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30 Triangle Braids Will Leave You Lovin’ Geometry

For those of you who aren’t familiar with triangle braids, the term applies more to the pattern of braiding. Your stylist will gather sections of hair and carefully form a triangle, which then becomes the base for braids.

Depending on the length of your hair and your preference, you can braid your natural hair or use extensions. When styled by someone who knows what they’re doing, there is nothing more stunning than the glimpses of artfully crafted triangular patterns on your scalp.

What Are Triangle Braids?

what are triangle braids?

Triangle braids are a style of box braids, with the hair parted into triangles instead of squares before braiding. Triangle braids usually incorporate extensions to add length and thickness to the braids.

How to Do Triangle Box Braids

Doing triangle box braids takes time, patience, and skill, but anyone can learn to do this style with practice.


To do triangle box braids, you’ll need a few basic supplies.

Step 1: Part the Hair

how to do triangle braids - part hair

Begin with clean, dry hair. Triangle braids can be done on any hair texture, from 1a to 4c, so there’s no need to process or straighten the hair before braiding.

Pre-parting all the hair into rows before you begin to ensure even braids. Starting at the neckline, part the hair with the teeth of a parting comb, drawing the line from one ear to the other as smooth and straight as possible.

Braid each section of parted hair into a loose cornrow to secure it out of the way before moving on to the next section. Sections may be as small as one inch for triangle microbraids to three inches or more for thick, chunky braids.

Continue parting and loosely braiding horizontal sections until you reach the crown of the head.

When you reach the crown, begin parting the hair from the top of the last section at the crown of the head and loosely braiding it into vertical cornrows, moving toward the face to keep the parted hair out of the way.

This is also a good time to gather your extensions and separate them into sections to make it easier to braid them in as you go.

Step 2: Braid the Hair

braiding triangle braids

Unbraid the section closest to the neck and, using the parting comb, draw diagonal lines from the top of the section to the bottom to form two rows of interlocking triangles.

Smooth the base of each triangle section with edge control, then braid the bottom row of triangles first, followed by the top row. For each triangle braid, fold the extension in half and wrap it around the base of the natural hair section.

Working with the natural hair as one “strand” of the braid and the two extension ends as the other two “strands,” braid the hair from the scalp to the ends. Continue this way first from the base of the neck to the crown, then do the same for the crown to the face.

When parting each larger section of hair into triangles, align the part lines with the row below. This creates a beautiful star pattern on the scalp when the triangular sections are carefully aligned.

Step 3: Finishing Up

When all of the hair is braided, dip the ends in hot water to smooth frizz and seal the braids. Add any desired accessories, such as hair cuffs, rings, strings, or wraps, to give the style a unique flair.

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to do triangle box braids.

Triangle Braids Styles

Still unsure about triangle braids? We’ve got some hair-spiration to convince you! Because the most important part is the braiding pattern, you can do whatever you want with the braids themselves. Go long or short. Stick with natural hair color or pick out something fierce and fantastical. What will it be?

1. Top Bun

triangle braided bun

Make sure those triangular sections are clearly noticeable with this simple hair look. Braid down the hair and add light brown extensions in between for a subtle highlighted effect. Secure all the braids in a jumbo top bun and finish off the look with hoop earrings.

2. Oversized Auburn Braids

jumbo triangle braids

Those who are tired of their naturally black locks can temporarily change their hair look by opting for deep auburn hair extensions. Divide the hair into trilateral parts and braid down the strands. Use more extensions to create oversized braids that narrow down reaching the ends.

3. Knotless Look

blonde triangle braids

These traditional three-strand triangle box braids will keep all the eyes on you. Stay on the lighter side and choose cool platinum blonde extensions to contrast against your skin tone and dark roots. This look can be kept for some days and is easy to maintain.

4. Two-Toned Hair

colored triangle braids

Steal the show by going for unconventional fiery orange braids. With a middle parting, take sections of the hair and incorporate the orange extensions while entwining them to the end. Add some midnight blue strands to contrast against the orange ones for a two-toned appeal. 

5. Ombre Effect

small triangle braids

An ombre hair look goes perfectly well with braids and is ideal to combine a dark and light hair shade. Go for smaller triangular partitions and incorporate light blonde strands that overpower the black ones midway to the ends. Use black rubber bands for a chic finish.

