5 Cutest Two Big Braids Trending in 2021

A style with two big braids is a great choice for women who need a quick and easy hairstyle. It is much easier to do two large braids than it is to plait lots of little ones.


Popular Two Big Braids for Women

Hair braiding is a hair technique which has been in use for centuries. The technique crosses many cultural boundaries, so women with two big braided hairstyles can be seen across all over the world!

Braiding or plaiting is really easy to do. To create a hairstyle with two big braids, you should start by separating your hair into two distinct sections. Then you should divide one section into three equal portions. Bring the rightmost portion over the central portion and then under the leftmost one.

Repeat this step again with the rightmost portion until you have plaited all of your hair. Do the same thing again to make a braid on the other side too.


Heavy Contrast

two big braids with color contrast

Big braids really stand out when there is a heavy contrast between the base color and the top color. Platinum blonde braids really stand out over a darker base color.


Loose Chunky Braids

Thick braids look really cool when they are plaited quite loosely. Loose plaiting actually helps braids to look bigger and thicker, so they are a good choice for people with thin hair.


Mermaid Style

two big braids in mermaid hairstyle

Blue or green hair dye can be used to create a real mermaid hairstyle. If you only plait the braids along your scalp, you can fantail out the rest of your hair.


Classic Chunky Braids

Chunky braids are a classic choice for women who want a playful updo. Chunky braids are quick to do and look great for a casual day out with your friends.

The Best Bob Braids Braids


Tight Big Braids

tight two big braids

Tight big braids are a better alternative for women who never want a hair out of place. Once your hair is braided, spray your hair with hairspray to stop the appearance of any flyaway ends. Check braided updos too, you will definitely in love with these.

These two big braided hairstyles are great for women who want to create a youthful and flirty look. They are fun to wear and easy to do?

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