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Pixie Braids: 10 Enthralling Styles to Copy

Pixie braids are hitting the ramp hard! These braids are no more just an African thing. Women all over the world are embracing this hot style which is s symbol of effort and beauty.

Goodbye to the old times when these braids were made to make hair grow naturally. Now, these braids are worn by women for the sake of fashion and to upgrade their looks.

Pixie braiding make an enthralling hairstyle because these can completely transform your look. Adding to it, there are multiple possibilities of the way you can wear these braids. No wonder, these braids make a chic style in itself!

How to Do Pixie Braids

How to Do Pixie Braids

Before we start discussing the multiple ways to style pixie braids, let’s have a brief tutorial on how to do pixie style braids.

You will have to follow the mentioned steps in order. You can make these braids with your natural hair or use extensions as well.

  • Wash your hair well and clean them properly. Apply conditioner to reduce breakage. Dry the hair well and comb to detangle them. It will be even better if you apply a leave in conditioner also to your hair. This will add extra smoothness to the hair.
  • Now, divide your hair into three sections; upper, middle and lower. Make sure the sections are of equal size. Next, further subdivide the lower section into three subsections; right, middle and left. Use duckbill clips to hold all these sections in place.
  • Now, make a braid of each subsection. For that, take one subsection at a time and divide it into equal sized right, middle and left parts. Next, take the right piece and cross it over to your left, making it the middle strand. Then take the left strand towards the right so that now it becomes the middle strand. Your former middle strand will now be your right strand. Repeat the process until you get a full braid. Make sure you pull the strands tight while making the braid.
  • Now roll the braid the way you would pin curl until you are two inches away from the scalp. Stop rolling here, press the pin curls with flat iron and release. Let the hair to unroll and the pixie braid is ready. Repeat this process until whole of your scalp is covered with braids. In the end, spray sheen or style holder spray over your braids.

Amazing Pixie Braids Styles

Following are the most amazing pixie braids ideas for women to try in 2024.

1. Box Braid Bob

Pixie Braid Bob

You can carry this chic pixie braids style anywhere because it is very easy to carry and anyone can rock it. Get a good bob cut of medium length. Create an off-center partition in your hair.

Now divide the hair on each side into small sections and subsections as described above. Start making each subsection into braid until all of the hair are done. Make sure the braids are tight.

2. Mid Length Braids

Black Women with Mid Length Pixie Braids

This style is similar to the one mentioned above except that you can carry it in a longer length. So, the steps to make are the same.

The only difference is that you should get a long bob hair cute. Almost 3.4 inches below the shoulder length.

3. Pixie Braided Top Bun

pixie braided bun for women

Well, this one is a really hot style to carry. It can set your looks on fire. Get a bob cut. Or cut hair short to shoulder length. Make all your hair into pixie braids as described above.

Now take a section of braids from the center of the top of your head and twist them into a volumized bun. The bun will stay on the top. You can carry and complement this look with gothic makeup!

4. Long Braids

Long Pixie Braids 

This is a very elegant pixie braid style yet it is simplest to make. All you need is long luscious hair. You can cut them into layers or long bangs. Then braid all the hair there you go. Let all the hair fall on the front with a center partition.

5. Braid with Half Pony

half up pixie braided hairstyle

To make this chic style, make all your hair into pixie braiding. Then take the upper half section of braids and tie them into a pony.

6. Full Braided Updo

For this elegant style, braid your hair into tight pixie braids and tie them at the top to make a tight bun.

7. Gorgeous Ponytail

pixie thick braid ponytail

Make tight braids of your hair and tie all of them into high ponytail braids.

8. Fulani Braids

This style consists of a big braid on the sides and smaller pixie braids on the back and lower half section of hair.

9. Blonde Pixie Braids

Blonde Pixie Braids

You can use blonde extensions for this style or get your hair died at the ends.

10. Viking Style Braids

black women with pixie braids

Make thick pixie braids and tie them with thread in a Viking style.

Micro Braids Hairstyles

FAQs on Pixie Braid Hairstyles

Can I twist my pixie hair?

Yes, you can totally twist your pixie cut hair. You will be surprised by how it can switch up your overall look.

Adding to the surprise, you only need a small amount of hair to make the twisted style. Twist actually makes a good idea to hold your hair in place.

Are mini braids and invisible braids the same?

Yes, mini braids and invisible braids are the same. They are also known as micro braids. These braids are so small that they are almost invisible and appear as a single strand of hair.

So, next time you decide to do pixie braid hairstyle, remember that you have now a long curated list of some chic styles which can highly switch up your look.