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11 Best Square Faced Celebrity Hairstyles (2024 List)

If there’s anywhere to go for the latest and most gorgeous hairstyles to suit a square face, get inspiration from the most popular square-faced female celebrities.

These leading ladies have a never-ending team of the greatest hair stylists, so all of their chosen looks are guaranteed to flatter the angles of a face with strong lines. The best part is, that most if not all of these styles are versatile enough for any texture of hair. All you have to do is scroll and pick!

Fabulous Hairstyles of Female Celebs with Square Faces

Get ready to be amazed by all the beautiful hairstyles by celebrities with square faces.

1. Olivia Wilde – Blunt Lob

Square Face Shaped Celebrity Olivia Wilde

How gorgeous is this light blonde lob with its blunt cut and wavy texture? Women with a square face shape can easily pull off a middle part, and this actress proves just that. So all you need to do for styling is scrunch in some waves or whip out the flat iron.

2. Angelina Jolie – Half Updo

Angelina Jolie- Actress With Square Face

Leave it to Angelina Jolie to show everyone how to perfectly style up long hair so that it flatters the angles of her square face. A half updo is great left loose for a casual weekend or teased for volume on your evening out.

3. Margot Robbie – Classic Waves

Square Face Shaped Celebrity Margot Robbie

Take just a small section of your hair and pin it back with your favorite clip to copy actress Margot Robbie’s partial half updo. Neaten it up by smoothing the hair down with some mousse and fill the rest of your mane with soft waves.

4. Sandra Bullock – Long Wavy Hair

Square Face Shaped Celebrity Sandra Bullock

Who could say no to long hair filled with mermaid waves? Sandra Bullock is no stranger to hairstyles that flatter her square face.

Use a curling wand to get the texture or braid your hair overnight and scrunch in sea salt spray the next morning.

5. Heidi Klum – Bottleneck Bangs

Heidi Klum- Celebrity Model With Square Face

One of our favorite blonde actresses. If you have long hair and love the look of bangs or are already rocking some, there’s no need to chop them off. A feathered or wispy cut like Heidi Klum’s style above will definitely complement your square face shape.

6. Paris Hilton – Hollywood Waves

Paris Hilton- Actress With Square Face

If you’re searching for a timeless short hairstyle donned by female celebrities to suit a square face shape, look no further than Paris Hilton and her glam Hollywood waves.

Spirals perfectly fill up side-parted short hair and only need to be pinned back on one side to flaunt your angles.

7. Salma Hayek – Low Braid

Square Face Shaped Celebrity Salma Hayek

A loose low braid isn’t too harsh on the angles of a square face, so gather your long locks back and leave a few tendrils loose to frame the face. Salma Hayek uses this hairstyle to show off her mane’s natural waves and curls.

8. Billie Piper – Chic Chignon

Billie Piper- Celebrity With Square Face

Looking for the perfect professional hairdo to wear to work? Billie Piper’s look is what you need. This female celebrity has rocked a chic chignon with a side part on more than one occasion on the red carpet, proving how tasteful the look is for women with a strong face shape.

9. Gwyneth Paltrow – Middle Part

Square Face Shaped Celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow

When your goal is to soften those pointed cheekbones, take a hint from the stunning Gwyneth Paltrow, who likes to wear her long hair down and parted in the middle. It covers her ears and lies gently along her cheeks.

10. Diane Kruger – Choppy Bob

Diane Kruger- Actress With Square Face

Senior celebs like Diane Kruger prove that age is just a number, and you don’t need to put a cap on certain hairstyles.

Try her choppy chin-length bob, which features a partial side part and beautiful waves that complement a square face shape. Use a little product to tuck some hair behind one ear.

11. Natalie Portman – Straight Brown Hair

Square Face Shaped Celebrity Natalie Portman

On the list of everyone’s favorite brown-haired female celebrities is Natalie Portman. Her naturally straight hair complements her square face and looks effortlessly beautiful, so if your mane doesn’t have much texture, just comb in a side part for an easy wake-up-and-go style.

Any of the above hairstyles flaunted by Hollywood’s hottest female celebrities would be a winning choice for a woman with a square face shape.

Additionally, all of these styles show it doesn’t matter what your hair length or texture is. The only thing you need to pull them off is the right attitude and a willingness to try!

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