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Julianne Hough ‘Safe Haven’ Movie Hair Look

The image that popular singer, dancer and actress Julianna Hough created in the movie ‘Safe Haven’ is very appealing to many women all over the world. That’s why Julianna Hough Safe Haven haircuts immediately became popular.

The movie was released in 2013 and for 3 years the hairstylists have been hearing the request for this haircut on a regular basis. This hairstyle doesn’t seem to be too special. Just a simple bob. But the way Julianna Hough wore it surely made it shine. The happiness Hough’s character finally found in the movie appeals to many women. Meanwhile, the actress herself is very beautiful. That’s why many girls out there are getting ready to copy her image.


Julianne Hough’s Safe Haven Hairstyle Photos

What’s so special about Julianne Hough Safe Haven hairstyles? Absolutely nothing, but still the hairstyle in this movie gave her a lot of popularity!

Even f you don’t look anything like Julianna Hough, you can still create a powerful yet vulnerable image with her popular haircut. We collected 7 different Julianne Hough haircuts to make your choice easier. They are very similar but each one has its own special oomph.

1. Shoulder-length bob

Safe Haven Shoulder length bob by Julianne Hough

If you are getting ready to style your hair the way Julianna Hough did, consider cutting it to make a simple shoulder-length bob. It’s a starting point of most of her haircuts. On this photo, you see a slightly messy version.

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2. Julianna Hough’s Layered bob

Layered bob hairstyle for cute girl

Once your locks grow a little past the shoulder-length bob, you might want to create a layered bob. The frontal strands are shorter than the rest of the hair and a completely different hairstyle is created.


3. Side part

Julianne Hough side parted bob

If you are getting ready for a special occasion, this Julianna Hough Safe Haven haircut is a great choice. The length of the bob is just below the chin. The side part is created to give the hairstyle a slightly asymmetrical shape.


4. Slight waves

Julianne Hough Slight waves hairstyle for Safe Haven

If your hair is thin and you want to give it some volume, lift up the roots with the help of your curling iron and create slight waves. Your hairstyle will change immediately and will fit a special occasion.


5. Julianna Hough’s wet hair

Julianne Hough nice hairstyle

A wet look is suitable for the times when you just don’t have an opportunity to do a lot of styling or perhaps don’t have time to wash your hair. Apply some hair gel and run the fingers through your locks.


6. A-line bob

Julianne Hough Safe Haven A-line bob haircut

A-line bob is the next step after a simple shoulder-length bob. The stacked hair in the back will give your mane a much-needed volume and the frontal strands will give the length.


7. High side sweep

High side sweep for Julianne Hough

This high side sweep is exactly what you need to change the hairstyle without cutting your locks or doing anything complicated. All you need to do is make a low side part and brush the strands to the opposite side.

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Julianna Hough Save Haven haircuts can give your image a great boost. Consider choosing one of them to enjoy an easy-to-maintain, cute, and appealing hairstyle.