The Best Messy Pixie Cuts for Women

The messy pixie is hot right now among the women who love short length hairstyles. It’s a look which sports short hair especially on the sides and the back of the head with long hair on the top with short bangs falling over the face. It’s the cut of the strong, modern women and most celebrities have some time or other sported this look.


How to Cut Messy Pixie

How to Cut Messy Pixie

Getting a messy pixie is a daring move. Here’s how to go about it!

The first step is to cut your hair really short. Bid goodbye to long hair for a while! Make sure you get the hair texture right. Keep yours a little voluminous towards the front and chop them shorter on the sides.

Because it is meant to be messy, much can’t go wrong with it! Just chop them off to get a messy look that suits you best. Flip a few strands behind and put some hair wax to complete the look!


Messy Pixie Cuts

The following are the 20 of the best messy pixie cuts for short hair lovers.

1. Side-Shaved Messy Pixie Cut

Side-Shave Messy Pixie Cut

The side-shave messy pixie cut is the boldest one on our list. Side shave in itself is a move that requires a lot of confidence and bold fashion choices to pull off in a grand manner. A side shave and a messy pixie together is a match made in haircut heaven for all my bold ladies out there!

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2. Curly and Messy

curly messy pixie cut for women

By far one of the most gorgeous pixie cuts in trend! It works wonderfully on thin hair as it manages to give a lot of texture and body on the top of your hair. This style is super easy to pull off with an end product that looks like it’s been worked on for hours.

The curly-haired pixie cut settles on top of your head messily to achieve the perfect ‘just got out of the bed’ look.


3. Outgrown Curly Pixie

messy pixie hairstyles for women

This look is easy to achieve because it’s basically the overgrown version of the curly messy pixie haircut. This style, like the one in the picture, is perfectly suitable to light colored hair.

The outgrown curly pixie is messiness you want in your life for sure! Especially, if you’re struggling with your fine hair. This will give it body and volume like no other.


4. Rainbow Pixie

messy platinum pixie for women

The hair on the top of her head is platinum blonde with darker roots to add depth and texture. This style is perfect for anyone looking to add something extra to their messy pixie style.

One way to do that is by adding a touch of color to your otherwise dull blonde. Adding color at the ends can be an easy task to maintain too.


5. Strawberry Blonde Pixie

messy pixie for blonde hair

This lovely style is easily one of our favorites. The hair on her head is cut the same length more or less. Divided into three parts, the sides are pushed down decently with the top styled messily. The short bangs falling sideways and softly on the face are all you need to bring the whole messy pixie look perfectly.


6. French Pixie Cut

This messy pixie cut is the most French you can get if you’re not one! The epitome of style as always, this shaggy windswept short hair will give you a fresh look that is easy to manage and looks voluminous if done correctly on fine hair.

The longer pieces of hair near the ears bring elegance and top of the head create great textures that can look like a lot of hair. This look is actually the ‘I got out of the bed like this’ as its undoubtedly very easy to achieve and manage.


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7.  Juxtapose Pixie

The juxtaposition of this look is simple. It’s an edgy choppy pixie cut paired with soft wavy side swept bangs. Clearly a winner of a look it’s not just easy to achieve but also super simple when it comes to maintaining. It carries the true essence of the messy pixie cut with the soft, natural, wavy texture.


8. Pixie Lob

messy pixie cut for women

The lob is a cut similar to the bob with long hair falling down the sides. It had become a very trendy cut in 2014-15. This style is a mixture of the outgrown pixie and a lob with side bangs that isn’t extremely choppy.

It’s great for people trying out a short hairstyle for the first time as well as for people outgrowing their pixie cuts.


9. Long Pixie Cut

The perfect look for thin hair, this long asymmetrical pixie haircut needs just one hand wave through it for you to make it throughout the day. It’s the perfect messy way to style your long pixie.

Not all women want the extremely short and choppy look, so this is a great softer alternative messy pixie hairstyle gives you a lot of freedom to play with your lengths and find out your strongest one.


