10 Jane Fonda Hairstyles for A New Vintage Look

Jane Fonda’s hairstyles are the epitome of hairstyle evolutions. This Hollywood legend, political activist, and fitness guru demonstrates that every woman should take a little time to change her look from time to time.

Jane Fonda’s hairstyles and wigs are variations that range from blonde hair to brunette hair to short hair to long hair are testimony that a woman is entitled to change her mind and hair. Here are 10 best hairstyles donned by Jane Fonda.

#1. Jane Fonda’s Homemaker Hair Do

 Jane Fonda Hair Do
Jane Fonda’s 1960s hairstyle is a throwback to the classic, feminine Suzy-homemaker hairdo of its time. These were the days in which big rollers were a must to achieve this fabulous hairstyle.

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#2. Fonda Bangs

Jane Fonda Bangs
This Jane Fonda hairstyle is one from the time capsule of long hairdos. While hair is, long and flowing, this style is all about the bangs. Bangs have a way of giving a youthful look; and for some creating a clean appearance and for others, bangs can create an air of mystery. Jane Fonda’s bangs in this image give us an air of womanly mystery. Browse our list of best beehive hairdos.


#3. 60s Pin Up Hairdo

Jane Fonda’s Regal 1960’s Pin Up Hairdo
This Jane Fonda updo shows all the ways that hair can be an accessory. Also, the style demonstrates that you can create texture within a single hairstyle. We should all strive to step outside of the box and create a look that is absolutely as regal as this one. From curls to braids, this updo is ripe with versatility.

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#4. Feminine 70’s Mullet

Feminine 70’s Mullet by Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda’s mullet is an understated and an undoubtedly purposeful casual hairstyle that spoke of a movement. Jane Fonda is known for being a strong, political activist during the 1970s. Along with the issues, she rallied against at the time; this Jane Fonda Hairstyle rails against Hollywood glamor.


#5. 80’s Big Hair

Jane Fonda’s 80’s Big Hair
This 80’s hairstyle is a perfect representation of the big Hair trend. This Jane Fonda throwback makes a girl want to get out her hair brush and blow dryer. To meet the criteria of big hair, the core mix of it must contain sizeable curls, a balance of hair feathering and good bangs.

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#6. Sophisticated Blonde Layer Medium Cut

Blonde Layer Medium Cut
This Jane Fonda medium cut hairstyle is rich with trendy layers, flip-action, and blonde tones. This hairstyle works especially well with hair that is thick and healthy.


#7. Jane Fonda’s Simple Short Haircut

Jane Fonda’s Short Haircut
Here, we find a deviation from the big hair. This short haircut is an edgy mix of layers and curls. The sides are combed forward so that the hair frames the face.


#8. Short Blonde

Short Blonde Haircut
This variation of short haircut provides an alternative look to a darker version of the hairstyle.

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#9. Blonde Bob

 Blonde Bob Hairstyle
This blonde bob hairstyle is a confection of loose, large curls that complement medium hair length. It’s a simple style but one that celebrates medium hair with a bit of length and volume.


#10. Corporate Hairstyle

Jane Fonda Corporate Hairstyle
Jane Fonda’s medium to long hairstyle in this image is a perfect style for the corporate woman. Also, it is yet another Jane Fonda hairstyle that contains multiple layers and dimensions of feathering a large curl. These are just ten wonderful hairstyles that Jane Fonda wore well over the last fifty years.


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