6. Bohemian Appeal

Here is a creative medium-sized triangle braids look that is simple to achieve. With a middle part carve out triangles on the scalp and plait the strands intricately. Add stylish hair cuffs and entwine some strands with a golden thread for a bohemian look.

7. Peekaboo Highlights

long triangle braids
Instagram / braidsbyrissaa

Don’t want to overpower your pitch-black hair shade? Go for peekaboo highlights that will bring a stylish change to your look. Style the strands in box braids with a deep side parting. When you reach behind the ears add blonde hair extensions to achieve the peekaboo effect.

8. Get Creative

triangle cornrow braids
Instagram / afroarmour

Instead of sectioning the entire head into trigonal parts get creative and alternate the triangles with straight back cornrows from one ear to the other. Interconnect the braids for a mesh-like appearance that will surely turn around many heads.

9. Half-Up Space Buns

triangle braids with beads
Instagram / braider_dairy

Go bold this year by flaunting this funky hairstyle. Braid the mini triangular sections and add transparent beads to the ends. Style the strands in two middle-parted half-up space buns with two long ones framing the face at the front. Use pomade and a toothbrush to tame the flyaways.

10. Jumbo Triangles + Curly Ends

triangle braids with curly ends
Instagram / braider_dairy

These triangle braids will surely leave you loving geometry. Use a comb and pomade to carve out well-defined triangles on the head and intertwine each section into chunky braids using hair extensions. The ends are curled up for a fun contrasting look.

11. A Touch of Red

black and red triangle braids
Instagram / prettypassional

Flaunt a modern hairstyle by opting for an aesthetically powerful red and black hair color combination. The trilateral sections are braided down while the bright red extensions are added at the lower backside of the head. This look is ideal for ladies with long tresses.

12. Unique Middle Part

triangle braids
Instagram / kali_dreamz_llc

Those who don’t want trilateral sections all over their head can choose this unusual hair look with a unique middle parting that has three triangle braids along the length. Take the front strands and braid them all around the head creating a perfect halo.

13. Intricate Design

triangle braids with design
Instagram / ncobia

Triangular braids allow you to create intricate and distinctive designs on your head. This one is defined by trilateral rows alternating with straight-back braided ones having interconnected strands between them. Incorporate golden brown extensions with the black hair for an ombre effect.

14. Triangle Box Braids

triangle box braids

For these triangle box braids, you need to first deeply moisturize your hair and split it into small triangle shaped parts. Use several packs of jumbo brown hair to knit your long braids. This way, you will create a fantastic contrast between your roots and the color of the twists.

15. Jumbo Triangle Braids

jumbo triangle braids

Jumbo hair can help you recreate this gorgeous hairstyle. Start blending your natural hair with the jumbo locks, and you’ll get a long hairstyle with box braids.

16. Triangle Braids with Color

triangle braids with color

If you want a hairstyle that is out of the ordinary, get yourself a few packs of electric blue jumbo hair. Create small triangle sections and braid the hair starting from your scalp. Keep your roots natural for a gorgeous contrast.

17. Braids with Curls

triangle braids with curls

For these box braids hairstyles, you need to use curly synthetic hair. Section your hair in small parts if you want your braids to be thin and braid only half of it. Let the rest of the hair loose and show those excellent curls.

18. Triangle Braids with Part

triangle braids with part

Split your hair in the middle and, on each part, create small triangle sections. If you want to get a fabulous dimension for your hairstyle, use more hair for each braid. You can even choose two colors for your knits. 

19. Long and Defined

Long Triangle Braids hairstyle

You can really see the triangular shape with these triangle braids. The triangles themselves are beautifully arranged so that the shared points look like starbursts. We’re in love with those baby hairs, too.

20. Half Bun

Half Bun Triangle Braids hairstyle for girl

This high-piled hairdo is the bee’s knees. Thanks to both the braids and the beads, it’s ideal as a casual, everyday coif and as a formal look. The triangles in this pattern are smaller, which allows for many more braids.