10. Uneven Chop Messy Pixie

choppy messy pixie cut

The unevenness in this style and cut become the volume and body that you see on her head. This short chop has a mix of short and long textured pieces which adds easy definition and body. This look doesn’t need much except some hairspray to keep some of the pieces upright.


11. Short Spiky Pixie

messy spikey pixie

This messy pixie is not as messy and easy as it looks. It’s the first style that we genuinely know will take a lot to master. A lot of hair on the top, a lot of hairsprays to hold said hair and killer confidence and smile.

The sides wept spikes are not just iconic but very much an attention seeker. Every eye in the room will be on your messy pixie cut especially if your hair is short and platinum blonde in color.


12. Choppy Short Pixie

The signature pixie cut got, even more, shorter with this style. It’s a great style for thin hair. If you’re opting for this style, consider forgetting what a hairbrush is! This easy style doesn’t need much to achieve, and the wispy or blunt bangs add the perfect magical and feminine touch.


13. Choppy Pixie Cut

Fine hair doesn’t always have to be less in volume. If you’ve got fine hair with tons of volume, we suggest this choppy pixie with messy look. The short layers add amazing texture and even more volume and body to your hair. This cut will make your cheekbones stand out, making your face-cut more appealing.


14. Blonde Wispy pixie

women with messy pixie cut

This messy pixie style is single colored and longer than the other cuts and styles. The single color throughout the hairs makes them look very natural but also whimsical.

To achieve this look, you have to play with the length of your hair to find out the perfect way for it to frame your face. Bring out your quirky side with this pixie hairstyle.


15. Shag Cut Pixie Hairstyle

Adding some color to messy pixie haircuts will spice up your whole style. For fine hair, it’s best to get some subtle color. That way, the color will draw just enough attention to the hair. Both younger and older women love this hairstyle.


16. Pretty Princess Pixie

This whimsical looking hairstyle uses a lot of fantastic colors and textures. The dark black roots in contrast to the white hair create a lot of depth. The side bangs are kept longer than any part of the hair to achieve this easy messy pixie style. Be a little bold with your look and create a statement with this hairstyle!


17. Messy Pixie with Pin Curls

messy pixie with pin curls

Sometimes when you have fine hair, pixie cuts are simply not enough. Sometimes you need to create extra volume to spice it up. Having a curly messy pixie cut is awesome for women who want to show off their wild side, and who don’t mind reaching out for their curling wand every here and there.


18. Fringe Bangs on Pixie Bob

Out of all messy pixie cuts, this one is your safest option for women with thin hair. Not only does it hide the fact that your hair is thin, but it also frames your face in a very unique way, and hides a bit of your forehead. Coloring the hair in some rebellious color will definitely enhance your hairstyle.


19. Ash Blonde Messy Pixie 

blonde messy pixie

Coloring your hair ash blonde is a great way of looking sharp and trendy. This hairstyle is a great choice for women who have great makeup skills. Light hair will create a clear canvas and your makeup will be able to shine in all of its glory.


20. Crew Cut Short Pixie

messy short pixie for women

A classic messy pixie cut will be amazing on women who have strong facial features. It perfectly frames the face with baby bangs and it lets your natural beauty come through. You won’t have to spend too much time styling the hair because it’s so easy to maintain.



How to Style Messy Pixie for Thin Hair

The best part about messy pixie styles is that you don’t have to care much for your hair. Maintaining a messy pixie is way easier than other hairstyles! The styling will differ from look to look whether you want a straight pixie or a curly or messy one.

However, one should blow-dry the hair after washing them properly. Do this with the help of a brush that is round to bring out a proper clean look. To complete the look, one can use serum or use an iron for the parts that aren’t settling down.

If you are not one of those girls who like carrying a comb and mirror around everywhere, these looks are meant for you as they do not require repeated styling!


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Style Messy Pixie Cut for Fine Thin Hair


These are some of the trendiest messy pixie cuts that people are trying today. Try out the look that suits you the best!

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