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50 of The Hottest Stitch Braids Hairstyles (2024 Guide)

How many times have you scrolled through Instagram and noticed wonderful stitch braids? Or maybe you’ve seen a lot of girls and women rocking this look? Stitch braiding has become incredibly popular mostly because there is a multitude of different hairstyles you can try. Scroll down to see 50 amazing suggestions.

How to Style Stitch Braids

How to do Stitch Braids

What makes stitch braiding so appealing is its versatility. You can style them in various ways which you’ll see in the photos below. You can keep them relaxed across your shoulders and back to ooze the vibe of freedom.

Other ways to style these is to pull them up in a braided bun, add some glitter for a night out, anything you imagine can be turned into a great style for stitch braiding.

You can even use different colors to make your hair pop and stand out. Make sure you use a good edge control gel that will give you wonderful braids and a smooth-looking finish.

How to Do Stitch Braid on Short Natural Hair

How to Do Stitch Braid on Short Natural Hair

While stitch braid hairstyle is ideal for preserving length, they can also work well on short natural hair. Therefore, if you have short hair and want to switch things up a little bit, then you should definitely try out stitch braiding. Like always, there’s a lot of ways to do stitch braid on natural hair.

Of course, the most practical thing is to schedule an appointment where a professional hairdresser who is experienced with stitch braids on short hair will get the job done. Also, there are tons of tutorials online where you can try it out on your own.

The process is relatively simple, just wash and blow out your natural hair, start making tiny cornrows, and add stitch braids. It’s good to separate extensions before you start the process. Ideally, there should be seven pieces. Start at the scalp and add more pieces as you’re going lower.

Watch The Following Video to Know How to Do Stich Braid on Short Natural Hair

Stitch Braids vs. Feed-in Braids

Stitch Braids vs. Feed in Braids

Stitch and feed-in braids are often mistaken for one another as people use these terms interchangeably. While their appearance is similar and almost identical, these are different hairstyles. Stitch braid hairstyle descended from cornrows and evolved from Ghana braids and feed-in cornrows.

The latter get their name after a practice of feeding in increasingly thick pieces of hair as the cornrow is formed. Starter braid is created with a person’s natural hair, and then synthetic hair is added.

Due to their lengths and natural appearance feed-in braids are becoming more and more popular. Stitch braids, on the other hand, are ideal for length retention and are lightweight. They tend to last longer than feed-in braids.

Best Stitch Braids Hairstyles to Try

As mentioned above, you can style these braids in more ways than one. Here’s all inspiration you never knew you needed.

1. Add Some Color

dyed stitch braids

The benefit of stitch braids is that it is possible to add any color to the hair. If you can’t decide on a single shade, copy this look where the brown strands are intertwined with purple, hot pink, and light pink ones creating an ombre effect.

2. Two-Toned Appeal

ombre stitch braids

Blue hair is trending this year and these jumbo-sized braids will make anyone noticeable from a distance.

The black and blonde hair is braided in straight lines and light aqua blue stitched extensions are added near the nape of the neck to create an attractive two-toned look.

3. Stitch Braided Bangs 

stitch braids with bangs

Get creative and instead of braiding the hair straight back braid the front strands forward, creating bangs lying just above the eyes. Amp up the look by adding beads to the bangs and securing the rest in a low ponytail with a heart shape on each side.

4. Long Top + Fade

stitch braids with shaved sides

Combine a high fade with an extra-long top to design a contrasting hairstyle that will surely keep all the eyes on you. The sides are buzzed to expose the skin while the top is plaited with light blonde strands creating micro braids and jumbo-sized ones.

5. Diagonal Lines

double buns with stitch braids

Stitch braids are ideal to tame curly locks. Keep the look simple while adding a twist to it by braiding the strands in diagonal lines rather than straight ones. The braids fall carelessly on the neck. This style is suitable for ladies belonging to all age groups.

6. High Ponytail

stitch braids for white girl

The ones having thick and long brown tresses can opt for this hairstyle. The scalp is braided in an upward direction with overlapped braids on the sides. The hair is secured in a high ponytail with medium-sized braids dangling at the back.

7. Heart-Shaped Design

Stitching braids enable you to add design to your hair look. The black hair is knitted into braids overlaying one another at the top while the sides above the ears are what make this style distinctive from others. The strands are braided into a cute heart shape finishing off the style.  

8. Braided Updo

stitch braided updo

This carefree updo can be regarded as the hottest stitch braid hairstyle for 2024. The short royal blue hair is braided while incorporating silver strands with some black ones.

Secure the ends with black rubber bands and tie the braids up in a messy updo completing the three-toned look.

9. Double Helix Pattern

long stitch braids

Here is another playful manner to flaunt braids. The hair at the front is sectioned and the braids overlap each other creating a double helix pattern. The remaining light brown stitched locks are braided to the very ends at the back creating a chic sleek appeal.

10. Stitched Halo Braid

crown stitch braids

Halo braids are timeless and turn any lady into an ethereal goddess. This hair look combines a stitch braided design at the center with an oversized braid circling around the head.

This look is easy to maintain but will surely turn some heads around you.

