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40 Hypnotic Small, Medium & Big Lemonade Braid Styles

Lemonade braids have been trending since Beyonce dropped the lemonade album. Years later, we are here rocking the same braids she wore on the album cover in various styles and colors.


Why Are They Called Lemonade Braids?

lemonade braids for women

As you can tell, they are called lemonade braids because Beyonce rocked them on her lemonade album cover. Ever since then, we have been following the trend. Also, they can be called side braids because they are braided to a particular side for most hairstyles.


How Long Does It Take to Do Lemonade Braids

The length of time usually depends on the skill of your hair stylist, the added hair you are using, the length of your natural hair and how you want it styled. Therefore, the time will vary for everybody who gets the style done.

However, there is a minimum time that the braids would take which is 3 hours. Ensure to eat prior to styling because you will be sitting for hours.


Watch The Following Video about How to Do Lemonade Braids 


Best Lemonade Braid Styles

We have gathered the best small, medium and big lemonade braids hairstyles for trendy women.


Trendy Small Lemonade Braid Styles

There are many small lemonade braided styles to choose from for the next time you decide to change your look.  Smaller braids do take a long time however they do give a sleek finish. Here are the styles to choose from:

1. Small Side Braids

small lemonade side braids

Ideal for: These small side braids are ideal for persons who don’t like chunky braids.

How to style:
Styling time will take 3 – 4 hours maximum. The sides that the small lemonade braids fall will depend on your best side. Think about which side you turn to when taking pictures so that the braids stand out.

You can even add more by adding hair accessories such as clips, seashells, and even beads. Ensure to slay your baby hairs just like the model using gel, a toothbrush, and your satin scarf.


2. Small Fulani Inspired Braids

Small Fulani Inspired Lemonade Braids

Ideal for: This small braids hairstyle is ideal for black girls who want to protect their natural hair, while still looking cute. Also, if you are an advocate for African hairstyles.

How to style: For this lemonade braided, you can add hair accessories to the Fulani braids. Usually, Fulani braids have hair beads towards the end of them. Also, you can do “S” or “C” curls so your edges will be on fleek. You may have to maintain your edges on a daily basis.

Also, keep hairspray on hand to keep your braids looking shiny. Lastly, towards the end of the style, ensure to have dry shampoo on hand to keep your scalp fresh.


3. Golden Braids

Side Golden Lemonade Braids

Ideal for: This style is ideal for people who want to rock a smaller version of Beyoncé’s lemonade braided hairstyle.

How to style: For this style, you’ll need to add blonde hair to your hair. You can choose to add more golden blonde hair to mask the color of your hair so it is similar to Beyoncé’s hairstyle.

Or, you can have less blonde hair, so there is a beautiful contrast of black and blonde in your hair. You can add the necessary hair accessories. And, don’t forget to slay those baby hairs.

4. Fine Lemonade Side Braids

Fine Lemonade Side Braids for Women

Ideal for: This hairstyle is great for all the girls who like black braids simply done. The style doesn’t have any accessories but still gives off a sleek vibe.

How to style: A simple style that will require a maximum of 3 hours depending on the length of your hair and the additional hair needed to achieve the style. Ensure that your stylist gets your edges into the braids without pulling too tightly on it. Daily maintenance of the small lemonade braids will be required by tying your hair down with a satin scarf and a satin cap.


5. Bejeweled Braids

Bejewelled Dark Brown Lemonade Braids

Ideal for: If you like the “extra-ness” when it comes to your hair in terms of hair accessories such as beads, clips, cords, and so much more.

How to style: Just like the model you can add all the hair accessories you desire such as seashells, beads, cords, clips, beads, and so much more. Also, if your hair is naturally light or dark brown, you would need to add extensions to match your hair color as well as elongate the style.

You can dress up the style for a girl’s night out by wearing high-waisted jeans and a cute shrill top. As well as wearing a lot of accessories such as bangles, earrings, and necklaces.


6. Wavy Black Hair Braids

Ideal for: A girl who wants the side braids with an intricate style done.

How to style
: As you can see the side lemonade braids are coming from different angles and sides which adds to the aesthetics of the style. Then, the braids fall along the model’s best side.

