8 Best Hairstyles for Long Face Men

In this article, we will discuss the best hairstyles for long face men. Choosing a haircut is one of the most difficult situations ever. Sometimes, you choose a perfect hairstyle for yourself, but it does not look good on you. This is all, because of the facial shape. You choose a hairstyle that is not made for your facial features.

Men having long faces should select a hairstyle carefully, for example: Having long hair would be a wrong choice, for men with long faces.


How to Determine That You Are a Long Face Man?

hairstyles for men with long faces

The facial shape is basically determined by four factors/facial feature; Chin, Forehead, Cheekbones, and jawline.

A long face is just similar to square face but, it is elongated that’s why it is also referred to rectangular. You can easily determine, whether you have a long face or not while looking at the mirror. If the features of your face are of even size, and the face is elongated, not wide then, it means you are a long face man.


Top Haircuts for Men with Long Face

Choosing the right hairstyle according to the face shape is necessary to look good. Check out below the best hairstyles for long face men.


1. Side Parts Haircut

side part haircut for long face men

This should be the first choice of haircut for men having long face. The side parting is combined with the undercut, which gives a classic look for men.


2. Undercut with a Comb Over

men's undercut hairstyle with long face

This haircut gives an elegant appearance to men with a long face. This hairstyle is all about perfection. Once you have learned, to make the comb-over perfectly, then no one can beat your sparkling personality.


3. Short Spiky Hair

spiky hairstyle for men with long face

This is one of the suitable hairstyles for a long face man. This haircut is always in fashion and gives a very stylish look.


4. Brush Up

hairstyles for men with long face

Short brush up makes the classic feature of a long face man, more prominent that, no one can beat their class.


5. Top Puffed Look

puffed hairstyle for men

This hairstyle let the long face of a man to look smaller than its actual size. It is a unique haircut that every man with an oblong face can adapt. In this hairstyle, the sides of the head are trimmed slightly in order to make the features, more prominent. The top hair of the head, puffed with the help of blow dryer after that, a styling product or cream is applied to fix the puffy appearance.


6. Crew Cut

It is the easiest hairstyle among all the haircuts for men with a long face. The sides of the head are trimmed but, not shaven completely and the top is a bit longer, which is swept on the side.


7. Fringe Hairstyle

fringe haircut for men with long face

In this haircut, the long side fringe covers the forehead, making the long face of men to look small. You can also combine this haircut with a short beard, to look even more stylish as shown in the image.


8. Buzz Cut

buzz cut for long face men

This haircut is the combo of the trimmed side, short beard and the trimmed top hair on the head. The purpose of the beard is to drive the attention from the long face shape.