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21. Silver Tinged

Triangle Braids Silver hair color for women

These triangle braids are pretty standard regarding the pattern and technique. However, they illustrate exactly how to rock fantasy-colored locks with the braiding style. Those frosted plaits stand out beautifully from her dark roots.

22. Poetic Justice Braids

As you can probably tell, we’re living for these baby hairs, as well. Take a look at the pattern, and you’ll spot a looser, more abstract triangle shape, as well, but that’s cool—braiding, after all, is endlessly customizable.

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23. Small Triangle Braids

Golden and black mixed Triangle Braids hair

Not only do we love the color of these triangle braids, which are liberally sprinkled with shades of gold, blonde, and light brown, but we’re also living for the pattern. Notice how the triangles are sharply defined but are not uniform in size—that definitely draws the eye.

24. Triangle Twist Braids

That is a lot of bun, made up of a bunch of braids. The twisted, cable style of the plaits just adds to the triangle technique, don’t you think?

25. Medium Box Braids

black colorTriangle Braids hairstyle

Everything about this triangle braid style is on-point. The length is to-die-for—that’s some Rapunzel level lushness. The half-up bun also shows off the triangles, which is always a plus.

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triangle braid with beads
triangle box braid

How to Wash Triangle Braids

How to Wash Triangle Braids

You should wash your triangle braids every two to three weeks to remove product buildup, moisturize your hair and scalp, and wash out any sweat accumulated in your braids. Washing them carefully will help them last as long as possible.

The easiest way to wash your braids is in the shower. Wet them thoroughly under warm water, ensuring you saturate each braid all the way through before adding shampoo.

Then, use a spray or squirt bottle containing a little bit of your preferred shampoo diluted in a lot of water to shampoo your scalp and braids, squeezing them gently to work the mixture through.

Rinse thoroughly with warm running water, squeezing to get all the shampoo residue out. Apply conditioner and work it gently into your scalp and braids the same way. Leave it for 20 minutes to deep condition before rinsing again.

Wring your braids gently to get as much water as possible out, then wrap them in a microfiber towel to dry for 20 to 30 minutes. Apply any desired products.

Any lingering moisture in your braids will cause them to smell, so allow them to air dry thoroughly, or use a blow dryer on cool if you’re in a hurry.

Maintenance Tips for Triangle Braids

You can do a few things to keep your triangle braids looking fresh for as long as possible.

  1. Moisturize. Regular conditioning after washing is critical, and a shot of braid spray between washes can keep your hair nourished between washes.
  2. Style gently. Triangle braids are versatile and easy to style, but all that tugging and twisting can cause damage and frizz. Whenever possible, wear them down or in a simple ponytail or bun.
  3. Let them rest. The friction from your pillow can damage your braids as you toss and turn in bed at night. Protect them by tucking them into a silk bonnet before bed, or use a silk pillowcase if you prefer to leave your hair loose at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people ask about triangle box braids.

What do triangle box braids symbolize?

Triangle and box braids traditionally symbolize wealth, status, and readiness for marriage, especially when decorated with beads, shells, and other accessories.

How much are triangle braids?

The cost of getting these braids depends on many factors, including the complexity of the style, length of hair, extensions used, and more. It can cost anywhere from $200 to $700 at a salon.

How long will it take to do triangle box braids?

Triangle box braids can take anywhere from two to eight hours to install, depending on the stylist, specific style, and your natural hair length.

How long will triangle braids last?

It generally last around four to six weeks, but they can last up to ten weeks with proper care.

How many packs of hair are needed for triangle braids?

How many packs of hair you’ll need depends on how long and thick your natural hair is, how long and thick you want your braids to be, and how much hair is in a pack. Triangle braids can take anywhere from two to eight hair packs to complete.

Is there a difference between a triangle and regular box braids?

The hair is parted into squares or boxes to do regular box braids. Triangle braids are similar, but the hair is parted into triangles instead of squares. Triangle braids are sometimes also called box braids.

Will box braids damage my hair?

Box braids are a protective style designed to keep your natural hair safe and healthy, but they can cause breakage and hair loss if they’re too tight. Having them professionally done and maintaining them carefully will reduce the risk of damage.

Have you ever had your hair done in triangle braids? If not, give it a try and you’ll definitely unlock a new chapter in your hair journey!