Ensure that when the style is done, it doesn’t fall over your eyes, obstructing your sight. As well as, fall all over your forehead which can cause acne. You can add to this style by adding colored hair or even hair accessories.


7. Round The World Side Braids

Ideal for: A less is more type of girl. The style is beautiful without wearing the beads or utilizing different braiding patterns.

How to style: This technique is simple because you braid the hair from one side to the other side.  This allows the hair to fall perfectly to the other side. Also, you can add some braids hanging from the front so that it looks like side fringes. Just make sure that is not covering your face or too much of your forehead, which would cause acne.


8. Mermaid Hair Braids

Ideal for: A female who likes multiple colors in her hair. Or, the children for holiday periods such as summer and Christmas.

How to style
: This style will require multiple color extensions such as blue, orange, pink, green, red and even silver! You can use as many colors as you would like in your hair. Then all of it would be braided to the side with the ends beings in different colors.

The style would be easier if your hair is shorter so the colored ends won’t be contrasting with your black or dark brown hair. This hairstyle can last the kids for the entire holiday, which means minimal maintenance. Ensure to keep their hair moisturized on a weekly basis to keep their hair healthy underneath the braids.


9. Braided Bun

Ideal for: Ladies who like their hair braided without it being on their face or on their body.

How to style: For lemonade braid, the hair is braided upwards in a curve. Then, it is placed in a bun on top of the model’s hair. The great thing about this style is that you can wear your hair in a bun or in a braided ponytail.

The finer braids make the hairstyle look sleeker. As well as, the bun highlights your other beautiful features, whether it’s your eyes or cheekbones. Lastly, do not forget the bay hairs, ladies it needs to be laid all day!


10. Queen Bey’s Tailbone Braids

Beyoncé lemonade braids hairstyle

Ideal for: Last but not least is another classic Beyoncé’s lemonade braids hairstyle. Anyone who wants to rock one of Beyoncé’s blonde hairdo can wear this hairstyle. Beyoncé is infamous for wearing various hairstyles, especially with braids.

How to style:
This braided style should be worn with blonde extensions just like Beyoncé usually wears her hair. Ensure to get a lot of blonde hair so that the hair is as long as Beyoncé’s own or as you like it. This style may take a lot of time to do because the braids are fine.

As well as, they are going to be lengthy so ensure to bring some food to your hairdresser’s salon to keep your body nourished. Lastly, ensure that your hairdresser knows exactly how you want the style to be done.


11. Long Feed In Braids

long lemonade braids

Ideal for: All those girls who want a protective hairstyle will embrace and love this look. 

How to style: To define your parts, use a control styling gel to give your pieces more space for maneuver.  While knitting the long lemonade braids, you must use super-thin hairpieces, feeding in the braid, making the procedure look natural. 


12. One Side Lemonade Braids

skinny lemonade braids

Ideal for: If decorating your hairstyle is your trademark, you will have a lot of fun with these lemonade braids with wooden beads.

How to style: As you knit your way to achieve skinny lemonade braids, the synthetic hair should come in very small pieces, fed in at the roots. Also, once you’re getting towards the end of a braid, the strands used to construct the knits should be getting bigger. 


13. Intricate Lemonade Braids

lemonade braided updo

Ideal for: Not afraid of being in the spotlight? You are in the right place because these intricate lemonade braids will certainly put you there!

How to style: For this one-sided feed-in lemonade braids, getting neat parts that are perfectly sectioned is an essential step. Start from one side of the head and knit the braids towards the opposite where you’ll make another braided construct.


Amazing Medium Lemonade Braids

Small braids will take a very long time to do so you can reduce the time by doing medium size braids. They take less time and they still look sleek. Here are 17 medium styles to choose from:

14. Green Rope Braids

ponytail with lemonade braids

Ideal for: Is having colored hair your area of expertise? Get these metallic dark green rope braids if you want to sport something different!

How to style: No need to dye your hair green, just be careful when you pick the shade for your extensions. An edge control jam will help you get a better definition for the hairline, and each braid, making this ponytail with lemonade braids look spectacular!


