12 Magnetic Flat Twist Updos to Fall In Love Instantly

Twists have been a great alternative to braids for those with kinky hair. And for those of you who have already tried twists and looking for a different urbanity, flat twists should be on top of your options list. They are easy, fast and will give you a fabulous end result whether you go for natural hair or extensions. Those twists have evolved over the years into a horde of charming and enchanting styles. So… how about flat twist updos?

Here are 12 flat twist updo ideas that will give you an idea about them, and help you choose your next style!


#1: Neat Bun

black women Neat Bun hairstyle

Neat buns were made for special occasions. With your flat twists, you can install extensions and make thin twists out of them. Then create a bun with those twists to get ‘the’ look, which will make you rule your world.


#2: The Art of Fauxhawks

girl Fauxhawks art haircut

This style is definitely not an easy DIY style, but it sure does intrigue and catch the eyes. This fauxhawk can be created without shaving the sides of your head, but by turning it into a piece of art. With the three buns going from top to back you certainly set yourself off to a so casual event… Not.


#3: Elegant Updo

Elegant Updo hairstyle for black girl

With flat tight twists around your head, you can create many unique designs like the one here. Using different styles and thicknesses of twists and creating an updo out of it will give you an exceptional outcome.

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#4: Shining Glamour

women favorite Shining Glamour cut

When it comes to flat twists, color plays a huge part in the presentation. If you’re looking for deep colors, you can try whichever you think suits you best. But if you’re aiming for a good shine, try taking a stylists advice for an effective result.


#5: Short Hair Updo

young girl Short Hair Updo cut

Try to have the right amount of tension on your hair so it doesn’t stress. And secure the twists with bobby pins. Flat twist updos can go with short hair as well, with your flat twists going in a central direction and your top hair let loose, you’ll get a cute updo, which fits perfectly in your short hair.


#6: Splendid Magnificence

girl Splendid Magnificence hairstyle you love

With flat twists like the heart of a flower flowing towards a bud, this style is adorable and feminine. The sided top knot really creates an innocent feel to your look.

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#7: Flat Twist Crown

beautiful girl Flat Twist Crown haircut

Creating a crown out of your flat twists is really easy. A splendid style like that demands some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you can do it within minutes.


#8: Face Frame

Side swept flat twists can exquisitely frame your face. With the twists being thick, it will create a more voluminous look than thin ones.


#9: Beauty within the Details

Try out this bold style with the use of some extra skills and extensions. This daring look is worth the try, since within its details you’ll find beauty hidden there.


#10: Coloured Twists

 twists with coloured haircut

Forming twists with colored hair will create color twists that make one shade fade gradually into the other. This form of hairstyle will create a head-turning outcome.


#11: Symmetric Twists

black women Symmetric Twists hairstyle

Create an updo with symmetric flat twists on the side that start out thin and thickens along the way. This hairstyle will keep your hair away from your face, and make your face shine.

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#12: Flat Twist Updo with a Pouf

Twist Updo with a Pouf for black girl

Creating a not so uniform look with the variety of styles is a good way to go. With your flat twists formed into a chain on top of your hair and a vintage pouf up front, you’re putting attention in your small pocket!


With all those styles ranging between long, short, curled, crown, Fauxhawks or simply loose, you can try whichever fits your taste and personality. Not to mention, a lot of updos are easy to create and look fancy enough for special occasions, which can be a huge advantage on your part. Give some of those styles a try and provide us with your feedback on how they turned out to be in the comments below!