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17 Chic Short Spiky Haircuts for Women Over 70

If you’re a woman older than 70, don’t fall into the rut that many other women do with their hair and end up with a shapeless mane void of personality. Instead of going short and round, go with a short and spiky haircut!

This type of hairstyle is bold, fun, and youthful. Whether it’s a spiky pixie cut with bangs, a faux hawk, or another style with a punch of color – you can create a one-of-a-kind look that feels feminine or edgy, or both! Try one from the below of the short spiky haircuts for over 70 for a fresh new look.

Short Spiky Haircuts for Women Over 70

Bring your hairstyle into the 21st century with one of these super cute short spiky haircuts for women over 70.

1. Spiky Hair + Purple Highlights

short spiky colored hairstyle over 70

If you have white hair, it’s perfect for rocking a fun pop of color like purple! Add some highlights in purple, which you can also easily match to your glasses or makeup.

2. Red Spikes

short red spiky hairstyle over 70

For this short haircut, the hair is the same length all over, which means it’s even more low maintenance since you don’t have to go in often for touch-ups. Simply work in a little product to spike up your red hair!

3. Pixie with Thin Bangs

short spiky haircut for women over 70

A pixie is a low-maintenance and great haircut for thin hair. This super short length is easy to finger-comb to give some texture. Comb down a small portion up front to make short bangs for flattering face framing.

4. Short Fluffy Spikes

short spiky haircut over 70 with square face

Are you over 70 with a square face shape? Soften those angles with a flowy spiky texture. This stylish pixie is easy to create with a little hair mousse on your fingers. Maintaining shorter sides will emphasize the beautiful texture up top.

5. Thick Pixie for Asian Women

short Asian spiky haircut over 70

Asian women often have thick hair. If this is you, a short spiky haircut will certainly be easier to manage and give you a trendy look as well. At just a couple of inches of length, you can work your fingers through to help the spiky shape pop up.

6. Tousled Spikes

short spiky haircut over 70 with thick hair

Having thick hair in your older age gives you an advantage when it comes to texture. This tousled short pixie features a slightly longer spiky top, short sides with a little flip, and subtle side bangs.

7. Layered Pixie with Highlights

woman over 70 with short soft spiky hair

Another beautiful spiky hairstyle for women over 70 that features both spikiness and softness is this voluminous pixie. The wavy layers are brushed up for height, while the fringe is short and brushed down. We love the highlights in the red hair too!

8. Messy Faux Hawk

short messy spiky hairstyle over 70

All the women over 70 out there looking to feel like they’re in their 20s again will love this edgy spiky style for short hair. The middle is shaped like a faux hawk, while the sides are brushed down and flat.

9. Long Spiky Top and Short Sides

short spiky haircut over 70 with fine hair

To distract from fine or thin hair, go for a spiky hairstyle. With this look, use your fingers to shape the upward texture with your fingers. You can even shape the front half toward your face more to cover a large forehead.

10. Straight Layers with Spiky Top

short spiky haircut over 70 with glasses

A stacked pixie like this is a flattering hairstyle for women over 70 who wear glasses. The layers neaten the hair up and give it shape, while the spikiness adds character. Comb the front layered half mostly to one side for a cool multi-dimensional style.

11. Short Two Tone Haircut

short two tone spiky haircut over 70

What older woman with light-colored hair wouldn’t love a bit of color? This light pink shows up brilliantly in short white spiky hair. When your goal is a youthful, unique look, we recommend opting for a two-tone hairstyle.

12. Pixie with Blonde Highlights

short spiky pixie cut over 70

One of my favorite short spiky haircuts for older ladies over 70. If your natural hair color is dark, brighten it up a bit with some highlights. Both blonde and caramel are flattering colors for any skin tone, and it’s an easy refresh to give short spiky hair.

13. Blonde Spikes + Front Highlights

short spiky haircut over 70 with highlights

If you’re over 70 and have blonde hair, give it just a little color by asking your stylist to add a few highlights upfront. Vivid purple is an eye-catcher and will draw everyone’s attention to a short pixie with a spiky texture.

14. Spiky Fohawk with Bold Color

short spiky haircut over 70 with blue hair

If you’re looking for a punk old lady look, go for this one. For all older women not afraid to go bold with their hair color, we dare you to try an all-over color job. This short dark purple hair will bring out a dramatic change. Between the edgy texture, pointed sideburns, and pop of color, you’ll feel like a whole new person.

15. Messy Spikes with Long Bangs

short spiky haircut over 70 with bangs

Long side bangs are a nice way to keep your hairstyle soft, as well as keep a little length if you’re transitioning to short hair. These side bangs have a little wave and make a short spiky haircut feel more feminine.

16. Short Silver Hawk

short spiky mohawk hairstyle over 70
cristophenewportbeach /Instagram

With a mohawk-inspired hairstyle, women over 70 can instantly bring out their inner baddie. Just make sure the top part of your hair is longer than the sides. Then use your hands to shape the spike.

17. Razored Spikes

short grey spiky hairstyle over 70

Do you have salt and pepper hair? Put a new spin on it with a short haircut with a spiky texture in the middle. Ask your stylist for a razor cut to give ends a unique shape. Then brush down the sides so they’re smooth and create a border around your head.

Any one of the above short spiky hairstyles will give women over 70 a makeover they love. Whether you go for one with an edgier touch like bold color or razored ends, or you accentuate wavy texture and add side bangs… make the style your own!