15. Lemonade Braids + Box Braids

blonde lemonade braids

Ideal for: Not only black girls love lemonade braids, but also white ladies! And what’s not to adore about them because they can enrich your hair in such a fascinating way.

How to style: For the upper part of the hair, styling lemonade braids out of your natural hair is a good choice if you want to get that ombre look. In the midsection, braid using a different technique. You will create the most ravishing blonde lemonade braids!


16. Thick Curly Feed In Braids

Ideal for: Having thin shot hair is your biggest struggle? It is certainly time to change that with an exquisite long curly mane. 

How to style: Feed-In braids can look as chunky as you want them to be. When you desire a mix of curly hair and braids, get a few packs of naturally wavy hair and knit only half of it. You will obtain a lot of volume and texture and will enrich and extend your hairstyle. 


17. Teal Thick Braids

Ideal for: Wanna keep thing bright and coloreful in the hair department? What a better occasion to get a swiped out hairstyle with braids!

How to style: To maintain the same thickness of each braid, feed in the braid at the roots and at the end. Depending on the density of your hair, buy 1 or 2 packs of ombre teal extensions and the outcome will be some stunning thick blue lemonade braids.


18. Lemonade Bun

lemonade braids with bun

Ideal for: These inverted lemonade braids not only look fabulous, but they are also so practical being one of the best ways to grow your natural hair and keep it tamed at the same time. 

How to style: Instead of starting the braids from the forehead and knitting them towards your nape, try the opposite. Feed-in the knits with Jumbo hair and style them in waves. In the end, you can roll them into a voluminous bun. 


19. Thick Lemonade Braids

Ideal for: Want to change your hair color into a shiny blonde nuance? Forget the dye and build some braids!

How to style: On one side, feed in the braids with blonde Jumbo hair starting the temple area, while for the top, you make the parting and braiding starting from the midsection, towards the forehead. 


20. Red Braids 

Ideal for: The hairstyle is perfect for any woman who wants to step up her color game and opt for a more eccentric look. 

How to style: Start by braiding along the crown of the head towards the forehead. To achieve that zig-zag look when doing feed in braids you’re gonna go back to the opposite side after you did the braids in the front. Continue braiding in the opposite direction.


21. Side Braided Curls

Side Braided Lemonade Curls

Ideal for: Any girl who wants medium lemonade braids with curls. This hairstyle has the braids along with the curls which is a beautiful contrast.

How to style: For this style, you would to use the curly weaves for the braid. This allows your hair to be braided down while still having the hanging curls because of the nature of the weave. However, you would have to maintain the curling out do suing water and gel or foam mousse so that the curl pattern is maintained. Don’t forget to slay your edges using “S” or”C” patterns to keep you looking fly.


22. Spider Braids

medium shaped lemonade braids

Ideal for: If you don’t want your hair in your face, and prefer it along with your back.

How to style: For this style, you would braid the front portion of your hair then braid it downwards. Then, the remaining hair would be braided downwards to fall along your back using the elastic band method.

You can make the lemonade style braids as long as you want it to. Also, you can add accessories to suit your style if needed. This style doesn’t require much weekly maintenance.


23. Golden Medium Side Braids

Golden Medium Lemonade Side Braids

Ideal for: The ladies who like long blonde hair or the beautiful transition from black to brown and vice versa.

How to style
: For this style, you will need to purchase blonde hair to add to your hair if it is dark brown or black. Depending on the length that you want it you will have to purchase more hair. For this style, the side braids are coming from different angles that are at the top as well as the bottom.

Usually, these styles require minimal edges styling. As you can see the medium size lemonade braids aren’t too small nor too big so that would be easy to unravel after 4 weeks.


24. Black and Gold Medium Size Braids

Black and Gold Lemonade Braids

Ideal for: Any fun event that you have to attend. Or, for girls who are into wearing neutral colors in their hair.

How to style: This style requires you just like the previous one to use a yellow/gold/blonde extension in your hair. You can start by using little at the start of the braids then more as you go towards the end. This will add to the aesthetic of your braids. You can spray hairspray to ensure that your medium lemonade braids with weave stay shiny for days. Don’t forget to slay the baby hairs so you can look fleek always.


