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Quiff Fade: 7 Classy Haircuts with for Men

Hairstyles are a mark of fashion in many cultures. In modern cultures, the quiff hairstyle is the most trending one for men. With fade its popularity cuts across the spectrum.

The quiff fade is known for its low side head cuts and the high top hair volume. Pop stars, footballers to fashion models all adorn the hairdo.


Best Quiff Haircuts with Fade

It is therefore prudent that we enlighten you on the seven most classy quiff with fade looks today.

1. Disconnected Quiff

disconnected quiff fade hair

This quiff haircut is famous for its sideline demarcating the side fade and the high hair volume. As a fashion statement, this low fade is mostly for senior high school or college students.

It is youthful and elegant. This is for those who want to explore their youth side.


2. Short Quiff with Hair Design

short quiff with fade and design

This is the fashion statement for the wild at heart. With its bold line hair design, it is very elaborate and unique. It gives you the leeway for exploring your taste of style. The artistic mastery of the drawings is a sure way to enjoy your life.


3. Low Bald Fade

short quiff with fade hairstyle

You will never be young forever. This is the spirit of the short quiff with fade. It is time to celebrate your transformative years in peace.

It is elegant and straightforward to bring out the good boy attitude in you. Try it and see how the community responds.


4. Disconnected Fade + Quiff

disconnected quiff with medium fade

If you fancy the Hollywood stars, this is the hairstyle for you. The fade haircut makes you feel comfortable with the benefit of other blending accessories.

It is trendy and lets out who you really are on the inside. For the aspiring Hollywood stars, start your fashion rehearsals today.


5. Short Quiff with Skin Fade

quiff hairstyles with high fade

This quiff fade is the simplest in the barbershop. It is basic, with little maintenance cost. If being simple is your style, this is the best option.

The catch is best for the school, going young men trying to explore their masculinity. It will give out the machismo in you without violence.


6. High Drop Fade

quiff hairstyles with fade

Apparently, life is short. Similarly, you should enjoy it to the fullest. This calls for the rock star hairdo. Give your heart the carefree will to adorn the life you wish.


7. Textured Quiff with Beard

thick quiff and fade hair with beard

This is the symbol of the fashion models. If you are in the business of style and fashion, then this faded quiff should fancy your taste.

Its elaborate taper fade and beard complement the high thick and well-kept quiff. By its looks, it is quite expensive to maintain.


Fashion is not a reserve trend for the runways and the movies. It is a lifestyle statement that you should explore. When you decide to step out of your traditional patterns, a quiff fade should be the way. With the 7 trendy looks, we believe you have an idea of what you want.