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5 Layered Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

Long straight hair with layers doesn’t have to be boring, but this style often gets overlooked for one that is shorter. Long hair can feel updated and fresh, but only when it is worn correctly.

Understanding how to wear this great style is key to any woman feeling like she looks her best and being able to love and embrace her longer hair.


Straight Long Hair with Layers

Long and straight hair often gets a bad rep for being boring and falling flat. Knowing how to style this look with layers helps women reclaim this gorgeous look.

Go Platinum

long straight platinum blonde hair with layers

One great way to enjoy a striking longer look is to update the color and embrace a platinum blonde on straight hair. This is a shocking light blonde hair color on any woman but looks particularly amazing on women who have very long tresses.

It’s important that the straight long hair is not only correctly layered to add movement and volume to the style, but also that the color is bright and not brassy. Adding in some dark roots on blonde hair help to offset the bright color of this style and prevent it from looking flat or one-dimensional.


Part It on the Side

side parted long straight hair with layers

A deep side part adds a lot of interest to long straight hair with layers and keeps the face from looking like it was split in two with a middle part. Not only does a side part keep the look updated and prevent it from looking boring, but it also adds a lot of much-needed volume at the roots.

A deep side part is a great way to add volume to the bangs, no matter how long they are. Additionally, this style is perfect when the long layers are styled to fan out slightly from the face, giving movement to the look.


Rely on a V-Cut

long straight v-shaped hair with layers

A V-cut is a very trendy way to cut layers on long & straight hair without scarifying either length or style. Rather than keeping the ends of the style blunt, which can date the look and cause it to look harsh or severe, opting instead for a gentle V-cut on the ends allows a lot more movement.

This also makes this longer style look natural and helps show off some of the longer layers added to the hair.


Add a Lot of Texture

voluminous long straight hair with layers

There’s no reason that haircuts for long straight hair with layers have to be sleek and flat on the head when adding in the right layers will instantly help provide a lot of texture and movement to the style.

Using a dry cut technique to achieve this look allows for even straight hair to have a bit more movement and texture. It’s a natural and beachy look that works well on women who have fine or thick hair, and it can easily be lightly curled to add a little more volume to the ends of the hair if desired.

Layers in longer hair don’t have to be very long, as adding in a bunch of layers in varying lengths will make the look much trendier and more updated. This is also a wonderful way to keep long hair from appearing weighed down, as the multiple layers help the look stay fresh and funky.

Using a product to help define some of these shorter layers makes them look more intentional. It’s important to incorporate long, medium, and short layers in this style for the best possible look.


Keep the Layers at the Collarbone

long straight hair with layers

Layers that are cut to lay around the collarbone add length to the style but also provide a lot of volumes. These longer layered blonde hair help to frame the face a little bit without being so short that they will stick out at odd angles when the hair is styled.

This layered haircut for long straight hair looks great on most women, although women who have thick, rich, and dark hair will look the best. Keeping the layers fine and not as chunky as on other cuts prevents the style from looking weighed down and ensures that the hair doesn’t look like it was cut by an amateur.


Any of these great styles are a wonderful option for women who want to wear long straight hair with layers. They are updated looks that are a fresh take on boring styles that focus on growing hair out for the sake of having long hair. Knowing how to update long hair, add layers, and embrace personal style will help any woman look and feel her best and allow her to enjoy her long locs without compromising how she feels or looks.