25. Light or Dark Auburn Hair with Braids

 Auburn Eccentric Side Lemonade Braids

Ideal for: The ladies who like auburn, wine red hair or any similar shaded hair. Also, if you decided to change your hair color.

How to style: The first step would be to dye your hair auburn or a similar shade. This allows your edges to look the same color for when you lay them using the s or c colors. The side lemonade braids are done from different angles that are the bottom, top, and middle as opposed to all the braids coming from one side.

You can also add hair accessories if you so desire. However, the style looks just as beautiful without it. The auburn color will definitely allow your hair to stand out in public.


26. Lemonade Cornrow Braids

Ideal for: Anyone who wants a mix between lemonade braids as well as Fulani braids. Or, for females who like hair accessories.

How to style: This style is braided back just like how Beyonce wore her braids on her Lemonade Album cover. However, the braids are smaller for a more sleeker look.

As you can the hair rings are attached to the middle braid which is a classic Fulani hairstyle. As well as the side braids that will fall like side braids. Then, you would add the beads or seashells towards the end of it.

This hairstyle is such a beautiful hairstyle that will have all eyes on you.  It looks sleek and is a beautiful contrast with the two different styles. Also, you can make the braids as long as you desire.


27.  Lemonade Medium Box Braids

Ideal for: Females who want the jumbo braids with more of a minimalistic feel. You may be going to your parent’s house for a reunion and want to look impressive without overdoing it.

How to style: The hairstyle incorporates different shades of brown using different brown extensions. As you can see the braids are not large yet still looks sleek.  And, all of the braids are coming from one side in one specific pattern. Lastly, you would sleek your edges down on a daily basis for the complete look.


28. Box Braids with Beads

Ideal for: Ladies who love to accessorize their hair using hair beads, clips, seashells and so much more. Or, if you have to go an African styled or inspired event and want to look the part.

How to style: This style may look difficult to do however it is simple. You would have one braid going down the middle. Then, the remaining hair would be braided down protruding from the middle braid.

Next, the ends would be bejeweled with seashells, beads, hair clips, and hair rings. You can accessorize as much as you want along the medium length of the lemonade braids. In addition, it can be styled into a bun, ponytail or simply let down.


29. Braids with Middle Part

Ideal for: Females who love the Fulani hairstyle without the added hair accessories.

How to style: The style is simple to do. You would do your Fulani style lemonade braidings excluding the braid right down the middle of your hair. Also, you would exclude the hair beads that are usually added towards the ends of the braids. Lastly, a simple sleek of your edges will great then you can hit the road.


30. Feed-in Braids

feed in lemonade braids
Ideal for: Ladies who want a simple braided black lemonade inspired hairstyle. The braids are bulky nor or they too fine.

How to style: For this style, you would have individual braids going back. About 6 inches then braid the remaining portion. Your hairstylist can switch it up doing tree branches inspired style or differently angled braids.

Lastly, the baby hairs and sideburns have to be sleek to keep your hairstyle looking fresh. This hairstyle will have all eyes on you due to eccentric cornrow braided design which is far from the norm.


Classic Big Lemonade Braids for Black Women

Last but not least are big lemonade braids. These braids are usually the bulky kind. They take a shorter time to do but require a lot of extensions. Some individuals are not a fan of it, while others love them dearly.

31. Triangle Braids

Triangle Lemonade Braids

Ideal for: This style is perfect for girls who like bigger lemonade braids that are styled differently.

How to style: The model’s hair is separated into triangle patterns then braided accordingly. It is definitely a beautiful style because it’s not the regular braided style.

Also, the braids are larger which means that it took less time to style however it needed more hair. You can accessorize your braids if you so desire. Or, you can add different color extensions to spice up the style. Lastly, you can make it as long as you like.


32. Red & Black Dutch Braids

Red & Black Large Lemonade Braids

Ideal for: If you want the jumbo lemonade braids that will take a short time to get done.

How to style:
This style has approximately 8 braids. These 8 braids won’t take a long time to style. You can do the fishtail braid technique where the braid sits on top of the section with the parting being shown.

