with a translucent hair elastic.


7. Braided Mohawk

long viking braids for guys

Guys with long hair adore long Viking braids because they transform them into masculine and trendy appearances. 

Ideal For: All guys who need a sexy hairstyle that reeks rebellion and can go for this look. Also, don’t forget about the beard. 

How to style: Shave the sides and maintain a long top that can be braided. Keep the knits as long as you like and extend them with some Jumbo hair if you need more length. 


8. Double French Braids

two braids for man with long hair

These two braids hairstyle is not very common only among women, but also ideal for men with long hair.

Ideal For: One of the best aspects of this hairstyle is that you’ll build it in the morning and it will certainly keep your hair perfectly tied up until your day ends. Also, after you untie it, you’ll end up with braids. You can have to hairstyles in one! 

How to style: Part your hair in two equal sections and braid the knits, securing them at the bottom. The braid should be tight if you want it to look perfect. 


9. Black and Gray box Braids

long braids for Asian man

Long box braids can definitely work for an Asian man with strong dark hair. If you want to give the hairdo a particular glow, while knitting, add a few silver threads for some of the braids. 

Ideal For: All Asian men who need a less traditional hairstyle can pick these fabulous box braids. 

How to style: You can also include a temple undercut and a jawline beard with a mustache if you crave a masculine touch. 


10. Low Ponytail Braid

men's low ponytail braid for long hair

Ideal for: Any casual outing with anybody.

How to style: This long hair braids style for men is very easy and simple to do. All you have to do is get an undercut on your long hair. Then, pull your hair into a ponytail and braid it downwards. Then, band the end to keep the braid so that your hair doesn’t pull out.


11. Double Braided Man Bun

Double Braided Man Bun for Long Hair

Ideal for: Any event that you want to look fresh for. This braids for men with long hair will help you stand out in a crowd.

How to style: You would split your fade in half, then braid it downwards into one. If your hair is longer than the model you can place it into a man bun or braid the ponytail.

Also, adding hair clips will accentuate your style for the event. Lastly, get a fresh line up that blends in with your fade so that all eyes will be on you.


12. Double Braids into Bun

men's double braids for long hair

Ideal for: Any casual event that you have to attend such as a barbecue cookout, outing with the guys, gym or even to pick up the kids.

How to style: Split your hair in the middle using a zig-zag pattern. Then braid each section. You can pin the remaining hair away, tuck it under, place it in a ponytail or in a man bun braids.

It depends on what works for you and your style. Weekly maintenance would be required to keep your fade and line-up looking fresh.


13. Pulled-Back Men’s French Braid

messy braid with long hair for men

Ideal for: Any outing with the guys such as football, basketball or baseball game, yachting, fishing, etc.

How to style: This braids for long-haired men requires you to just braid the middle portion of your backward hair. It will keep your hair looking in an orderly manner while you are on the road. As well as, keeps your long hair out of your face especially if you’re doing any physical activity.


14. Triple Back Braids

triple braids for long haired men

Ideal for: A casual event such as date night, basketball with the guys, or doing errands. A trendy way to style long man braids.

How to style: You would ask your hairstylist to shave your sides and back bald or really low. Then, braid the top portion into 3 braids going back. You can put the ends in a ponytail like the model.

Or if your hair is longer then you can place it into a man bun. Also, you can add accessories such as hair clips to add to your style. Maintenance that is required is a weekly line up or disconnected undercut.


15. Slanted Braids into a Topknot

Ideal for: A new braided hairstyle for men with long hair to rock for the new year, new school year or any new event.

How to style: Another low fade with the top-heavy with hair. The top portion is cornrowed into a unique style which is using slanted rows. Then, it is pulled back into a bun. You can choose to place it in a ponytail if you want.


16. Braid with Low Fade

Inverted Dutch Braid for Men

Ideal for: Any casual events with friends, family or even your significant other.

How to style: You would keep the sides and back really low. You can choose to add designs such as stars or a deep side part. Then, the top portion is done in an inverted Dutch braid.

So, the braid will sit on top of the hair. Usually, this long man braids style has to be done by a professional or you can master it from youtube.


17. Omarion Braids Style

braided hairstyle for long haired men

Ideal for: This hairstyle is ideal for school or a basketball match.

How to style: This style will require a lot of time in order to get the design correctly. Hence, you may be sitting in the chair at the salon for a very long time, so get comfortable.

Ensure that your hair is moisturized so that your hair stays healthy and shiny while in the braids. Also, weekly maintenance may be needed to keep your line up looking fresh.


18. Zig Zag Braids

Ideal for: Any event when you want to look fresh for with your family, girls or guys.

How to style: For this men’s long hair braids style, you would part your hair in rows then braid each section downward. Then, band the end to keep the braid in its place.

Then, you would braid the hair in the remaining rows over the first braids. Please ensure to get this style done by a professional so that it comes out looking fresh always.


19. Braided Men’s Ponytail

braids for men with long hair

Ideal for: Any casual outing that you have.

How to style: For this braided hairdo for men, you would simply braid your hair all the way down to the end. Then, band the end with an elastic band to prevent the braid from unraveling. Daily maintenance would be required to keep your fade low by brushing it.


20. Mohawk Braids

fishtail braid for men's long hair

Ideal for: Any casual event. A classic braided mohawk with taper fades for long-haired men.

How to style: For this braid on long hair for men like the many others the top portion of your hair would be braided using the fishtail pattern invertedly. Daily maintenance would be required by you to brush your fade to keep it low. Also, regular visits to the barber to keep your line up looking fresh.


Out of all these styles maintenance would be required to keep your line up looking fresh, as well as moisturizing your hair. You may even need to get your braids redone after a week especially if your hair grows really fast. So which braids style for men with long hair would you be trying next?