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11 Twist with Weave Hairstyles That Are Gonna Rule in 2024

Twist hairstyles are fast arising and becoming a popular choice for women nowadays. For twist weave hairstyles, they come with more options for customizations than you could probably think of at first.

Whenever it comes down to twist with weave, our hairstyle selections for women would produce the best looks for you to show off in style. So, thinking outside the box, we have carefully selected the trendiest 11 hairstyles for women.


How To Style Twisted Hair with Weave

Twist hairstyles with weaves are a popular option that can be designed in several ways. The twist hairstyles are also known as “flat twists,” “mini twists,” and “two-strand twists.” This twist weave hairstyle comes with more possibilities to styling it effectively to match your demand.


Watch This Video about Styling Twist with Weave to Know More


Best Twist with Weave Hairstyles

For women who wish to show off their twist weave hairstyles, below are the best 11 hairstyles for modern women.

1. Twisted Mohawk

mohawk with twisted weave

Fancy some edgy and contemporary twist hairstyle? Then the beautiful and curved twisted mohawk is perfect to lit up your street! These weave hairstyles with twisted hair come in a naturally dark to a bright flash of color that fits nicely into this style.


2. Twisted Ponytail Style

twist weave hairstyle

The beautiful summer twist style is impressively smooth. To ensure you get its sleek look, make sure you understand how to care and maintain these twisted high ponytails with weave. Using a soft protective material would guarantee the twist with weave would not pull any hair or cause frizzing.


3. Flat Twist Updo

twist weave bun

There are several techniques to styling these twist weave hairstyles. You can make this twisted hair look if you like it. It’s endless in the ways you can elect to rock these hairstyles.


4. Kinky Twist Braids

kinky twist braids with weave

The rope or kinky twist braids are amongst the best twist with weave hairstyles that offer protective styling. It applies a great sophistication in design that can still be hauled back whenever needed. You may want to add more fun colors to match your creativity.


5. Marley Twist Out

twist with weave hairstyle

There are several benefits attached to the Havana twist with Marley hair  that makes these hairstyles top. One of its most prominent features is its protective styling. The weave offers some designs and styles, that can last for several days.


6. Medium Sized Senegalese Twists

This twist hairstyles with a weave are long and free-flowing. The medium twists are lovely and come with a smooth and gassy feeling. The twist with a weave is just begging to be whipped backward and forward. It’s sophistication, and styling techniques used in creating this look are second to none. As amongst the top hairstyles, customizations are available for a wide range of colors and shades.


7. Pretty in Pink Curly Hair

One easy technique to spicing up twist weave hairstyles for natural hair is adding a bit of color. This hairstyle can easily add extra weave extensions into various shades. It makes an impact, and once you get bored with them, you can replace them with another color.


8. Simple Flat Twist Look

flat twists with weave

Although complicated at the beginning, the flat twist with weave that is a quick choice to last for days, if done right. Attractive, light and super protective, new flowers or a few other hair accessories can further spice up your twisted hair look.


9. Shoulder Length Twists

Doing the shoulder length two strand twist, beautified with new top bun remains one of the best twist with weave hairstyles for women. A few added accessories alongside the top bun gives a better fab appearance.


10. Twisted Bun Life

flat twist hairstyles with weave

The twisted bun life blends these twisted hairstyles with few other styles, like afro looks, braids, updos, etc. These flat twist hairstyles with weave incorporate several designs that are perfect for glamming events, especially when you desire to appear your best.


11. Twisting Out

twist weave hairstyle

Once twist-in is complete, the twist-out of these twisted short hairstyles can offer another haircut entirely, making the twisting out & sassy amongst the most versatile twisted weave hairstyles of this era. You may be required to try several styling options, but once you find the one you love, the rest becomes fun.


These twist weave hairstyles provide women the much-needed break from some harmful styling practices. You can attain more elegance and versatility with these twist with weave hairdo. So, irrespective of your desires as a woman, let these hairstyles get you covered and stylish.