30 Triangle Braids Will Leave You Lovin’ Geometry

For those of you who aren’t familiar with triangle braids, the term applies more to the pattern of braiding. Your stylist will gather sections of hair and carefully form a triangle, which then becomes the base for braids.

Depending on the length of your hair and your preference, you can braid your natural hair or use extensions. When styled by someone who knows what they’re doing, there is nothing more stunning than the glimpses of artfully crafted triangular patterns on your scalp.


Triangle Braids

Still unsure about triangle braids? We’ve got some hair-spiration to convince you! Because the most important part is the braiding pattern, you can do whatever you want with the braids themselves. Go long or short. Stick with natural hair color or pick out something fierce and fantastical. What will it be?

1. Triangle Box Braids

triangle box braids

For these triangle box braids, you need to first deeply moisturize your hair and split it into small triangle shaped parts. Use several packs of jumbo brown hair to knit your long braids. This way, you will create a fantastic contrast between your roots and the color of the twists.


2. Jumbo Triangle Braids

jumbo triangle braids

Jumbo hair can help you recreate this gorgeous hairstyle. Start blending your natural hair with the jumbo locks, and you’ll get a long hairstyle with box braids.


3. Triangle Braids with Color

triangle braids with color

If you want a hairstyle that is out of the ordinary, get yourself a few packs of electric blue jumbo hair. Create small triangle sections and braid the hair starting from your scalp. Keep your roots natural for a gorgeous contrast.


4. Braids with Curls

triangle braids with curls

For these box braids hairstyles, you need to use curly synthetic hair. Section your hair in small parts if you want your braids to be thin and braid only half of it. Let the rest of the hair loose and show those excellent curls.


5. Triangle Braids with Part

triangle braids with part

Split your hair in the middle and, on each part, create small triangle sections. If you want to get a fabulous dimension for your hairstyle, use more hair for each braid. You can even choose two colors for your knits. 


6. Box Braids With Curls

Goddess Box Braids with Triangle Parts


7. Bohemian Braids

Bohemian Triangle Braids


8. Triangle Crochet Braids

Triangle Crochet Braids


9. Triangle Braids for Kids

triangle braids for kids


10. Long and Defined

Long Triangle Braids hairstyle

You can really see the triangular shape with these triangle braids. The triangles themselves are beautifully arranged so that the shared points look like starbursts. We’re in love with those baby hairs, too.


11. Half Bun

Half Bun Triangle Braids hairstyle for girl

This high-piled hairdo is the bee’s knees. Thanks to both the braids and the beads, it’s ideal as a casual, everyday coif and as a formal look. The triangles in this pattern are smaller, which allows for many more braids.

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12. Silver Tinged

Triangle Braids Silver hair color for women

These triangle braids are pretty standard regarding the pattern and technique. However, they illustrate exactly how to rock fantasy-colored locks with the braiding style. Those frosted plaits stand out beautifully from her dark roots.


13. Triangle Poetic Justice Braids

As you can probably tell, we’re living for these baby hairs, as well. Take a look at the pattern, and you’ll spot a looser, more abstract triangle shape, as well, but that’s cool—braiding, after all, is endlessly customizable.

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14. Small Triangle Braids

Golden and black mixed Triangle Braids hair

Not only do we love the color of these triangle braids, which are liberally sprinkled with shades of gold, blonde, and light brown, but we’re also living for the pattern. Notice how the triangles are sharply defined but are not uniform in size—that definitely draws the eye.


15. Triangle Twist Braids

That is a lot of bun, made up of a bunch of braids. The twisted, cable style of the plaits just adds to the triangle technique, don’t you think?


16. Medium Triangle Braids

black colorTriangle Braids hairstyle

Everything about this triangle braid style is on-point. The length is to-die-for—that’s some Rapunzel level lushness. The half-up bun also shows off the triangles, which is always a plus.

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triangle braided bun


triangle braid



triangle braid with beads




triangle blue braid



triangle box braid







Have you ever had your hair done in triangle braids? If not, give it a try and you’ll definitely unlock a new chapter in your hair journey!