11. Long Spider Braids

stitch braids for long hair

If you’re looking for a sexy and sultry look, then long stitch braids that go all the way down your back is a style you need to try.

Not only does this style add more length to your hair, but also amps up the volume and it creates a gentle look. Let’s not forget this hairstyle also symbolizes freedom and liberation, plus it’s cute.

12. Shiny Braids

stitch braids for black women

Simplicity is oftentimes the best hairstyle choice, especially if you’re looking for a stitch braid style that looks great on different occasions and with different outfit choices too.

These shiny braids are classic, timeless, and won’t disappoint. They look neat, sleek, and fierce all at the same time. This is a must-try style that looks great on young girls and adult women alike.

13. 90s Braided Ponytail Style

stitch braid with ponytail

High ponytails aren’t just reserved for Ariana Grande, although she looks amazing. You can easily emulate her style and look even better. Braided ponytail with stitch braiding will definitely make you stand out in the ground.

Let’s not dismiss the fact it brings the 90s vibe back. High ponytails pushed to the side are not only cute, but sexy, and accentuate your face and especially cheeks perfectly.

14. Braided Low Bun with Gold Stitches

low bun with stitch braids for women

When the term stitch braid comes to mind, we don’t usually think about buns, especially low ones. The truth is that low buns are sophisticated and ooze elegance.

They are ideal for weddings and other occasions and special events, but you can rock them at work, why not. If you want to add a little bit of spark in this hairstyle, then gold stitches will do the trick.

15. Zigzag Stitch Braids

Zigzag Stitch Braids for Women

Long box braids are the easiest and most practical hairstyle for girls and women who are into stitch braiding. This hairstyle doesn’t put extra pressure on your scalp, and it’s very comfortable.

In addition to edge control gel, you also need a few strands of braids in a different color that you’ll include in the lower parts. Zigzag parts on your scalp are neat, sophisticated, and unique.

16. Creative Fulani Braids

Let’s be honest here, all stitch braids are creative, but this particular hairstyle resembles something you’d see in a movie with the breathtaking queen of some African country.

Cornrow braids are made in a way they resemble a crown, but a few stands are still loose and shape face perfectly. This hairstyle is stylish, chic, and powerful.

17. Weave The Braid Up

Every now and then we want a hairstyle with volume, lots of it. Nothing wrong with that! This stitch braid style is so pretty you won’t be able to resist it.

Instead of pulling them in a low bun or making a ponytail, you can a step further. Get a long weave for your braid that will allow you to pull up your hair in a bun, but also let your hair gently flow over your back or shoulder.

18. Curvy Stitch Braids

Stitch Braids Style

This is a great hairstyle if you want to combine classic braids with a little bit of twist. Curvy braids are playful, modern, and look absolutely amazing. It’s needless to mention they’ll make you feel super fierce and ready to conquer the world.

19. Stitch Braided Mohawk

You probably didn’t see it coming, but you can easily style your stitch braid into a Mohawk style.

Cornrow hair and long braids stitched on the crown of your head to make it look like you’ve actually told your hairdresser to give you a nice Mohawk. It’s an unusual, yet adorable hairstyle you need to try.

20. Dramatically Long Braids

long stitch braids for women

You don’t want stitch braids long, and you want them super long? Not a problem, you can make it happen. Just take a look at the photo below, braids are like a mesmerizing waterfall. The hairstyle looks effortlessly chic and adds more drama to your appearance.

21. Rainbow Box Braids

Feeling adventurous? Then add more color into your hairstyle. These rainbow stitch braids look fascinating.

Sure they’re quirky and fun, but there’s also something elegant and gentle about them as well. This hairstyle is ideal for summer, especially if you’re attending festivals.

22. Purple Ombre Braids

stitch braid with purple ombre hair

What makes these ombre braids so fantastic is that they match every skin tone perfectly, all you need is to choose the shade that flatters your skin the most, or you can experiment and try out different colors including purple-ish. Shine and sparkle of ombre braids add an ooze of sophistication into the whole look as seen in the photo.

23. Red Braids

All of us have considered going red at one point or another. Red hair is something we’d like to try for a while at least, but somehow we never go ahead and do it.

Let’s not wait anymore! Red stitch braids remind us of mermaids. Amazing color coupled with sexy appearance makes red braids a must-try hairstyle.

24. Black and Gold High Bun

High buns are all about glamour, and you can make them with your stitch braid as well. For an extra dramatic effect, you can combine your dark hair with gold stitches and some cute hairpieces. You’ll love results for sure.

25. Stitch Box Braid Bob

Girl with Stitch Braid Bob

We don’t see bob and lob haircuts with stitch braids although we should. The photo below is a perfect example of how amazing this hairstyle really is.

Bob has that Parisian chic vibe while braids take a look to a whole new level and golden hairpieces make your hair more playful. Super cute.

26. High Bun

Buns are always a good idea. It’s the type of hairstyle that combines an elegant and sophisticated look with convenience and practicality.

Hair doesn’t go all over your face, and they’re light and so classy you can attend just about any type of event. Instead of low and looser buns, you can opt for a high stitch braid bun instead.

