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10 Joe Rogan Beard Styles That You Can Rock This Season

Let’s admit, while watching his comedy stand-ups, you can’t help but appreciate Joe Rogan beard styles! I’m pretty sure you’ve felt physically attracted to him (if you’re into guys) or if not that, then you’ve genuinely appreciated Joe Rogan’s beard looks at least once!

Joe Rogan has not only made his name in the field of comedy but also in the field of beard styles! It’s amazing how he can pull off all those beard styles. Here are a few of the top Joe Rogan beard styles, arranged from the densest beard to the lightest, that you can rock this season:


Popular Beard Styles of Joe Rogan

From the clean-shaven look to the lazy, low-maintenance beard look, Joe Rogan beards are all diverse and he knows exactly how to pull them off. Get some beard inspiration from his beard styles, which are listed below, and start experimenting with your beard to see which one suits you the most!

1. Medium-Sized Tapered Beard

joe rogan full beard

Of the top Joe Rogan beards, this one is probably the one that gives you the most macho look ever! I mean come on, with this beard style of Rogan, you cannot look sexy!

Ideal for: Casual gatherings and occasions, for example, casual parties at your friends’ places.

How to: Trim your beard either with a scissor or an electric trimmer so that the strands are about a centimeter long.


2. Scruffy Beard

joe rogan with beard

Dense and neat, this Joe Rogan style beard is your dream beard if you love keeping your beard long!

Ideal for: Casual gatherings of all types, including concerts.

How to: Trim your beard either using scissors or a trimmer after setting the length to about 1.5 cm to 2 cm.


3. Neat but Full Beard Look

joe rogan beard style

Not too much, not too less, perfect to get the beard look of Joe Rogan without getting your beard hair all jumbled up!

Ideal for: All events, including casual and formal. You can rock this stubble beard even on your own wedding! It’s the perfect beard for when you don’t know how else to style your beard because you can never go wrong with it.

How to: Trim your beard using an electric rechargeable trimmer, and set the length according to the length shown in the photo above.


4. Medium-Length Trimmed Beard

joe rogan with beard

This beard style with bald hair makes you look mature and masculine, which are both very attractive traits! It’s not too messy or too short!

Ideal for: Weddings, parties, and get-togethers. Use it where you want to show your mature side, for example, while delivering a lecture at a university!

How to style: Trim your beard with a trimmer until you can see the strands about a few millimeters in length. Don’t over-trim. Just trim enough so that your hair can be seen as separate and aren’t mingled up.


5. 5 O’clock Shadow Beard Style

Joe Rogan beard

This Joe Rogan beard style is all you need if you want a beard that doesn’t get in the way while you’re eating or drinking!

Ideal for: Weddings and formal parties. You can even pull off this look at casual gatherings. However, it will best complement a formal suit.

How to: Shave your beard about 5 days before the event. If not that, you can trim your beard using the setting at a low length.


6. Buzz Cut with Beard

This beard of Joe Rogan is very famous among the ladies! It gives a mature and macho look.

Ideal for: All events, including casual and formal. This beard looks so amazing that you can pull it off at all kinds of events!

How to: Shave your beard once and then keep trimming after it achieves a length of a few mm.


7. Almost Clean-Shave Look

For a neat and clean Joe Rogan’s beard look, you can always turn to this beard style!

Ideal for: Formal gatherings of all sorts.

How to: Shave your beard about a day before you need this look and you’ll be ready!


8. No-Beard but Slight-Mustache Combination

joe rogan beard

If you hate keeping a beard but still want the manly look that it comes with, then this one for you!

Ideal for: Formal events. Those formal events could include weddings, your convocation, and other such formal events where you want a clean-shaven look.

How to: Shave your beard completely a day or two before you need this beard look inspired by Joe Rogan and you’ll have this look!


9. Actual Clean-Shave Look

joe rogan beard

What beard? No beard? Well, yes, there’s no beard in this photo because no beard is also a Joe Rogan beard style with shaved head!

Ideal for: Formal events, of all sorts, especially weddings and formal occasions where you have to deliver speeches.

How to: Just shave away your beard!


10. The Lazy, Bushy Beard

bearded joe rogan

You can easily pull off this Joe Rogan with beard look if you’re lazy because it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance!

Ideal for: Casual gatherings of all types, including casual parties and other such events.

How to: All you have to do to obtain this short boxed beard look is to not shave or trim your beard until it grows this thick and dense. After that, you just need to trim it with scissors on a weekly basis to cut the flyaways and give it a neat look!


These were some of the top Joe Rogan beard looks that you can easily rock this season! Get some beard inspiration from his beards and start experimenting with your beard to see which one suits you the most!