However, if you do not like that style then you do a regular braid. You can also add a colour similar to the model’s to allow your hair to pop. Lastly, slay your baby hairs before you decide to leave your house.


33. Side Tailbone Braids                         

big lemonade braid styles for women

Ideal for: The girls who love long box braids. If this is your first time wearing them then it may be heavy on your neck especially if the braids are thick.

How to style: This style will require much more extensions in order to achieve your desired length. I recommend don’t adding a lot of accessories especially beads because it may weigh down the braids which are already heavy.

Adding different color extensions such as brown or red will allow your hair to pop. Lastly, do not forget to slay your baby hairs so that you will look “fleeky” always.


34. Lemonade Jumbo Box Braids

golden brown big lemonade braids

Ideal for: Persons who like blonde hair or the contrast between dark brown and blonde.

How to style: Styling time will be shorter than finer braids. However, you may need more extensions to make the lemonade braids bigger. Ensure to tell the stylist how you want the contrast to be done, for example, more gold/blonde towards the ends.

You can add hair accessories towards the ends of it such as hair clips and even cords. However, hair beads and seashells will not work because the braids are too bulky to be secured within the braid.


35. Dark Brown Braids

dark brown big lemonade braids

Ideal for: Girls who like quick, easy and simplistic large lemonade braids. As well as, if you have your favorite side and like when your hair falls that way.

How to style: This minimalistic hairstyle just involves braided your hair towards one side. As you can see Keri Hilson is wearing a maximum of 7 braids. So, it took a short time using more hair.

You can make them as long how Keri is wearing them or you can make them shorter. Remember that you can use a different color especially if brown is not your favorite color. Lastly, don’t forget to keep the baby hairs at bay using edge control, toothbrush and satin scarf.


36. Lemonade Stitch Braids

Ideal for: The ladies who like creative hairstyles with different patterns and techniques.

How to style: This style incorporates fine and jumbo lemonade braids which adds a beautiful aesthetic to it. You can add many accessories to make it even more aesthetically pleasing.

It may take some time to style because of the fine braids which usually take more con concentration and perfection. Also, you can make them as long as you desire. Lastly, don’t forget the baby hair ladies. They need to be on fleek for when you are going out.


37. Jumbo Waist Length Braids

Ideal for: Ladies who like jumbo braids that are long.

How to style: Another simplistic big lemonade braided style. The braids are done from one side to the opposite side which is usually your best side. Then, there are a few braids that will lay along the side of your face to frame it very well.

Next, slay those baby hairs using the “S”, “C” or even a squiggly line especially if you are spending a night out at the club. Lastly, you can add hair accessories such as cords that will lay along the length of the braid. As well as hair clips that accentuate your outfit for the night.


38. Snake Braided Bun

Ideal for: Black girls who like braided hairstyles that look good even though they don’t fall in your face. Also, the bun is great for formal events, it will keep you looking sleek for the entire event.

How to style: For this style individual short braids would be braided into a large braid. Then, all the large lemonade inspired braids are braided down into a large bun. The style is very simple yet beautiful. If you to dress it up you can add hair accessories such as clips.


39. Box Inspired Braids

box inspired lemonade braids for girls

Ideal for: This style is suitable for individuals who like to mix and match their hairstyle. It is a combo of the chunky lemonade braids worn by Beyonce. As well as,

How to style: This style can be done just as the model is wearing it. Or, the front section can be braided backward down 6 inches and the rest done in the box braids. Depending on how thick you like your braids you would need more extensions.

As well as, if you want to add different colors then you will need more extensions. Lastly, you can definitely style these braids into many different hairstyles such as a bun, ponytails, half up half down styles and so much. The model’s edges aren’t showing but you can comb out yours so that you can slay them for the days that you wear this style.


40. Side Chunky Braids 

Ideal for: The lady who wants a simple yet fierce hairstyle just like the model.

How to style: The big lemonade braids are always a fashionable hairstyle that can be worn with any outfit, especially if you can rock it. And the side design adds sleekness to the overall look. You can add a few clips along the length of the braids to spice up your look. Lastly, you can make them as long as you desire however bear in mind that they will be heavy.


Which one of these most popular lemonade braided styles will you be wearing?