27. Ombre Braids

Ombre hair has been one of the hottest hair trends for quite some time. A great way to try ombre hairstyle with your own unique twist is to include stitch braiding into the mix.

Get long braids, start braiding your hair and gradually add extensions to allow a natural flow of two different colors as seen in the photo below.

28. Hint of Pink

If you have dark hair, you can never go wrong with a little bit of pink to spice things up, especially when it’s done perfectly like in the photo below.

Sharp edges and razor precision along with slim stitch braids were used to add length to hair which is picked up in a perfect ponytail.

29. Golden Stitch Braid

Stitch braiding doesn’t necessarily have to include multiple strands of braids, and it can be just one. Golden stitch braid is probably the most romantic hairstyle you can easily emulate. Plus, a combination of dark hair and gold details is truly captivating.

30. Goddess Braided Updo with Precise Stitch Parts

stitch braid hairstyles for women

We’ve already established braided updos are elegant, and dare we say sexy as well. What makes this stitch braids hairstyle a must-try is the attention to detail and beauty of precise stitch parts. Plus, low, the small bun will also make it easier for you to exercise and stay in shape.

31. Dramatic Black and White Combo

The final season of Game of Thrones is just around the corner. Channel your inner Daenerys Targaryen by using both black and white or platinum blonde stitch braids that you’ll style just like the Mother of Dragons or let them down your back for an even more dramatic effect.

32. Multiple Buns

Almost every girl or woman loves buns and what’s there not to love? Not only they look chic but also allow you to work, attend various events regardless of the occasion, and even read or something else without hair getting in the way. If you love to stand out in the crowd, then multiple buns will do the trick.

33. Barbie Pink Braids

Cornrow braids with a twist; that’s how we’d describe this lovely hairstyle. Use pink extensions or strands of braids to combine them with your natural color and create this super style that Barbie would be jealous of.

34. Swervy Braids

Straight line and zigzag motions aren’t the only way to create playful yet elegant hairstyle. Swervy braids are probably the best thing you’ve never tried so far. These stitch braids are like an art form on your head, and they’re cool, cute, and chic all at the same time.

35. Braided Space Buns

stitch braided bun for women

Stitch braids allow us to explore our creativity, play with different designs, and experiment with our hair because it’s so easy to incorporate them into just about any hairstyle. Show off your fun and playful side with braided space buns.

Add stitch extensions to your natural hair for more volume and greater control. Then start dividing your hair and finalize the process by pulling it all up to form space buns.

36. Blue Box Braids

Have you ever had blue highlights? Or better yet, have you ever had blue in your hair in any way? If no, then you should try out this hairstyle.

A combination of blue stitch braids with your natural hair makes the color pop. Blue, especially when used with edge control gel, looks radiant and vivid in your braids.

37. High and Low

Want a bun but also don’t want a bun at the same time? We’ve been there, done that. Thanks to the length they provide, these braids pave the way to different hairstyles that other girls or women can’t pull off.

One of these styles is a wonderful bun that doesn’t include all your hair. Instead, your hair is let loose like a waterfall over your shoulders and back.

38. Messy Beach Hair

A lot of work is needed to make your hair appear effortlessly chic like you didn’t even spend too much time on it. This is one of those hairstyles. Messy beach hair is ideal stitch braiding style of hot summer days, especially in color combination shown on the photo.

39. Mid-Length Braids

stitch braid for mid length hair

While long braids are the most popular hairstyle choice, one can use stitch braids to create all sorts of hairdos and try out different lengths.

Throughout this list, we’ve seen pixie style, bob, and super long braids, but this mid-length hairstyle is unfairly ignored. Romantic and chic hair suits every face shape.

40. Stitch Braids with Curls

stitch braid for curly hair

Stitch braiding doesn’t necessarily require your whole hair to be braided. You can use double stitching to create braids and add more volume and length, but leave your natural curls to create a more romantic look.

This cute hairstyle is particularly suitable for women who love a combination of softness and power. Braids add power and strength while curls symbolize freedom and softness, an ideal combination.

stitch braids
stitch braids styles
stitch braids hairstyles
stitch braids


Can guys also try stitch braids?

Yes, of course. Stitch braids aren’t just for women, and guys can easily wear them in many different styles. The best thing about stitch braids for men is that they look great and don’t require too much maintenance.

Can I do stitch braids with senegalese twists?

Senegalese twists are mesmerizing and although it may seem at first glance you can’t do them with stitch braids, you can. In fact, they’re super easy to create. Start at the nape of the neck and work with one-inch sections at a time, not more.

Now, divide each section into two equal parts and twist them while adding extensions for extra volume and length. Repeat the same thing with the remainder of your hair working from nape of the neck upwards, i.e. toward your crown.

Now it’s time to cornrow hair at the center. Once you reach the crown of your head starts to transition three-strand braids to two-strand twists. Ideally, you should have five braided sections that you can also style in the bun or any other way you want.

As seen throughout this post, stitch braids are versatile and easy to match with different styles, lengths, and color options. This post provided 50 amazing ideas, and you just need to opt for the first one you’d like to try.

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