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10 Fetching Wedding Hairstyles for High Neck Dresses

Whether your wedding gown is a glamorous old-Hollywood gown with a high neck, a sweetheart neckline, a boho-chic lace gown, or a modern and sophisticated column wedding dress with a minimalist feel, there’s a bridal hairstyle to suit any neckline and vibe. To help you complete your bridal look, we’ve curated the top 10 wedding hairstyles for high neck dresses. 

All you need is some inspiration and some pro tips, so here you go! We curated a list of high neck dress wedding hairstyles to get you started. 


Wedding Hairstyles for High Neck Dresses

A high-neck wedding dress is a classic, timeless style that elongates the bride’s silhouette to make it slimmer and taller, adding a semi-modest touch to the attire.

If you’re a bride having a traditional church wedding or want to accentuate your neck or your beautiful long arms, a high-neck dress can be just what the wedding stylist ordered.

And once you find the perfect one, it’s time to choose the best wedding hairstyles for high neck dresses to complete the look.

1. A Voluminous Short Wavy Do

short wedding hairstyle for high neck dress

If you are a short-haired bride, nothing beats a gorgeous voluminous blow dry with inwardly curled waves. You can further style it with a tiara headband or even a French barrette or jeweled hair clip on one side!

Shorter or bob-cut hair looks 50s Hollywood with a high-neck bridal gown, especially if you go all out with rich red lipstick and accessories like a bejeweled clutch bag and studded heels.


2. Low-Hanging Twist Bun

wedding bun hairstyle for high neck dress

A bun is practically synonymous with bridal hairstyles in many different cultures because it imparts a formal dressy vibe.

You can make the low bun more glamorous by adding pearl pins or a couple of Dutch braids, but its most simplistic version will perfectly complement an elaborate wedding gown.

Furthermore, a low-hanging bun is the ideal DIY foolproof hairstyle for the bride who is getting ready all by herself and doing her own hair and makeup!


3. Bohemian Wildflowers Headpiece With Loose Curls

wavy hairstyle with high neck wedding dress

Rustic, outdoorsy weddings and bridal attire have been overwhelmingly popular in the last few years as more and more couples wish to incorporate natural, scenic locations and elements into their wedding festivities.

In keeping with those themes, a bohemian headpiece fitted with seasonal wildflowers or adapted from your favorite type of flower arrangements can be a memorable and stunning hairstyle.

If you ever wanted to look like a forest nymph or fairy, this wedding hairstyle will do it! Finish off the look with loose curls made from a thicker curling barrel tong.


4. Artsy Ballerina Updo

wedding updo with long hair for high neck dress

A ballerina bun is for the bride who wants all the bells and whistles in a hairstyle. The bun is almost a theatrical undertaking with its beautiful high updo design that is paired with loose waves and plenty of youthful bangs.

Perhaps your ‘something borrowed’ or ‘something blue’ could be a accessory pinned either at the top of the style or on one side.


5. Classic Vintage Tiara Hairstyle

wedding loose updo for high neck dress

When in doubt, consider buying or renting a tiara headband and wearing that as a statement headpiece for your wedding.

The tiara reduces the need for the hairstyle to be particularly elaborate, and you can keep the rest of the look more natural or work with your hair’s natural texture. An added braided bun would not look amiss!

The Best Wedding Hairstyles For High Neck Dresses

6. Criss-Cross Medieval Dutch Braided Updo With Fringe

wedding hairstyle with bangs for high neck dress

Some brides want an effortless hairstyle for their wedding day, while others want intricate details that inspire and enchant or indicate a certain historical period.

For the ultimate regal vintage bridal hairstyle, consider Dutch braids woven into a high bun with a stylish fringe and a cross-cross crown piece. Plenty of hairspray and bobby pins are needed to get this style right!


7. Slicked-Back Glossy Waves

brunette hairstyle for high neck wedding dress

Having open hair carefully slicked back to give an almost wet gel runaway look with some uber glossy loose waves at the ends is the ultimate modern bridal hairstyle for a fashionista bride with an oval face.

This hairstyle’s key has the right products for removing frizz and coating the hair cuticle with a shine-enhancing serum. A good professional blowout can help you achieve this hairstyle by yourself at home.


8. The Quintessential Messy Bun

wedding updo for high neck dress

The perfect wedding hairstyles for high neck dresses are the ones that showcase the beauty of your face and your gown. In this example, the bride wears a delicate lace gown with a high neck, so she chose a romantic up-do. 

A messy bun may have saved you on several occasions, from work events to that last-minute date, but it is actually the perfect bridal hairstyle, especially if you style it with an extravagant barrette. Try to use products that reduce frizz so you can get a silky look which is essential for a more formal version of a messy bun.

If you want more volume, you can always use a bun-maker or a similar hair tool that lets you add volume and substance to any bun.


9. A Dutch & Fishtail Braid Combo

wedding braid hairstyle for high neck dress

For brides with longer hair getting married in the warmer months, carrying a high-maintenance hairstyle can be challenging and induce stress.

This particular hairstyle is all about having your hair stylishly out of the way and tucked back while still looking stunning, with Dutch braids in the center of the head, culminating into a wonderful fishtail braid.

Feel free to add hair accessories or little flowers galore!


10. A Timeless Pin-Up Look

hairstyle with high neck wedding dress

Bows have been adored hair accessories since time immemorial, and there is no reason you can’t design a bridal hairstyle around them, especially if you are a lover of pin-up looks from the 40s and their later reincarnations. Play around with sizes of bows since, for a bridal hairstyle, the bigger, the better!

You can also choose exclusively all-white or cream-colored bows so they look like an extension of your wedding dress. If you are fully committed to the look, consider a sharp winged liner and nude lipstick to go with this wedding hairstyles for high neck dress!


Having the right hairstyle for your face shape, features, and the general era and style that your dress belongs to can make or break a look. It is also often necessary to match your chosen hairstyle with other aspects of the styling, too, like accessories, jewelry, makeup, and so forth.

As a bride, you will need to weigh factors like the weather, the logistical part of the wedding day, such as the distance between your house and the venue, and the traffic situation.

Ensuring your hairstyle looks fresh and gorgeous and doesn’t get damaged by transit or long wait hours will contribute to how wonderful you look in your bridal photoshoot!